Legacy of Heroes

The tale of a King, girl,a gem and a stubborn Halfling called Jock

The party escort the princess and her entourage to the capital. Mandrigal is a city the size of 100,000 people. The area the city is on used to be a desert so why is it here and how did it get here? Glim detects that this city has been built by magic. There are towers everywhere as if the city is under constant threat from someone but they are not currently manned. There are many groups of soldiers wearing tabards. These tabards and any crests or signs the party see are of the Gold Dragon. They enter through the main gateway which is huge. There are signs in every conceivable language ever invented written on the walls. It says Mandrigal welcomes those who do us no harm. Once through the gates the party notice many more groups of soldiers but every group has a mind flayer with it. They are not in chains but are wearing uniforms of the town guards of different ranks. The party know what these creatures are and try not to think, one approaches Willowbark and says do not fear us, we do not read every ones thoughts, only those who are evil. The princess starts to get annoyed that no one is paying attention to her. Jock talks to her about the mind flayers. They all start to head up the hill towards the castle. The princess says they will all be given accomodation either in the castle, druids groves or parks depending on peoples preferences. The castle looks like disneyland castle but looks like it has been painted by a 3 year old. There are a lot more guards here than in the city. The King and Queen are standing at the palace steps to greet the princess home. The princess runs up to him and demands to know where her money is now she has come of age. Jock talks to the King who asks if the princess has been given the letter, her nanny shakes her head no. The kings asks the nanny to take the princess to her quarters. The party follow the king inside as he wishes to speak to them. There are many maps all along the palace corridors. The rooms are all labelled and they enter drawing room 3. They all sit down on leather couches and a small man comes and takes the King and Queens crowns. The party say they know the Queen is not the Queen so she leaves. Drinks and food are provided. Talks begin about the letter. It actually says that the princess is not an adult yet and wont come of age until she is 25. The King wants to know why the party is useful and should be kept around. Jock makes a very elegant or a very confusing speech depending on how you want to look at it and convinces the King to keep the party on. The castle and King have only just arrived here and decides that we know more about this world than he does. They come from a space between worlds and he is familiar with the ministry of winds. They come from a place called Sigil and managed to free themselves and came to this world for a bit of peace. He seems very interested in Glim and his castle. He asks if anyone needs special accomodation for the party. Willowbark wants to stay in the gardens with nature, Cathbad in Unicorn form gets put in the stables even though he stamps he foot in annoyance or pleasure the party cant tell and even against the GM advice. Everyone else are shown to rooms. They are told they are welcome to come and go from the palace as they please but stay away from the princess as she is now having a tantrum. Glim asks for a map of the city and the palace but is refused because for some reason if a map is written down on paper it somehow manages to destroy itself. The only maps that seem to survive are the ones written on the walls, that is why every wall in the palace has a map and why every room is labelled. The city wizards cant seem to fix the problem as it is beyond them. The party now go out and explore the city streets. The crowds are starting to get thicker. A young girl covered in rags and filth bounces into everyone and they all check their purses, none have been stolen. She asks for help as someone is chasing her. A merchant with a club like mace appears and demands the girl come to him. 5 city guards approach and tell lisa not to go near the man as there is a 10000 gp bounty on his head. Glim and Hiyoto start a fight with the merchant. For some reason Glod wont approach the man and retreats. No one seems to be doing much damage to this man. He yells out for everyone to stop what they are doing and give him the girl and follow him before anyone gets hurt. Hiyoto yells too late, the merchant says so be it and combat continues. Jock yells at everyone to stop now as damage is not getting through. The man demands the girl again and Jock refuses to give her up so he grabs the girl and takes flight to get the girl to safety. unfortunately the merchant also takes flight and follows them . Cathbad changes into bird form and follows them and they are soon all out of sight. The merchant keeps yelling at Jock to give him the girl, they eventually land in the city and talk. Jock refuses to talk until the party is here. Cathbad goes back to the group and leads them to where Jock and the girl is. The girl is very frightened, it seems she is a thief and has taken a gem from the merchant. It is a very dangerous gem and he will give her 5000gp for it. The merchant wants the gem as a guard is after it and that is why he wanted the group to attack him with the promise of the bounty. The guard is actually a devil in disguise. Jock talks the girl into giving him the gem, she hands it over. It is a black gem. Glim determines that it is magic and is called The Nights Embrace. It has the properties to summon demons. The merchant once again asks for it and Jock refuses. Suddenly the merchant changes into a bright blue figure called a Daeva. He explains that someone called Thelaspar wants the gem but the Daeva called Gannamemnon wants to keep it from him. The gem has been lost for over a century and has now turned up and Ganna wants to keep it from Thelaspar He actually works for a Planetaar called Go Rel. He again asks for the gem and again Jock wont give it to him as he thinks the gem is actually safer with him. The Daeva is starting to get annoyed and transports the whole party to a shiny white place called Heaven. They all now look like spherical balloons and are just floating there. He changes the scenery to look like a bar so the party can navigate much more easily. Go Rel is the bartender. He wants to hide the gem. It cant be destroyed because that would unleash much evil into the world so he wants to keep it safe by hiding it. Go Rel asks for the Gem and once again Jock refuses as he still believes it will be safer with him than anyone else. Much arguing goes on between Go Rel, Ganna and Jock but Jock stands his ground and takes a vow to protect the gem until the end of his life. It is agreed as Go Rel is soon loosing his patience and rewards Jock with some super cool flight skills so he can protect the gem better. They are then all transported back to the town and arrive next to a giant lake. It seems that everyone but Jock is still shaped in ball form so Jock decides to play billiards using his party members as balls while waiting for them to change back into humanoid form. They continue to explore the city and go shopping. They try to look for the guard but it seems he turned back into a devil, destroyed a pub and fled the city



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