Legacy of Heroes

Session 20

8 December 2013

Session 8 December 2013

The party are standing outside 3 doors in a corridor. Coming around the corner is a mighty Gelugon the ice demon. Ortillo stands to face the group and states he must battle this beast. Grip the Gelugon is about 12 feet tall and he has a long spiked tail. “Where is Ortillo”? The beast demands as he nears the group. Ortillo wastes no time and admits to his identity. Grip charges at the cleric spear in hand. The demon is tearing Ortillo apart as the others stands back. Jock has seen enough and rages into battle. If a mere moment he unleashes 3 swift attacks which hack away at the creature which seems to almost kill it then and there. The others enter the fray. After a few more attacks by his companions, Jock fells the beast with a mighty swing of his axe.

Suddenly most of the problems associated with the cards are normalised. There appears a half elf standing where the demon was. Cedric the cleric has come from another dimension. Some discussion is had to try and let Cedric know where the party find themselves and trying to figure out where she came from.

As they bring their attentions back to the immediate surroundings they all become aware of the 3 doors again. Willowbark knocks on the middle door. They pick their way in to the left of the 3 doors. They walk into what appears to be a robe room. The right room is a high priest’s robe room. Not a lot in there other than that. There is however a chamfer wood chest. Willowbark opens it and a cat jumps out and attaches to her face. Jock punches it into oblivion. It turns out it was a fairy cat so it survives and tries to leave the room. IT’S CARRYING JOCKS OTHER SOCK!

Jock goes into a rage to chase it and Tankar tries to stop it. It has run off with the one he was wearing but Jock thinks it is his missing sock. Cathbad tries to empathise with it to calm it down. The sock is enticed out of its maw with a sardine and Jock is reunited with his only footwear.

The double doors open to a temple to the god of this cult. It has been desecrated and prepared for dark and evil rituals. In the room there are candelabras that look to contain candies. They appear to be incense blocks. Willowbark is hit by lightning as she is standing next to the altar. Avarice, greed, larceny, malice, rapacity and wantonness are words written on the plinths holding the statues around the altar. Mimsy summons Glod to destroy the room as the party members leave the room.

Eventually the adventurers go around the corner that Grip walked around and they come to more doors. These doors have cards in them. Glim takes the first card. He pulls the key card which gives him a treasure map. Jock pulls the other card and is given a wish. It has happened, he summons all him mental capacity and wishes for his sock. The relic appears and he his ecstatic.

In the room beyond the party find a few items of interest and then move on. The next room has nice tapestries on the walls depicting solar and lunar eclipses. They search all the wardrobes etc. They move on again. In the next room is a demon named Phaegem who is the leader of the masks. Tankar tells him to repent and he keeps saying can’t repent he was born that way. Glim asks about the pentat and Phaegem says he can fire them then burns a message on Glim’s chest. Glim shoots a fire ball out towards him and the group.

The demon casts meteor swarm. The battle is brutal. The demon is greatly powerful. Cathbad falls in battle quickly but is healed by Cedric. After many attacks the demon tries to escape through a portal but is inexorably attacked before fleeing. Cathbad casts drown and fills his lungs with water, felling the beast. They have killed the demon. They search the room before departing. They find a wand.



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