Legacy of Heroes

Session 18

10 November 2013

I apologies about the small gaps. This was the session I was in and out due to my son.

Session 10 November 2013

The party are in the city of Westgate in the forgotten realms. The group seems to have arrived here via a magic portal. There is word of a gang war brewing in the city between the Night masks and the shore patrol. They can stand to make a bit of coin if they can deal with the night masks. They have discovered that the night masks occupy the family crypt under the city and they have located one of the entrances under their family house. They should be able to enter through cellar.

A letter arrives for Jock and Willowbark reads it out. It is from Thraeko and it states he is studying what happened to his people. The letter introduced a dwarf Mimsy cave walker. She is a friend of Thraeko and will accompany the party from now on.

Tankar follows one of the lords, lord Dosar, and asks him many questions to see if he knows anything about the nightmasks. He asks for permission to access his house and the catacombs underneath.

The party goes to the house. They enter the basement and find themselves in a cellar about 20 square feet. In one wall there is a circle with an inverted triangle. Cathbad activates it and suddenly they are pitched into blackness. Glim nervously reacts and casts magic missile which accidently hits half the party.

When the dust settles a magic door appears. The adventurers go through into an alcove leading to a long corridor. Tankar investigates there in. There is a guard in the opposite room who seems to sense movement. The guard sees Tankar and attacks him. There is a fight that follows in which more guards appear. They are beaten to the last man and the final guard surrenders. In the guard room there are mundane chairs and tables but there is also a gong. Willowbark investigates the gong. The group realise their danger and try to lure her away. Whilst doing this they are aware of just how dilapidated the builing is and fear the gong could trigger a total collapse. Tankar takes the gong’s hammer and puts it out of reach in the darkness of the room. Interrogating the prisoner reveals that there are 50 people down here.

Tankar asks the guard how to get out of this. They can go find the Maharaja in a door out the corridor. Cathbad goes in search of the wizard and breaks into a dorm room and hides under a bed. There is indeed a man inside that looks a lot like a wizard. Mimsy charges in and casts fireball. She kills the wizard and 2 of the 12 guards that are in there. Before half the party can attack the guards are all felled and useless. The looting begins, the wizard was wearing a ring. He has some herbs in his pocket. The wizard was probably the Midnight Maharaja. The men here are the Sultans of Sunsets who are part of the night masks.

Tankar goes to the room which is either the lieutenant or captain’s room. In the captain’s room there is 200gp, a suit of armour, a short sword and a dagger. All items appear to be magical as well as what seems to be an invisible ring. Jock jokingly offers Mimsy the belt of gender change he is holding. She amusingly puts it on. Ethelblue will have to remove the curse again. Tankar convinces the captain to order his men to stand down from this war.

A gong sounds and a stream of soldiers starts marching past. These are the captain’s men. They are stood down and are marched out.

They come to a pristine map of the city. They move on to the treasure room. They realise the door is guarded as the captain warns them of a deadly threat. Basalt opens the door anyway.


After the guard tells them not to enter the treasure room, whoever does will be instantly killed, Willowbark enters treasure room and steps out, nothing happens. Tempts fate a 2nd time, gets grabbed and thrown about the room by an invisible creature. Cathbad enters to help and is attacked by an invisible creature. He identifies them as 2 Gru. After lengthy battle and they have been dispatched the party moves on to torture chamber. 3 cells, all empty. Tankar destroys all torture instruments and cells. Across hall is the Shadow Society room. 3 doors, – 1st door, bedroom with 2 people sleeping, let them go. 2 nd room office with disguises and 3rd room barracks that are empty.

Session 18

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