Legacy of Heroes

Session 16 -retry-

After escaping the moving wall the party search for a switch to turn it off. Basalt finds the switch and the room recedes back into place. There is actually no hidden compartment, only a carving in the floor to make it look like one. Thraeko casts Illusion on the room to make it look like the room hasn’t been touched so Willowbark can lift the lid on the coffin. Inside is a corpse wearing lots of jewellery; 3 rings shaped in the form of a pig, camel, hippo. A circlet, face mask, breast plate, anklets, bracelets and a collar. Willowbark pockets all of the jewellery except for the hippo ring that Ethelblue takes. Ethelblue casts detect magic, none of the jewellery is magical but it turns out the candleabras are. Glim burns the corpse and relights the candles that Willowbark put out. Thraeko detects magic on the candles which are a mix of necromancy and evocation. The smoke from the candles turn out to be toxic so Willowbark puts them out for a 2nd time. The candleabras and coffin are put into the portable hole to sell later. Thraeko flies down the other unexplored corridor, doing a bit of recon for the party. There is a room with lots of statues, a red marble coffin etched with symbols and a circular red wax seal etched with the 4th mud sorceror symbol which is covering the coffin. He then flies down the secret door corridor and manages to set off a superheated steam trap. Cathbad goes to check on Thraeko and finds a very wet and bedraggled bird, he brings him back to the party. Ethelblue heals him. Meanwhile Willowbark goes off to investigate the statue room. The statues are green basalt with fly headed humans. There are 19 statues each with scimitars in their hands. Ethelblue follows, fearing a trap Willowbark takes 1 of the scimitars, it is too heavy for her to hold, she drops it and it shatters. She tries to shatter the remaining scimitars, only succeeding in destroying 12 of them. Ethelblue casts Soundburst in the hopes it will destroy the remaining scimitars, no luck. Willowbark manages to destroy the remaining scimitars and is cursed very badly for her efforts. The rest of the party catch up and decide that since she is already “doomed”, she can continue to search the room alone while they wait outside in the doorway. She opens the coffin. It is wearing flowing red robes, has a deep green kerchief covering its face, the right hand contains a heavy gleaming red mace and on the index finger is a white ring. Willowbark, loving all things that are jewellery, tries to take the ring off the finger of the corpse.The body animates and casts something at Willowbark before anyone can react. She is hit very badly (loses 1/2 her health) and battle begins. Half way through the battle the corpse clutches a jewel at her neck. A flaming pit to hell appears at Ethelblue’s feet, he falls in. As he’s falling he uses his beaded necklace and summons a deity. The Avenging Angel saves him and flies him out of the pit before he dies. The Angel kills the corpse and asks for someone who is “not pure of heart” to take the jewel off the corpse’s neck. Glim complies with said request. The angel is Astrophell and will willingly help the party for an hour. The corpse was Tzillo, sister of Tzollo. Astrophell removes the curses from Willowbark and identifies the items on the corpse. The ring is a ring of force shield (Ethelblue takes), a boomerang mace ( Ortillo takes), and the robes of warding +3 go to Glim. Ethelblue asks Astrophell the most important question “Do you know where Jock’s other sock is?” It turns out it is on an Elemental demi plane of filth and villainy where no one there wants to touch it. Ethelblue releases Astrophell for the moment. The party head off down the remaining corridor. The walls are caked in mud with a bird shape imprinted in it where Thraeko hit the wall when he set off the steam trap. Thraeko turns Basalt invisible and he heads off down the corridor. He ends up disappearing entirely from existence. After waiting a while Willowbark searches for Basalt’s tracks and follows them down the corridor. 1/2 way down there is an Archway with inscriptions in Tarlese. Glim deciphers them— “the revenant shall tread with care, the irrevenant will die.” Glim and Willowbark, scream and fall down unconscious. They die. Ethelblue, on hearing the screams comes running down the corridor, calling on Astrophell to help him and his fallen comrades. They are resurrected, bound to Ethelblue’s god and religion and are now both Lawful Good. Luckily it will only last a couple of days before it wears off and they are back to normal. Astrophell brings back Basalt from wherever he disappeard to. The party advances into the next room which has a large u-shaped pool. The room is a 35 foot chamber with a platform in the middle bearing a drydocked mastless ship, it is made of reddish wood. There is pair of fanged elephant heads spurting water into the pool on either side of another carved face with water coming out of its eyes. Willowbark climbs the boat and goes into the cabin. It turns out it is an extra dimensional space and is bigger on the inside than outside. There is a great oak table surrounded by chairs, cabinets on the walls. Thraeko follows. The cabinets are filled with many wondrous things, mainly BACON, which Thraeko starts to gorge himself on. Willowbark goes down a staircase, followed by Basalt. They are in the cargo area with a central wooden sarcophagus. She raises the lid and is attacked by an undead skeleton and once again takes very heavy damage ( reducing her to 2 hp in one go ). She yells at the top of her voice “die on behalf of the Church of Light”. Ethelblue on hearing this charges onto the boat followed by the rest of the party. Battle begins. After it dies Glim burns it on behalf of the church of light. The coffin has a false bottom which contain 2 bags, wooden case, magical gloves, a dagger, a hand axe and a sap. Before anyone can investigate these further, Glim, still serving the church of light, burns them all to a cinder in the belief that they are all evil items. A parchment survives that reads as follows — “4 fair stones that bare 4 signs, keys to she whose tongue maligns, those who dare disturb her sleep. Grief and woe is what they’ll reap. Turn back now, thy soul to save, or seek her tomb and find thy grave”. The party exit the boat and decide what to do next.



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