Legacy of Heroes

Session 15

8 September 2013

Session 8 September 2013

In the party’s period of rest, Ethelblue readies a spell to break the curse of the girdle that Willowbark is wearing. The curse is broken on the morn and she awakes for the second time as a woman. However she is no longer human, the curse breaker spell removed an underlying curse a human wizard had laid upon her. For she is truly an elf and now embodies the form she was destined to hold.

Jock takes the cursed belt from Willowbark and stores it in his satchel. Near the entrance to the elemental room Jock spots some wet footprints. He points this out to Willowbark who attempts to track this. The prints are humanoid. They move on to the new area back beyond the elemental room.

They make their way to a large room at least 40 feet high. It appears to be a massive mausoleum holding wrapped bodies as it would appear. The air is incredibly still but the room has a feeling of calm. Ethelblue casts detect undead but nothing stands out as a threat. Thraeko flies around assessing the room in his own right. Cathbad, whilst still wearing the visage of the bear, climbs one of the walls. As Thraeko flies around he sees more wrapped corpses. He sees a body, not wrapped, laying face down on the east wall. The body is that of a freshly dead gnome. Basalt climbs up to look and throws the body down to Jock. He gets underneath it but does little more than provide a slightly softer landing for it.

Basalt searches for secret doors in the now empty niche. There is a mechanism that he sets off and the bodies in the mausoleum begin to move. Ethelblue attempts to turn the undead hoping to circumvent the inevitable combat. The spell does nothing giving the impression they are not undead. Thraeko suppresses illusions and the bodies cease their movements. The gnome gets up and it seems he does not speak modern common. The party try to discover why the gnome is here. They gather by the gnomish year he believes it to be, that he has been in this tomb for at least 400 years. Unfortunately he does not have Jock’s sock. Through some effort they discover ways in which they can all talk to him but some of what they say is lost in translation.

The only way forward seems to be through the door Basalt found. The passage way opens up into a drop that causes Basalt to call a halt to those behind him. The use a rope to climb down and they explore the room beyond. There are three large mud pits and one crystal clear pool. In the pool there is a silver ladle that is spotted by Basalt. Jock uses a pole arm to try and find a bottom of the mud pool but they seem a lot deeper than the spear. Glim the gnome falls in and sinks to the bottom. He grabs the ladle and Jock helps him out. Even after the splash the water does not seem displaced. Glim uses the ladle to throw some water out. Some of it goes into the middle mud pool and it covers far more of the surface than it physically should. The surface bubbles and Jock pokes it with a sword. This causes an emaciated human with a pig’s head to burst out. It strikes Jock and hurts him a fair bit. Jock strikes back but no damage is done. It doesn’t take long for Jock to boil over into a blind rage as he is bearing all of the creature’s attacks. Ethelblue heals jock a bit more and they try to figure out what to do next. They pour water onto the left pool and a hippo emerges. Luckily they all remember the poem they read in a previous room that leads to the knowledge that the hippo will lead them out. It wrenches the locked door off its hinges on the far end of the room. They discover an unusual hole in a block that seems to have threaded as if something could be screwed in or out of it. They move on as they cannot figure out what the hole is for.

There is a statue of an elephant headed muscular figure in an ebony and turquoise room lined with pillars and equal recesses. There are words in common scribed on the pillars; Tzolo shall vanquish her foes. There are 5 ivory tiles under the statues naval. HTSVF are written on the tiles. The press them in order as it matches the pillars. It opens a door and there is a corridor beyond. Ethelblue removes the green tusk and Jock takes the red one. It looks like the tusks will fit the hole from earlier and when they get there they put the red one in and manage to remove the stone block to which it is now attached. Behind the block is a corridor. They regroup and go down the new corridor first.

There is a burial chamber beyond with ornate statues and candelabras. There is an inscription on the wall. This seems to be the resting place of Tzolo. Basalt and Ethelblue get closer to the shrine in the middle and Basalt searches for traps. Willowbark has extinguished the candles and Jock approaches the platform. After a lot of looking around Jock and Basalt take the coffin off the platform and see a locked compartment underneath. Basalt picks the lock without checking for traps first. The block descends slowly into the ground. A portcullis closes over the arch and the south wall closes in on them. Ethelblue finds a secret door in the closing wall. They manage to get it open and get through. Crushing averted this time.



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