Legacy of Heroes

kidnapping a princess

Back in town the party find that the princess and her entourage have set up house. It is late evening and the party decide to investigate the constables quarters. The house is now guarded by 4 men at arms. They seem to have orders to arrest Glim on sight for crimes of arson and murder. They find Captain Reynalds who issued this warrant. He is in a large manor house with another 4 guardsmen at the door. Lieutenant Culpepper arrives to talk to the party and admit them to see the captain. The constable asks 2 questions of Glim. Did he murder the constable, NO. Is he responsible for starting a fire and burning down the inn. Glim doesnt answer but lets Cathbad do all the arguing. Cathbad jumps to the defense of Glim and says that while he was in elephant form he put the fire out so the inn didnt actually burn down. The captain rephrases the question and eventually Glim answers YES. It is established that he did actually start the fire but did not burn it down. They wish to take away his castle as punishment. Much arguing again and the captain decides instead for the help of a small adventuring party in exchange for Glims release. They agree. He has been ordered by the King to see that the princess has been kidnapped but not harmed. There is a prophecy that says before she comes of age she will be kidnapped so the king wants it to happen so she doesnt get hurt. It must be believable as well, the princess must never know. Daniel whispers to Mimsy and goes out. Next thing a guard rushes in and announces that the princess has been kidnapped. The captain and party rush to her room to find the floorboards shattered and exposed earth showing with a pair of legs sticking out from the dirt. Cathbad changes into a bear and digs the legs out which turn out to be Lady Rommas. It seems a big rocky hand appeared through the earth and took the princess and Daniel. Cathbad volunteers the party to go and find her. Meanwhile Daniel and the princess and Glod appear in a cave. The princess says Daniel must now marry her as they are alone unchaperoned. Daniel paints many pictures of her while waiting for the time to pass. Up above ground the party take Mimsy aside in a private room and ask her if Glod took the princess, she answers yes. outside Lady Rommas is going crazy and building scaffold to hang someone every 10 minutes unless the princess is returned. Cathbad keeps destroying the scaffold and eventually they give up building it. She is under an illusion spell, Cathbad tries to dispel it but cant. She is not human but some sort of magic creature. He tells the party what he suspects and Lady Rommas take him away to talk privately with him. She unveils her true self to be a gold dragon. She was the queen and now is impersonating the princesses bodyguard nanny. She is actually the princesses mother. The king is also a gold dragon too which makes the princess one but she is currently unaware of this. Cathbad is quite upset with Lady Rommas for withholding the truth from the princess. Much discussion occurs between the two. Cathbad eventually tells that the captain wanted the princess kidnapped by orders of the king and goes to fetch the captain to Lady Rommas. The prophecy now seems to be fulfilled and the princess must be returned immediately. Mimsy sends orders to Glod and the princess appears in the middle of the square. The party take her back into the charge of Lady Rommas. Glim is pardoned of arson. The party now head on over to visit Lord Samulbrar and inform him of current events. They are admitted to the solar which has been repaired somehow, Lord Samulbrar knows not how. They tell him about the hag who was employed by the previous ruling family into discrediting him. Cathbad gets out of him the location of the druids and druid grove that enchanted him into long life. It is located on the west coast near Baldurs gate, 120 miles south of there, reach an outcrop of 3 rocks then east 20 miles inland and they are located in a forest. Cathbad teleports there and talks to the druids. He confirms the story that Lord Samulbrar was blessed and returns to the town to tell what he knows. There is shouting outside so the party head outside to see 2 gold dragons fighting in the air. It seems Lady Rommas has told the princess she is a gold dragon and she is not happy. They both eventually land and the princess talks to Cathbad and he difuses the situation. The party are invited back to the temporary palace to discuss the situation. The princess orders a man in blue robes to bring the blue codex forth. A big blue book is brought forth which the princess rifles through. A proposal is given to the party. She wants them to work for her and be her official relic hunters and be part of her entourage. They agree. She also wants a huge birthday party for her coming of age. A great party ensues. The next morning Basalt and Willowbark notice that the princess is now wearing a golden tiara and a golden chain around her wrist. Willowbark asks about them, the chain is to stop her accidently changing into a dragon and the tiara is now gold because she knows how to change silver into gold. They also notice there is now something odd about her. They all set off for the capitol.



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