Legacy of Heroes

February 24th

After resting in the room the party climbed up through a door and Willowbark valliantly ( though some would say stupidly ) took the lead and set off a trap that turned the corridor into a slide. She slid down into a room where a metal door slid into place effectively sealing her off from the party. After searching the room she only found bones and no escape. A grating sound was heard and the walls started closing in on her. After much hyperventilating and panicking Thraeko comes to the rescue with a knock spell and releases her out of the room just in time. The party waits for the walls to reset and go through a door that Thraeko found on opposite side of room. Going through many corridors and many traps that Willowbark set off (again very foolishly), the party enters a room with a mummy which they dispatch. Still taking the lead the party follow Willowbark down more corridors, more traps set off into another room with a ghost king who asks the party to get rid of the tomb raiders that have been ransacking the pyramid. They agree and he gives Thraeko a scimitar and then he disappears. Willowbark finally comes to her senses and sends Basalt to take the lead, he leads them into more corridors, more traps and many pits, then into a room with a chest in the middle of it. Conrad touches the chest, sets off a fear spell and all except Basalt flee from the room. Thraeko and Ethelblue fall into a pit while fleeing. Thraeko casts a clay spell and invents a ladder for a way out of the pit. Basalt comes out of room with a pocket full of gems and a potion of flight. More corridors into another room with bubbling quicksand and a walkway. Willowbark once again acting foolishly steps onto walkway and proceeds across quicksand. About halfway across, the walkway starts to sink so she runs back the way she came. Between Thraeko and herself they rig the walkway from sinking and the party cross to the opposite side of room. More corriders & traps leading to several fissures, they continue on into a room with columns and several tombs and side rooms/corridors. Willowbark strides boldly down middle of room to a door and becomes a human pincushion for all the miniature skeleton archers that fire on her. After Ethelblue casts turn undead and blows the skeletons all to dust they investigate the room where they encounter a huge undead skeleton that attacks. After dispatching skeleton they continue down corridors into a a room with a chasm. Ethelblue summons a Celestial Eagle and Jock rides it across to the other side with a rope which he anchors then flys back on Eagle with rope and ties it off making a way for the party to cross the chasm



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