Legacy of Heroes

December 22

After investigating the 3 rooms and killing the demon Phagen the party checks the room for any secret doors. Basalt finds a door in the east wall. It has no key holes, locks or any discernible way to open it. The party decide to leave it and go back to the previous level since this level is completely checked. They enter an unexplored corridor, there is an opening in the east wall. It contains a bare room with 2 rows of standing dead men.They are nearly naked except for wearing a loincloth each, they all have a topknot of hair with a bone through it. Cathbad glows and the figures all seem to step back from him, dissolving into a green substance. Glim determines that it doesnt melt people but does have a smell about it and seems to resemble blue/green algae, but its not. Tankar breathes lightning at the green substance and the algae suddenly explodes and starts expanding in size. Willowbark is quite upset at him as he has screwed everything up, partly upset and partly happy because it wasnt her that did it this time. The substance now starts to melt Kurls upper clothing. Glim casts Orb of Cold at the slime and it transforms into a green blue glass sculpture. It has stopped growing. Basalt appraises it and finds out that it is some sort of gem. Willowbark fires an arrow at it to break it down, but the arrow backfires and ricochets off the glass and hits Willowbark instead. The arrow didnt make any impression on the glass. Mimsy summons Glod to destroy it but instead he just purrs and rubs himself against it like a giant cat. Cedric casts shatter but Glod grabs her and stops her from casting. Glim tries to cast shatter, Glod drops Cedric and grabs him instead. It seems Glod has fallen in love with this green gem thingy and will do anything to stop the party from harming it. So after failing all possibilites to break the gem, the party has Glod make them a tunnel to bypass the gem. Come to a door with a card. Willowbark, unable to curb her curiosity any longer takes the card. It says RUIN. She finds she has lost all property and wealth she possesses except for any magical items and clothes she was carrying. She is quite broke now. Open door and enter another corridor with 5 doors. Again, she takes the next card which reads Knight. This card is attuned to a Knight called Sir Cecil whose mission it is now is to become her personal bodyguard, protector, servant or whatever she desires of him. It seems he will arrive in several weeks. Glim takes the next card. He has now inherited the property deeds to a small castle. Kurl takes the next card that is a star. He gains wisdom. Ortillo takes the next card which is Vizier. One time only he can use this card to contact a creature from another plane of existence and ask them one question and be given a truthful answer. Cedric takes the last card which is the sign of a skull. Mist starts forming in front of her and becomes what looks like the grim reaper. He asks her if she knows who he is and she answers yes, death. He dies, well mostly dies. It seems the card would kill anyone once she said their name, it was a one only use. With all the cards out of the doors, Basalt checks for traps in all doors, finds none. The first door is a crypt with a sarcophogus engraved with turtles and is the family seal of the Dosar family. There is lead sealing the coffin,the party leave it alone. At the second door Glim opens it and is attacked by a demon. The party go into action and dispatch it in no time but as it dies it explodes damaging a third of the party. The sarcophogus in here is cracked and contains a corpse wrapped in mouldy linen wearing a platinum death mask. Cedric casts talk to the dead. The body is that of Lady Oylala Dosar who has been dead for several hundred years. The family sent the demon down to protect the coffin from being opened as it turns out she is a vampire but all she wants to do is to go back to sleep and be left in peace. The party agree and leave her alone, shutting her back inside her coffin and the room. In the next room is a 10foot tall creature cramped inside an 8 foot room. It is quite angry that it is stuck in there and attacks the party. It has 4 arms and 4 eyes, it is a flesh gollum. After killing it, the party move on to the fourth room. Another tomb with sarcophogus that has wax seals and is purely decorative. Mimsey has Glod kick the lid open. It contains various scrolls, books and tomes containing symbols of masks on them. Mimsey takes all. When the door to the next room is opened a fanfare starts. There is a symbol with a mask on it. The room and coffin is searched and the party find a staircase inside the coffin heading down into the darkness. Tankar starts to glow and himself, Basalt and Willowbark descend into the depths. It is a 50 foot by 50 foot room filled with many sacks, urns and chests. This turns out to be a treasure room with much money hidden inside. With the whole floor now cleaned out the party go back into the manor house and find the city is now on fire. Tankar deduces that the city shows signs of a red dragon attack. They attend a city council meeting and after helping to dig out the local bank which is now under tons of rubble the party get their bounty they were promised, after everything is split up the party gets 12,027 GP each. The council asks or begs the party to go after the Dragon that ruined their town which turns out to be a Copper Dragon and deal with it and can keep anything they can find for doing so. The party now has 2 choices, go after the dragon or follow the treasure map that Glim acquired in the cellars. They enter an inn that is still standing and rest and go shopping for the remainder of the day.


Cedrics act of using the Skull card to not kill anyone is major Good(alignment) vibes. Here’s a chance for a shot at anyone, and mistake or not, Cedric declined to intentionally kill another being simply because there was a chance. Everyone deserves a chance to repent and surrender, and then get beaten to a pulp.

December 22

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