Legacy of Heroes


The party go back to the previous stone face in the wall and investigate it further. It has words inscdribed on it that say “listen”.Thraeko whispers in its ear, nothing happens. He looks in the right ear and finds a green key, from the left ear a hurricane winds slams him backwards, Cathbad grabs him mid air. The key matches the green basalt pillar keyhole but the party decide to do nothing at this stage. They continue down the corridor into a room that is 18ft high. The ceiling is painted with an ocean with writhing figures. The walls are dull red, the floor has a rug that mirrors the ceiling painting. There are brass braziers lit in the south and north corners. On the north wall there is a tapestry with animal headed statues. The south wall has a tapestry depicting a banquet. There is a deep red marble altar on the east wall that has mud sorceror symbols on it. There are 7 candles, all black except 1 which is red. The rug is emanating strong necromantic energies. On the red marble altar is a locked ebony box. Basalt sets of the traps and opens the box. Inside is a red silk pillow with a tiny snake with green/blue bands on it. It grants 3 questions to the party. 1st question—what do the symbols mean? 1st symbol – convergence of earth and water (footprint). 2nd symbol— earth dominance (triangle). 3rd symbol—- water dominance(egg). 4th symbol—- harmony of earth and water (keyhole). 2nd question- Where are we? Answer is the tomb of the mud sorceror Tzolo. They close and lock the chest, not wanting to use up the 3rd question. Ethelblue goes back to the skeleton in the coffin + casts speak to the dead. The skeleton was a handmaiden to Tzolo and reveals a secret door in the pillar room. They go back to the room of many pillars, find the secret door. The room with the snake also has a secret door. Back in the pillar room the party go through the door into a corridor with a descending doorway and a corridor leading East which they take. It ends in a blank wall. Has a secret door. Through the door into a chamber where the walls have black veins running through them. There are 2 more pools of water. 1 3ft deep with crystal clear water and multicoloured fish swimming in it. 2nd pool 2ft deep with coins in the bottom. The door we came through has another carved face on it grimacing in fear. Willowbark gazes at the fish and after feeling dizzy, looks away. The pool of fish turns out to be magical and is a pool of sanity. Jock scoops out the coins from the other pond. 18 platinum, 26 gold, 105 silver and 161 copper, also contains a small copper key. There are 3 corridors heading out. 1 to the camel painted door, 1 down the east corridor which has a faded mural mural with humanoids painted on it. An inscription reads “pig or camel brings thee woe, Hippo clears the way to go”. It leads back to the altar room. The party go back and take the 3rd passageway north. There is a gate made of blue metal blocking the way. They open it and continue on. The floor has a mosaic of the mud sorceror. Willowbark steps into the room and is met with dozens of swirling blades and disappears from the party’s sight.She has been teleported away. The party follow after realizing it is an illusion. The party reappear in a 25ft chamber held up by carved etched grey marble pillars. They are stood in a 20ft pool of water. Thraeko and Willowbark get out. Thraeko gets ripped in half by a green skinned woman. Ethelblue miraculously heals him. After a battle, the woman cast a fog spell which is countered by Willowbark with a windwall spell. They see the woman run through a secret door, they follow. The door opens into a corridor with lots of doors. Cathbad in bear form tears all the doors down. The 2nd door has a female Ogress tied to the wall. Willowbark studies the tracks and lead to the Ogress. She is the green skinned woman in disguise. Meanwhile Jock is still raging and in his fury kills the Ogress, no one can stop him. She has on her a brass ring with many keys that open the cell block doors they are in which Cathbad destroyed. Back to the original room that they teleported into they follow 1st corridor to a dead end. 2nd corridor leads to a room with an inscription on the north wall that reads “let the chips fall where they may”. There is an oak coffin in the middle of the room flanked by 2 suits of armour. There are silver letters on the coffin that read “disturb not the slumber of Tzollo’s tomb”. There are 3 padlocks on the tomb. Cathbad knocks over the suits of plate mail. Willowbark ignores everyones advice (again) and starts hitting at the locks with her sword. She is hit by a trap that drains all her strength and leaves her totally comatose and useless. The party decide to camp and manage to keep her alive until Ethelblue can pray for the appropriate healing spells in several days time.



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