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This wiki is, very much, a work in progress. It will be updated from time to time to share information for the players – things that will be useful for them to know and understand.

The campaign is currently taking place in the foothills of a region known as the Prince Corellus Peaks, which marks the border between the two Kingdoms of Calisia and Launhym. The action is taking place on the western side of the mountains in Launhym – a Kingdom under siege, in contrast to its more peaceful – and some would say cultured – neighbour.

Prince Corellus Peaks
Launhym – History
Launhym – Government
Launhym – Society
Launhym – Flag
Launhym – Factions
Launhym – Royal Family
Launhym – The Barons

The most common religion – but far from the only one – in this world is the Church of Light.

The Church of Light

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