Launhym - Society

Launhymians are determined and honest. They believe in addressing all problems head on and fighting the good fight simply because it is the moral thing to do. They are considered rustic and brutish by the Calisians—which is, in all honesty, a fair assessment. Launhymians do not stand on ceremony and don’t believe in wasting words. They would rather be truthful than spare someone’s feelings. They also have the pride of a people who have been victims of attacks for centuries but have not yet fallen. They feel that they are the strongest folk in the Surrounding Lands and that they will never yield.

Launhymians are a great believer in symbols and oaths. Remarians joke that a Launhym can’t so much as milk a cow without swearing a vow on the souls of his forefathers. This is a habit that tends to embarrass any Aeylamdyarian when they witness it. The Bright Elves have tried their best to uplift Launhym into an active cosmopolitan society but the humans still cut their arms with knives and swear oaths on their own blood. However, the Bright Elves are partially responsible. Centuries ago they gifted the humans with magical items of their own creation to aid them—items that were far and away above Launhym’s ability to produce on their own. So the humans’ awe of icons and bold gestures is perhaps understandable.

Launhym also adopted the elven ability with archery and while they don’t have the elves’ natural talent with the longbow, they certainly work harder at it. Elves used to mock this until in 933 AC when a Launhym warrior asked a powerful and noted Aeylamdyar wizard to a friendly competition to pass the time. The elven wizard, of course, lost badly and the elves have had a grudging respect for the Launhym ability with the weapon.

Launhymians, as a rule, hate orcs and hate Calisians. The degree of each hatred varies from one Launhymian to the next. Some see the Calisians as usurping dogs that nonetheless deserve an alliance until the orcs are gone. Others would rather fall to the orcs rather than have their beloved land be influenced by hedonistic Calisian ways.

Launhym - Society

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