Launhym - Government

King Almagaid rules Launhym by a thread. He is viewed as the rightful king of the land, but he is slowly losing land to the orcs and he all but invited the Calisians to take over the country (the argument that this was a necessary step doesn’t register with the hard-liners). He has technically been the ruler of the country since he was a boy, but contends that the wizard, Murchad, was attempting to usurp his rule and put Launhym at the mercy of foul necromancies. Many Launhymians follow him out of loyalty to the country, as opposed to loyalty to him. King Almagaid holds a baronial council in the summer, where he attempts to hold order while the New and Old Barons engage in making barbed remarks to each other.

The Barons are effectively split. There are the “New Barons” who are Calisians that have been appointed baronies in exchange for assisting Almagaid in banishing Murchad and the “Old Barons” those who are the baronial families that stayed loyal to Almagaid during Murchad’s exile. For the most part, they despise each other. They probably would have dragged the country into civil war years ago were it not for the orc threat. Most barons spend their time training what men can be spared to go north to fight in the summer campaigns. Baronial titles are hereditary, however most noble families have lost at least one son or daughter and they sometimes appoint an heir to ascend the baronial seat after them. Should they choose not to, for whatever reason, it is the King’s duty to assign a baron. The assignation is typically a son or daughter from another baronial family.

All barons have at least one landed knight underneath them, who they are permitted to appoint without immediately notifying the king. A landed knight in Launhym is supposed to be able to provide his own equipment and a small manor house. However, the landed knight is not expected to sit idly and have his subjects come to him with problems. Launhymian landed knights are generally on the move and will only be home roughly two weeks a month. They help with bandits, orcs, wild animals, aberrations, or even construction projects that need an extra strong back—it is a very heavy responsibility. Landed knights appointed by Calisian barons tend to be more class conscious and priggish and are, in general, hated by their subjects.

Landed knights, barons, and King Almagaid are permitted to have as many knights as they wish. However, the lot of a Launhym knight is not pleasant one. Launhym knights are expected to be self-sufficient. The New Barons have a different view. Their knights tend not to be on the move as much. However, the knights of Calisian descent can be competitive and try to out perform the Launhym knights. Though, it must be said, they do so more for personal glory than a sense of duty. The Launhym Steadfast Knights are renowned within Launhym and while they ask for little they do not go wanting for a meal when they pass through a town. Of course, with knights from both factions wandering the land, they do encounter each other when the eyes of civilization aren’t on them. The only good thing about such encounters is that they tend to be brief.

Launhym - Government

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