Launhym - Factions

No large group of people operates as a single group for long. The country of Launhym is no exception. Several major factions exist, each with its own goals and leaders. Some are formalized while others are simply acknowledged as a distinctive body.

The 12th Division of the Imperial Remarian Army, (“The Bears of Courage”)— “The Emperor has taken pity on poor Launhym and in his mercy has sent an entire division to assist Your Majesties. Of course the Emperor would not dream of stealing the glory from the noble men and women of the besieged country and has, in his generosity, instructed his troops merely to act as a garrison. We are honoured to serve you.” —Captain Dagwaldus, presenting himself to the King and Queen
“The Emperor wants an army here in case we fall so you can be the first to take the reins. He knows I shall accept because I need all the forces that I can get. Captain, your Emperor is as cunning as I am desperate.” —King Almagaid’s response

The 12th division has been tasked to protect Caer Almagaish. In theory, it is there as a gesture of friendship between Remaria and Launhym. In practice, it is there to spearhead a Remarian invasion should the opportunity present itself. To date, they have protected Launhym admirably, but it is a matter of time and politics before they turn.

Almagaid’s Wolves —a group of scouts who Almagaid uses to keep track of the orcs. They are not skilled in the arts of subterfuge, only stealth. The Wolves are granted access to the King at all hours of the day or night and he gives great weight to their words. Their leader is Sir Daig, an unlanded knight.

The Druids —Every village has at least a neophyte druid who helps the sick and acts as an advisor. The people (and most of the nobility) of Launhym are nature worshipers and the druids act as the spiritual leaders. They have no factions. They serve the land. Their only potential enemies would be the Church of the Light, whom they regard as controlling and self-serving.

The First Shield —These are the ranks of men and women who are tasked with being the first line of defence against the orcs. They use as their symbol the old Elemental Lord, Geoan, which is not a heresy in Launhym. They are all veterans and many have been severely wounded. Baron Landri “the Stout” leads them.

The Humble Players of Aeylamdyar —The only elven bardic guild in human territory in the Surrounding Lands. There are actually very few elves in its ranks. Most are humans who have been deemed “not entirely miserable” by the exacting standards of the elves. Despite their name, they are quite proud of themselves, admittedly for good reason. Their music is quite moving and stirs the soul of even the most jaded listener. The elven lady Arianwen oversees the troupe.

Knights of the Rose and Holly —The Rose is commonly associated with Calisia, the Holly with Launhym. King Almagaid formed this order of knights in an effort to bring the two factions together. An equal number of young knights from both groups were summoned to form the order. So far it has been a spectacular failure. The order is divided and the youths who are sent are typically troublemakers whose families booted from their manors them in a half-hearted attempt to gain favour at court and a full-hearted attempt to get them out from underfoot.

Mirabel’s Messengers —This is also not a formal organization. Mirabel employs the services of Calisian rogues who she clandestinely has deliver messages to Baron Delray and to King Jehan IV. Given the politically delicate nature of the messages they bear, their foremost mission is to avoid capture. They would rather destroy one of their messages then see it read by other eyes. The leader is Pepin “Shadowhand.”

New Barons —not a formal organization. Any Calisian baron appointed by Almagaid. Usually viewed with distrust by Launhymian natives.

Old Barons —This is not a formal organization, merely a designation commonly used to denote a baron who has been in power before Almagaid brought in Calisian nobles

The Order of Blessed Denarka —One of the orders of the Church of the Light that is charged with missionary work. While Almagaid has officially permitted them into Launhym, there were enough attacks on them to drive them underground. This does not trouble anyone in the order as they are here for the long term—they have vowed to be patient and persistent. Their leader is Sister Felise.

Steadfast Knights –This is an informal organization that is the opposite number to the Knights of Pure Heart. They are kind and chivalrous, to the new barons and other Calisians. They do not vandalize or commit crimes against native Launhymians though. None of their actions are coordinated enough to warrant leadership though the landed knight, Sir Hervis, seems to have charismatic control over them and frequently speaks for them on the rare occasion when there is such a need.

Launhym - Factions

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