Legacy of Heroes

session 26

Session 26 January 2014

After consulting the map further the party decide to head to the dwarves that are noted on the map. The dragon born dwarf Tankar rides up front. They reach some rolling foot hills. There appear to be deep sea albatross flying above the nearby land. Cathbad takes the form of an eagle and takes off towards the birds. On the back of one of the great birds is a small creature. About half the size of a Halfling and seems to look very similar. The creature hands Cathbad a cracker. He attempts to communicate with the lead albatross. They start with the pleasantries and then Cathbad asks why he has a small person on his back. They reign them and ride them but they don’t know where from. Cathbad starts to communicate with the quarterling and asks about the dwarves. He drops some names and Cathbad tells him to let them know they are coming. The tiny person serves the dwarves. The creature was born Halfling but drank a potion to shrink so he could join the air corpse.

There is a ballista located behind the tower Cathbad locates down the road. It is aimed at the temporary tower. Cathbad swoops down and scratches a crude drawing of what he saw. Further along he sees some mine entrances and there appear to be 7 dwarves outside the mines. They are heavily armoured and they are clearly there to be used as intimidating guards. One dwarf is in slightly less impressive armour, runs towards the group. He approaches the party and aggressively asks who they are, addressing Tankar. He asks what Basalt is. He turns to the dwarves up on high and tells them to close the gate.

He then turns to greet them slightly more courteously. They call this place Radvok and there are apparently thousands of inhabitants. In a short time the guards up above have reached the gate and entered. An older well appointed dwarf walks down in about 10 minutes. He demands to know what they are doing there. Tankar tells him they are investigating the deed to the castle. They allude to the fact that Glim owns it. Jock asks about the dragons and gets some more information. He learns that 1 is at least a thousand years old. Glim shows the Dwarves the map and tries to get some more information about it. They seem to think it is rather accurate.

The old Dwarf offers them hospitality for the evening. When the travellers return they should ask the guards to see Prince Radgar.

They leave the hills and towards the druids. There is a druid named Casia who does not want the elves to enter. Cathbad has to take responsibility for the elves so they can enter. They are let through and introduced to the grand druid. The trees in the area are sentient moving creatures. Bishaw brings out some lentil pancakes. They are edible but not overly palatable. The beer made of it tastes pretty good. When the pleasantries are done and dusted they begin to discuss the dragons and castle Redkorn. The druids only know of 2 in there.
Willowbark sits down and eats lentil pancakes so she is not distracted by anything and is on her best behaviour. Meanwhile Cedric goes and talks to a tree and gets down to the root of the problem as to why elves are forbidden from entering the grove. It seems elves can control and order the trees to do whatever they want and not so long ago a group of juvenile elves entered the grove and caused havoc.

Cathbad asks more questions. The druids dont know of any secret entrances into Castle Redkorn. Glim shows them the map. Skeleton is that of an old ancient gold dragon which the Cult of the Dragon use sometimes as a temple. Legend says several thousand years ago a dragon called Tyranthraxis tried to take over the city and now there are rumours of a Lich dragon in the vicinity.

On hearing this Willowbark decides to go scout out the area with Cedric joining her to try and keep her out of trouble. The party shortly follows after them since they cant get any more information from the druids. Cathbad takes some barrels of Lentil beer to give to the dwarves as a gift or trade offering between the two races.

Wilowbark and Cedric soon reach a hollow which seems to have been caused by a dragon crashing to the ground. The skeleton has different grafitti carved into it. There are lots of tracks around but none of them recent. Willowbark investigates some mounds in the area which she thinks are graves. The party catch up and all they can see is what looks like Willowbark about to desecrate the graves. They stop her. Cedric realises they are gnomish grave stones but the writing is not known.

Tankar finds a trap door under a campfire. Basalt determines there is no trap. Tankar uses his mighty strength and opens the trapdoor to find a crossbow pointing at him. it fires at him so he drops down the hole on top of whoever is there. It looks like a Tiefling, Darren is his name. Tankar releases him. The party climb down. There are tunnels at the bottom, the one to the north is well made, the others are not. This is Darrens family mine. This exit is an escape tunnel. 3 miles to the west is the main exit. The party follow Darren to meet his family.

They enter a large cavern with a ship in it that looks exactly the same as a previous ship the party encountered, it seems to be the family home. The ship is a spelljammer. The Ministry of Magic gave them permission to mine here. As far as the family are concerned The Ministry controls the spelljammer lanes and the family think they are currently located and mining on an asteroid. They dont have any other information on the ministry of magic. The family have 3 wizards located down here somewhere.

Erupting from the ground a few meters away from the party is a huge angry Earth elemental that starts to attack the ship. The party intervene and a fight starts. After it dies it transforms into a 4 armed ape. Darrens father thanks the party and will let them use the tunnel to get closer to Castle Redkorn.

The party decide to go back to the dwarves and rest and shop. Glim goes shopping and buys a permanent shrinking potion. Cathbad gives the dwarves the barrels of lentil beer and sets up a trading route between the 2 groups.

Session 22
12 January 2014

Session 12 January 2014

The party find themselves in the weird Wendigo near the west gate of West Gate. The tavern is one of the last standing in the city. It seemed the dragon was mainly targeting pubs. The tales say it was a red dragon due to the fire but it was seen by others as copper in colour or bronze. There is a pelt of what the bar tender claims to be a rainbow wendigo. Glimm calls a meeting for the current party members. They meet in the bar and discuss the map. Whilst they are looking through the map a strange human is lead in to the bar. He is directed to their table and takes Glimm aside to discuss a dead and a delivery of a satchel. Glim is keen to take the party to find the property that the deed relates to.

After some protests from Jock that this is taking them further from their original goal, Glimm convinces the party to follow them as the deed and the map relate. They head down to the docks to find passage to the land marked on the map. Cathbad locates an official at the docks. He finds a man asleep that looks sufficiently like a public servant. He asks him how they can catch a lift Sembia. Fair wind is the name they are given and they are directed to the end of the docks. It is a naval ship and Tankar introduces himself to the captain naming his father who the captain seems to know. The ship sails in two days and Robard, who is captain, says they may accompany them.

Once they get everything in order for the voyage they board the ship. Once landed in Sembia the travellers are told the killing anyone or any sapient beings here is a crime punished by death. Dialern is a township about 50 miles from where they are. The party head off following a caravan leaving the docks, they follow the road towards their destination.

The trip will take about 2 days, after a day and half they can see the wall as it is 500 feet high. When they finally arrive in Dialern it is dark within the walls as the city only gets a couple of hours of sunlight due to the immense walls. So after asking around they hear that no one has heard of the castle they are looking for.

Jock makes his way to the arena and challenges a large half orc/ogre to a battle. They make their way to the battle ground. The only rule is no killing. Jock got a few hits in before Bruno beats Jock up a bit. Jock retaliates and knocks him down. Bruno starts to grow immensely and the crowd starts to get nervous as they know it is dangerous to be here when Bruno grows. As he starts to stand up to kill Jock, Jock winds up and let loose with a wild swing with the flat of his short sword. This swing is so intense it puts the beast into a coma. When he comes to, they help the beast get up and they find out he is a slave. The party tries to figure out how to free the former champion, and Mimsy suggests they put Glod, her elemental, up as champion.

Of the fighters who have faced Bruno and lost the, greatest of them is a man named Muskan. The group help him defeat Bruno and thus freeing him.

They leave the city and a while down the road they find gallows with people hanging from them. The once hanging at the moment appears to all be human. The bones on the ground are for all races. The nearest village houses people who name Tankar as a lord as he is of dragon born. Glimm asks where the castle Redkorn would be. They are told to seek Alyssa who can help them. Glimm asks all the wrong questions and maybe some right ones, and eventually finds out what he needs to. They know where they need to go. Glimm approached a Kobald to talk and it turned and stabs him.

The Kobald explains to the party what Glimm is. He is a dark gnome and this explains why he hates him. He surrendered easily and then demands to be let go. So eventually they find out that the dragons are linked to the ministry of winds. The Kobald suggests that the group hand over the gnome so they can summon the ministry. He can summon an Illithid with the blood of the gnome. They use the ritual and summon this representative of the ministry. In every world one race has wiped out another, the genocide this is called. In every world with gnomes they have wiped out another race. Tankar asks if the ministry is evil based on the image of evil in his mind. The ministry all seem to be plane walkers.

Willowbark shows the Illithid the signs of the elements and he then draws in arrows showing who has power over whom. The ministry apparently has no idea what they are chasing after. They explain that the people of this realm have given dragons legal lord ships. He asks if they are insane. The monoliths are observation towers that are purely in use to materialise and monitor gnome activity.

December 22

After investigating the 3 rooms and killing the demon Phagen the party checks the room for any secret doors. Basalt finds a door in the east wall. It has no key holes, locks or any discernible way to open it. The party decide to leave it and go back to the previous level since this level is completely checked. They enter an unexplored corridor, there is an opening in the east wall. It contains a bare room with 2 rows of standing dead men.They are nearly naked except for wearing a loincloth each, they all have a topknot of hair with a bone through it. Cathbad glows and the figures all seem to step back from him, dissolving into a green substance. Glim determines that it doesnt melt people but does have a smell about it and seems to resemble blue/green algae, but its not. Tankar breathes lightning at the green substance and the algae suddenly explodes and starts expanding in size. Willowbark is quite upset at him as he has screwed everything up, partly upset and partly happy because it wasnt her that did it this time. The substance now starts to melt Kurls upper clothing. Glim casts Orb of Cold at the slime and it transforms into a green blue glass sculpture. It has stopped growing. Basalt appraises it and finds out that it is some sort of gem. Willowbark fires an arrow at it to break it down, but the arrow backfires and ricochets off the glass and hits Willowbark instead. The arrow didnt make any impression on the glass. Mimsy summons Glod to destroy it but instead he just purrs and rubs himself against it like a giant cat. Cedric casts shatter but Glod grabs her and stops her from casting. Glim tries to cast shatter, Glod drops Cedric and grabs him instead. It seems Glod has fallen in love with this green gem thingy and will do anything to stop the party from harming it. So after failing all possibilites to break the gem, the party has Glod make them a tunnel to bypass the gem. Come to a door with a card. Willowbark, unable to curb her curiosity any longer takes the card. It says RUIN. She finds she has lost all property and wealth she possesses except for any magical items and clothes she was carrying. She is quite broke now. Open door and enter another corridor with 5 doors. Again, she takes the next card which reads Knight. This card is attuned to a Knight called Sir Cecil whose mission it is now is to become her personal bodyguard, protector, servant or whatever she desires of him. It seems he will arrive in several weeks. Glim takes the next card. He has now inherited the property deeds to a small castle. Kurl takes the next card that is a star. He gains wisdom. Ortillo takes the next card which is Vizier. One time only he can use this card to contact a creature from another plane of existence and ask them one question and be given a truthful answer. Cedric takes the last card which is the sign of a skull. Mist starts forming in front of her and becomes what looks like the grim reaper. He asks her if she knows who he is and she answers yes, death. He dies, well mostly dies. It seems the card would kill anyone once she said their name, it was a one only use. With all the cards out of the doors, Basalt checks for traps in all doors, finds none. The first door is a crypt with a sarcophogus engraved with turtles and is the family seal of the Dosar family. There is lead sealing the coffin,the party leave it alone. At the second door Glim opens it and is attacked by a demon. The party go into action and dispatch it in no time but as it dies it explodes damaging a third of the party. The sarcophogus in here is cracked and contains a corpse wrapped in mouldy linen wearing a platinum death mask. Cedric casts talk to the dead. The body is that of Lady Oylala Dosar who has been dead for several hundred years. The family sent the demon down to protect the coffin from being opened as it turns out she is a vampire but all she wants to do is to go back to sleep and be left in peace. The party agree and leave her alone, shutting her back inside her coffin and the room. In the next room is a 10foot tall creature cramped inside an 8 foot room. It is quite angry that it is stuck in there and attacks the party. It has 4 arms and 4 eyes, it is a flesh gollum. After killing it, the party move on to the fourth room. Another tomb with sarcophogus that has wax seals and is purely decorative. Mimsey has Glod kick the lid open. It contains various scrolls, books and tomes containing symbols of masks on them. Mimsey takes all. When the door to the next room is opened a fanfare starts. There is a symbol with a mask on it. The room and coffin is searched and the party find a staircase inside the coffin heading down into the darkness. Tankar starts to glow and himself, Basalt and Willowbark descend into the depths. It is a 50 foot by 50 foot room filled with many sacks, urns and chests. This turns out to be a treasure room with much money hidden inside. With the whole floor now cleaned out the party go back into the manor house and find the city is now on fire. Tankar deduces that the city shows signs of a red dragon attack. They attend a city council meeting and after helping to dig out the local bank which is now under tons of rubble the party get their bounty they were promised, after everything is split up the party gets 12,027 GP each. The council asks or begs the party to go after the Dragon that ruined their town which turns out to be a Copper Dragon and deal with it and can keep anything they can find for doing so. The party now has 2 choices, go after the dragon or follow the treasure map that Glim acquired in the cellars. They enter an inn that is still standing and rest and go shopping for the remainder of the day.

Session 20
8 December 2013

Session 8 December 2013

The party are standing outside 3 doors in a corridor. Coming around the corner is a mighty Gelugon the ice demon. Ortillo stands to face the group and states he must battle this beast. Grip the Gelugon is about 12 feet tall and he has a long spiked tail. “Where is Ortillo”? The beast demands as he nears the group. Ortillo wastes no time and admits to his identity. Grip charges at the cleric spear in hand. The demon is tearing Ortillo apart as the others stands back. Jock has seen enough and rages into battle. If a mere moment he unleashes 3 swift attacks which hack away at the creature which seems to almost kill it then and there. The others enter the fray. After a few more attacks by his companions, Jock fells the beast with a mighty swing of his axe.

Suddenly most of the problems associated with the cards are normalised. There appears a half elf standing where the demon was. Cedric the cleric has come from another dimension. Some discussion is had to try and let Cedric know where the party find themselves and trying to figure out where she came from.

As they bring their attentions back to the immediate surroundings they all become aware of the 3 doors again. Willowbark knocks on the middle door. They pick their way in to the left of the 3 doors. They walk into what appears to be a robe room. The right room is a high priest’s robe room. Not a lot in there other than that. There is however a chamfer wood chest. Willowbark opens it and a cat jumps out and attaches to her face. Jock punches it into oblivion. It turns out it was a fairy cat so it survives and tries to leave the room. IT’S CARRYING JOCKS OTHER SOCK!

Jock goes into a rage to chase it and Tankar tries to stop it. It has run off with the one he was wearing but Jock thinks it is his missing sock. Cathbad tries to empathise with it to calm it down. The sock is enticed out of its maw with a sardine and Jock is reunited with his only footwear.

The double doors open to a temple to the god of this cult. It has been desecrated and prepared for dark and evil rituals. In the room there are candelabras that look to contain candies. They appear to be incense blocks. Willowbark is hit by lightning as she is standing next to the altar. Avarice, greed, larceny, malice, rapacity and wantonness are words written on the plinths holding the statues around the altar. Mimsy summons Glod to destroy the room as the party members leave the room.

Eventually the adventurers go around the corner that Grip walked around and they come to more doors. These doors have cards in them. Glim takes the first card. He pulls the key card which gives him a treasure map. Jock pulls the other card and is given a wish. It has happened, he summons all him mental capacity and wishes for his sock. The relic appears and he his ecstatic.

In the room beyond the party find a few items of interest and then move on. The next room has nice tapestries on the walls depicting solar and lunar eclipses. They search all the wardrobes etc. They move on again. In the next room is a demon named Phaegem who is the leader of the masks. Tankar tells him to repent and he keeps saying can’t repent he was born that way. Glim asks about the pentat and Phaegem says he can fire them then burns a message on Glim’s chest. Glim shoots a fire ball out towards him and the group.

The demon casts meteor swarm. The battle is brutal. The demon is greatly powerful. Cathbad falls in battle quickly but is healed by Cedric. After many attacks the demon tries to escape through a portal but is inexorably attacked before fleeing. Cathbad casts drown and fills his lungs with water, felling the beast. They have killed the demon. They search the room before departing. They find a wand.

session 19 part 2

It seems the card Glim drew from the door is a free get out of 1 situation card. Basalt unlocks the door. Tankar stops Glim from entering but he still enters anyway. There is another room and corridor with a door. The door has another card which Mimsy draws out, suddenly she gains a level. Basalt unlocks door. There is an empty room with a slab where a sarcophogus can rest. They continue down the corridor to the next door. Hacksor takes the card. In the room beyond is a roughly dug pit that has been excavated, there are various shovels, pickaxes etc laying about. They search the room and find a grave in the middle. Hacksor tries to dig it up but the party stop him. The party back tracks to the imp room and take the 1st corridor on the west. there are 3 doors all with cards in. Kurl takes the 1st card and 50 Gems start raining down on his head. Ortillo takes the 2nd card. it seems there is an ice demon called Gryp (somewhere in the dungeon) who is joined to this card and it is his destiny is to kill whomever takes this card out of its socket. Basalt draws the next card and is now wearing some boots of elvenkind which he gives to Willowbark and goes up a level. The party go through the N door. There is a corridor with various corridors running off it that lead to a storeroom. They go back and check out the S door and enter a room that is 60ft x 40ft. On the W side there is a bookshelf, E side carpentry stuff and 2 large crates which contain writing implements. On the S side there is a door that opens into an empty monks cell room. On the W wall another door with a card. Tankar draws is and looses a level. Corridor with another door and card. Tankar draws it again (doesnt know what it will do). Open door, another corridor and door with a card in, which Glim takes and every magic item he owns is destroyed. Luckily for him he uses his previous get out of situation card and everything is returned to him. Another corridor and door, Ortillo takes card, apparently the next time he confronts and defeats a powerful monster alone he will go up a level. There are 2 doors, 1st contains empty wardrobes, 2nd door has 3 wardrobes + mirror. Inside the wardrobes are black/red masks and robes and a phylactery. Basalt looks in the mirror and it cracks. Glim wears a robe and mask, nothing happens except now he looks like a Priest of Masks. Cathbad checks out the phylactery, it is empty. At the next corridor and door there are 5 suits of plate armour gilded with intricate symbols. The party moves along to the next door which leads again into another corridor. The walls and ceiling of this corridor are painted black. Cathbad gets his glow thing happening. The walls represent various eclipses and depict 2 holy days associated with masks. They continue down the corridor to 3 doors with more cards in them. Hacksor takes the middle card and is motionless. It seems his soul has left his body but the body can still obey simple commands. Ortillo takes the next card and starts feeling like doing evil things. It seems he has changed into a Lawful Evil character which the party are not aware of. Kurl takes the next card and he suddenly vanishes from sight except for all his possessions which fall to the floor. ( he has been gated into the middle of a maze on a prime material plane.) Tankar, seeing that Cathbads glow is affecting/harming Ortillo and realising that he is now evil starts a fight with him. Cathbad intervenes as someone could get hurt. 1/2 the party now know Ortillo is evil and have serious issues with him. Cathbad steps in as mediator and comes to an agreement with Ortillo and the party that if he doesn’t harm the party in any way, they will try and find a way for him to return to his previous alignment.

Session 19
24 November 2013

Session 24 November 2013

The group are currently all standing in the empty barracks. They have persuaded the members of the shadow society to leave. They have had a map drawn for them and the literate members of the party begin to try and figure out where to go. They assume the closest tunnel connects to the southern corridor. It does and now they can see the other unexplored tunnel further south. There are two doors on the east wall of the corridor. Jock and Basaslt open the first door. It leads in to a kitchen with three other doors on 2 walls. There is a well stocked larder and many hanging breads and cured meats. Jock loads up on meats and pork pies for the journey. The door on the far wall leads to a scullery. Another door leads to a dining room. Jock and Tankar start dancing on the table and then Jock attempts to pull the table cloth off without knocking everything over. Somehow it works amazingly well.

They find the door that leads to the privy. It smells more like a privy than any privy should. This is a sign to move on and explore the other end of the corridor. It turns out to be quite a long corridor. At the south end of the passage there is a new corridor turning east that leads to a door. They figure out this door leads to the other side of the alcove barracks from before. So the adventurers start to explore the rooms on either side of the long corridor. They go back to the northern most end and go in the east door.

In this room there is a person hanging from a noose. There is a hood over the head and the many pocketed coat is covered in bells. This room is clearly a training room for pickpockets. When they determine that there isn’t much to take they move to the next room.

The next room is full of fake doors all trapped and locked. This is clearly a room for training lock picks. Basalt goes to open the first lock without checking for traps. He is sprayed with acid and somehow manages to get even uglier.

The next room seems empty. But the floor is covered in different surfaces. Dry leaves, pebbles and cobbles etc. It is a room for training light feet and soft footfalls.

The next room is for training in the art of hiding.

The next room has tables and chairs and a lot of trunks. The trunks are full of dice, cards chips etc. It is a training room for gambling.

This next room is a gymnasium. It is a tumbling room.

There is one more room. It is full of shelves full of bottles labelled in a language none of the party can read. Actually at closer inspection Mimsy recognises it a thief’s cant language. The bottles are all herbs and poisons.

They have looked through all these rooms and go to the only door on the map they haven’t explored. It is marked on the map with many question marks. The door appears to have no handle or hinges but it does have a lock. There is a little card slot with a card in it on the other side of the door to the key hole. Jock slides the card out and his already meagre intelligence is lessoned. Tankar goes through the door and tumbles 15 feet. He stands up and gets attacked by very unpleasant, smelly creatures. The rest of the party file in and start to attack the imp like beasts. It didn’t take long and most party members actually got a hit in, but all imps are dispatched.

Willowbark leads the way through the corridor running east to west that starts on the south wall. There is another door with a card slot. This time Glim takes the risk and draws the card.

Session 18
10 November 2013

I apologies about the small gaps. This was the session I was in and out due to my son.

Session 10 November 2013

The party are in the city of Westgate in the forgotten realms. The group seems to have arrived here via a magic portal. There is word of a gang war brewing in the city between the Night masks and the shore patrol. They can stand to make a bit of coin if they can deal with the night masks. They have discovered that the night masks occupy the family crypt under the city and they have located one of the entrances under their family house. They should be able to enter through cellar.

A letter arrives for Jock and Willowbark reads it out. It is from Thraeko and it states he is studying what happened to his people. The letter introduced a dwarf Mimsy cave walker. She is a friend of Thraeko and will accompany the party from now on.

Tankar follows one of the lords, lord Dosar, and asks him many questions to see if he knows anything about the nightmasks. He asks for permission to access his house and the catacombs underneath.

The party goes to the house. They enter the basement and find themselves in a cellar about 20 square feet. In one wall there is a circle with an inverted triangle. Cathbad activates it and suddenly they are pitched into blackness. Glim nervously reacts and casts magic missile which accidently hits half the party.

When the dust settles a magic door appears. The adventurers go through into an alcove leading to a long corridor. Tankar investigates there in. There is a guard in the opposite room who seems to sense movement. The guard sees Tankar and attacks him. There is a fight that follows in which more guards appear. They are beaten to the last man and the final guard surrenders. In the guard room there are mundane chairs and tables but there is also a gong. Willowbark investigates the gong. The group realise their danger and try to lure her away. Whilst doing this they are aware of just how dilapidated the builing is and fear the gong could trigger a total collapse. Tankar takes the gong’s hammer and puts it out of reach in the darkness of the room. Interrogating the prisoner reveals that there are 50 people down here.

Tankar asks the guard how to get out of this. They can go find the Maharaja in a door out the corridor. Cathbad goes in search of the wizard and breaks into a dorm room and hides under a bed. There is indeed a man inside that looks a lot like a wizard. Mimsy charges in and casts fireball. She kills the wizard and 2 of the 12 guards that are in there. Before half the party can attack the guards are all felled and useless. The looting begins, the wizard was wearing a ring. He has some herbs in his pocket. The wizard was probably the Midnight Maharaja. The men here are the Sultans of Sunsets who are part of the night masks.

Tankar goes to the room which is either the lieutenant or captain’s room. In the captain’s room there is 200gp, a suit of armour, a short sword and a dagger. All items appear to be magical as well as what seems to be an invisible ring. Jock jokingly offers Mimsy the belt of gender change he is holding. She amusingly puts it on. Ethelblue will have to remove the curse again. Tankar convinces the captain to order his men to stand down from this war.

A gong sounds and a stream of soldiers starts marching past. These are the captain’s men. They are stood down and are marched out.

They come to a pristine map of the city. They move on to the treasure room. They realise the door is guarded as the captain warns them of a deadly threat. Basalt opens the door anyway.

27 October

After going through a portal the party arrive at night in an alley next to some docks in a town. The docks contain the usual assorted fishing boats and some war galleys. From what they can tell it has been a hot day and the evening is warm and humid and there is a smell of rotting fish in the air. on closer inspection the War Galleys are flying banners that we don’t recognise. There are people walking around. At the end of the street there are 1/2 dozen guardsmen (heavily armoured) standing around some barricades. Cathbad approaches them while the party hang back. They are in Dock street in Westgate. The town is ruled by the Lords of Westgate. Thraeko flies up to get a better perspective of the surrounding town and immediate surroundings. Westgate is on the west coast of a large sea, mountains in north and the city has forests and fields surrounding the rest of it. Glim comes up and attempts to communicate with the guards as well. They dont understand him and call a gnome guard over to talk to him. Glim is ecstatic to find another Gnome as he was told they are all extinct. He asks if the town has a library so he can study some books to learn some more languages so he can communicate better with everyone. He is given directions and he heads off. Cathbad asks more questions of Sergeant Horatio. Accomodation can be found at the Spitting Cockatrice. The merchant quarter is in the Westgate area of Westgate. There are riots occuring in town-several criminal gangs vying for control of the town and it is not safe to travel alone. The gangs are The Nightmasks, who are everywhere, wear/worship masks and are the more powerful of the 2 groups. The other is The Shore Patrol who are less organised and are usually located near the shore. There are also rumours that the Lords of Westgate are hiring people to deal with the gangs and stabilize the city. The party heads for The Spitting Cockatrice. Ethelblue senses that there is something not quite right in the city but cant figure out what. The Spitting Cockatrice is a 4 storey building with a gorgeous (apparently )1/2 Orc guarding the door, his name is Rozk. He informs us not to cause trouble while in the inn and lets us enter. They enter a large common room with a bar and a buffet table for anyone to partake of. Ortillo approaches the barkeep for info. The Guilds are getting upset over the gangs and will soon go on strike if anything isn’t done about them. The Lords are located in a citadel and you must first talk to the secretary before being admitted to see them. The party takes 2 suites for rest. The barkeep points out a Kobold sitting in the corner with a what looks like a dwarf/dragon mix person. They join the party. Outside Thraeko flies into an invisible barrier and comes to the conclusion that it is an invisible Obelisk like one the party found in a previous town. Glim finds him and brings him to the inn. Thraeko and Cathbad try to investigate the tower while everyone rests up. All they can make out is it is a structure about 120’tall. As dawn approaches the party are woken by 1/2 dozen people in pink robes singing in the common room "Morning has broken " for 22 minutes. Ortillo approaches a woman and apparently this happens every morning when they are in town. They are priests of Lothander, (god of morning). Glim joins in the singing just for the sake of it.The party finds merchants and sell everything. Glim goes to the library. The party are now in the world of Feyroun in the forgotten realms. Everyone receives 100PP, 362GP, 2SP and 8CP after giving the rest of the money to Willowbark who it seems is lacking in items so she can go shopping. (thanks to everyone.) They approach the citadel and speak to the secretary who informs them there is a 100,000 GP bounty to fix the city’s problems. The city is paralysed/shut down by the assorted gangs. He informs of 3 rules. 1-the city can’t be burnt down. 2-no merchant can be accused of anything. 3- dont rely on any militia,they wont help. He demands a sigil of our guild and the name of our party to go onto the books. The party call themselves “Warriors for Good” and Thraeko conjures up a sigil. This appeases the secretary and he appoints the party to fix the city problems. The party split up. Glim,Willowbark, Basalt and Tankar go to the Purple Lady tavern to try and infiltrate the Nightmasks. Inside the tavern there is a statue of a scantily dressed lady and about 20 people who watch their every move. Glim and Tankar approach the apparent leader. They are accepted to do a quest to see if they will be accepted or not. They have to infiltrate the Pentad (group of 5 people who rule the nightmasks) and deal with them as they see fit, as there are different factions inside the nightmasks all vying for control. They are located at the Dosar mansion on the east side of town,over the river and near the beach. They must get into the cellars where there is a secret entrance into the nightmask teriitory. Glim scouts out the mansion and talks to guard who will meet him later. Meanwhile Cathbad, Ortillo and Kurl check out the Shore Patrol. They talk once again to Sergeant Horatio who informs that the best place to try would be the Empty Fish Tavern where there might be members hanging about. Cathbad asks for a pass to talk to any jailed members in the city jail. He heads to the prison tower and makes a deal with prisoner Leonard for a bottle of alcohol for information and maybe a lighter sentence. He tells that he is “just an honest businessman” and is in jail for thumping the sergeant. He used to be in control of the shore patrol. The nightmasks are based in catacombs under the Dosar mansion. Pentad-doesnt know much about them. The Shore patrol just want to get on with things-they co operate with the city, pay taxes and all that stuff. The Shore Patrol password is Frogspawn. They have to go talk to 1 eyed Jacks who should be in control now. Meanwhile Glim and his 3 members meet the off duty gurad and Glim attempts to bribe him to be elsewhere when the party want to enter the cellar. It works, unfortunately a group of guardsmen approach and arrest them for bribery. Glim talks their way out of it with Sergeant Horatio. Elsewhere Tankar takes a bottle of alcohol to prisoner Leonard as part of Cathbads deal and sits down to help him drink it. Cathbad searches for 1 eyed Jacks at the Empty Fish Tavern. As he approaches a dead body is thrown out the door, he gives the password and is admitted. 1 eyed Jacks is at Lilders, the local brothel. After locating him, he informs that he is presently in control of the Shore Patrol and is trying to turn them into a legitimate group that can work with the city but the Nightmasks are stopping him. They are just managing to survive against the nightmasks who do alot of street crime + worship mask. He also informs of an invisible tower in the middle of the city confirming Thraeko’s earlier discovery. Both parties meet up at the Inn to discuss plans. Ethelblue goes to investigate the tower at night, he casts daarkness then true seeing. He sees the obelisk for 6 seconds, it is definately similar to the previous one the party found. Cathbad takes rat form and investigates the mansion doing some recon. He comes to the conclusion that the front door is a trap, the best way in is through either the back door or the cellar. He makes his way back to the party. They now have to decide which quest to undertake.

Session 17
13 October 2013

Session 13 October 2013

The adventurers search the boat and take in the chamber it is held in. Basalt and Jock head to the big stone face and try and figure out if it is a trigger or opening to another chamber. The statue face has tears running down the surface that smell of cinnamon. The tears turn out to be black lotus poison after jock and Cathbad taste it. Basalt spots a tap in the ear and turns the poison off. Once the tears cease to flow Jock presses down on the eyes and the u shaped pool starts to glow and vibrate. On a wall there are 4 holes revealed that can fit 4 gems. It turns out Glim had recovered these stones before his encounter with the party. Jock checks the other ear of the face and goes onto check the jaw and mouth. The Jaw is on a hinge and he tries to lever it open. This reveals a scroll made of human skin that states “Four fair stones bear four signs. Keys to she whose tongue maligns those who dare disturb her sleep, grief and woe is what they’ll reap. Turn back now, thy soul to save, Or seek her tomb and find thy grave”.

Meanwhile Willowbark is partaking once again in sand. She has a vision of a desert journey.

Once the companions figure that the water in the pool is not corrosive or poisonous, Cathbad changes form into an otter so he can explore the water better. He sees what looks like a plug and a coffin in a separate location. Cathbad surfaces and informs the other party members of the situation. Jock suggests they drain the water. Before they go ahead with this Jock and Basalt make sure with a thorough search that there is nothing else to find.

Ethelblue puts the stones into the 4 holes as they correspond to the glyphs. After a minute the water glows and a sound precedes the draining of the water.

After all the water has been drained out, after using an elemental to help remove the last 5 feet of it, the party make their way down. Jock makes a harness trap to pin it down if they can. Cathbad concentrates on the sarcophagus to see if he can detect protection on it.

Thraeko and Jock walk down the drain and emerge in a room with elaborate carvings and tapestries. There is a large sarcophagus in this room and they believe it is a burial chamber.

Back up in the water drain room Cathbad pushes down on the coffin and a man in robes burts out of the coffin. He doesn’t seem hostile at first and he backs away speaking in ancient Thaliese. The man is undead as is to be expected but states he was trapped from Tzolo to be her servant. He promises treasure to the party if he is unharmed. Cathbad attacks him and then they are all engaged in combat. It did not take too long to destroy this creature. He is wearing a gold circlet on his head set with 2 aquamarines. His robes are full plate armour that looks like robes when worn. He also had a plain platinum ring. They move on to search the sarcophagus which has a false bottom. There is a bag of gold and platinum coins. Box of jade tiles, there is a pair of gauntlets, a dagger, an axe, sap, 2 potions and a magic blue gem and a solid platinum statuette of an elephant with an ivory palanquin on its back.

The time seems perfect to rest for a time and regain their strengths before they move into the burial chamber.

They descend down into the burial chamber and hear the voice of Tzolo warning the intruders that they disturb the slumber of this entity. The green tapestry starts unravelling and there is a buzzing sound. Thraeko thinks quickly and summons a caustic cloud at it frying the swarm instantly.

The bass relief on the coffin throws the raven away in a cloud of feathers. Thraeko manages to right himself enough not to crash. The elephant starts to take on life. It draws a sword and faces the party.

Glim casts fire ball at the elephant but it is deflected back to the party. Willowbark uses wind wall to knock it again back towards the enemy. It sails overhead and hits the serpant with 2 heads behind the elephant. It takes damage and now is engaged in the combat as well.

The serpent and the elephant are felled and the sword is taken by Jock. There are 12 clay urns in the room. 2 scrolls come out of one of the urns. 500pp, 50 tiger eye agates, 1000cp, 1000sp, 1000lead pieces, 40 gems, 50 eye agates.

The party lift the lid on the sarcophagus and there is no movement. There are sheets of silk covering a wrapped body. Silver circlet ebony tiles, 2 silver snake bracelets, collar of silver mud symbols, silver nose ring with ruby, green marble baton Jaiku in it, black pearl.

The body is male. They lift it out and there is a chamber underneath. There is a crystal sphere with an inscription.

They follow the instructions and find the body of Tzolo and her treasure hoard. They are taken out of the chamber and find an obelisk and a sea side city.

Session 16 -retry-

After escaping the moving wall the party search for a switch to turn it off. Basalt finds the switch and the room recedes back into place. There is actually no hidden compartment, only a carving in the floor to make it look like one. Thraeko casts Illusion on the room to make it look like the room hasn’t been touched so Willowbark can lift the lid on the coffin. Inside is a corpse wearing lots of jewellery; 3 rings shaped in the form of a pig, camel, hippo. A circlet, face mask, breast plate, anklets, bracelets and a collar. Willowbark pockets all of the jewellery except for the hippo ring that Ethelblue takes. Ethelblue casts detect magic, none of the jewellery is magical but it turns out the candleabras are. Glim burns the corpse and relights the candles that Willowbark put out. Thraeko detects magic on the candles which are a mix of necromancy and evocation. The smoke from the candles turn out to be toxic so Willowbark puts them out for a 2nd time. The candleabras and coffin are put into the portable hole to sell later. Thraeko flies down the other unexplored corridor, doing a bit of recon for the party. There is a room with lots of statues, a red marble coffin etched with symbols and a circular red wax seal etched with the 4th mud sorceror symbol which is covering the coffin. He then flies down the secret door corridor and manages to set off a superheated steam trap. Cathbad goes to check on Thraeko and finds a very wet and bedraggled bird, he brings him back to the party. Ethelblue heals him. Meanwhile Willowbark goes off to investigate the statue room. The statues are green basalt with fly headed humans. There are 19 statues each with scimitars in their hands. Ethelblue follows, fearing a trap Willowbark takes 1 of the scimitars, it is too heavy for her to hold, she drops it and it shatters. She tries to shatter the remaining scimitars, only succeeding in destroying 12 of them. Ethelblue casts Soundburst in the hopes it will destroy the remaining scimitars, no luck. Willowbark manages to destroy the remaining scimitars and is cursed very badly for her efforts. The rest of the party catch up and decide that since she is already “doomed”, she can continue to search the room alone while they wait outside in the doorway. She opens the coffin. It is wearing flowing red robes, has a deep green kerchief covering its face, the right hand contains a heavy gleaming red mace and on the index finger is a white ring. Willowbark, loving all things that are jewellery, tries to take the ring off the finger of the corpse.The body animates and casts something at Willowbark before anyone can react. She is hit very badly (loses 1/2 her health) and battle begins. Half way through the battle the corpse clutches a jewel at her neck. A flaming pit to hell appears at Ethelblue’s feet, he falls in. As he’s falling he uses his beaded necklace and summons a deity. The Avenging Angel saves him and flies him out of the pit before he dies. The Angel kills the corpse and asks for someone who is “not pure of heart” to take the jewel off the corpse’s neck. Glim complies with said request. The angel is Astrophell and will willingly help the party for an hour. The corpse was Tzillo, sister of Tzollo. Astrophell removes the curses from Willowbark and identifies the items on the corpse. The ring is a ring of force shield (Ethelblue takes), a boomerang mace ( Ortillo takes), and the robes of warding +3 go to Glim. Ethelblue asks Astrophell the most important question “Do you know where Jock’s other sock is?” It turns out it is on an Elemental demi plane of filth and villainy where no one there wants to touch it. Ethelblue releases Astrophell for the moment. The party head off down the remaining corridor. The walls are caked in mud with a bird shape imprinted in it where Thraeko hit the wall when he set off the steam trap. Thraeko turns Basalt invisible and he heads off down the corridor. He ends up disappearing entirely from existence. After waiting a while Willowbark searches for Basalt’s tracks and follows them down the corridor. 1/2 way down there is an Archway with inscriptions in Tarlese. Glim deciphers them— “the revenant shall tread with care, the irrevenant will die.” Glim and Willowbark, scream and fall down unconscious. They die. Ethelblue, on hearing the screams comes running down the corridor, calling on Astrophell to help him and his fallen comrades. They are resurrected, bound to Ethelblue’s god and religion and are now both Lawful Good. Luckily it will only last a couple of days before it wears off and they are back to normal. Astrophell brings back Basalt from wherever he disappeard to. The party advances into the next room which has a large u-shaped pool. The room is a 35 foot chamber with a platform in the middle bearing a drydocked mastless ship, it is made of reddish wood. There is pair of fanged elephant heads spurting water into the pool on either side of another carved face with water coming out of its eyes. Willowbark climbs the boat and goes into the cabin. It turns out it is an extra dimensional space and is bigger on the inside than outside. There is a great oak table surrounded by chairs, cabinets on the walls. Thraeko follows. The cabinets are filled with many wondrous things, mainly BACON, which Thraeko starts to gorge himself on. Willowbark goes down a staircase, followed by Basalt. They are in the cargo area with a central wooden sarcophagus. She raises the lid and is attacked by an undead skeleton and once again takes very heavy damage ( reducing her to 2 hp in one go ). She yells at the top of her voice “die on behalf of the Church of Light”. Ethelblue on hearing this charges onto the boat followed by the rest of the party. Battle begins. After it dies Glim burns it on behalf of the church of light. The coffin has a false bottom which contain 2 bags, wooden case, magical gloves, a dagger, a hand axe and a sap. Before anyone can investigate these further, Glim, still serving the church of light, burns them all to a cinder in the belief that they are all evil items. A parchment survives that reads as follows — “4 fair stones that bare 4 signs, keys to she whose tongue maligns, those who dare disturb her sleep. Grief and woe is what they’ll reap. Turn back now, thy soul to save, or seek her tomb and find thy grave”. The party exit the boat and decide what to do next.


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