Legacy of Heroes

28 April 2013

After the party decide the only plan is to ambush Teradkad in the cells they proceed to the cell area. They clear out a room full of bugbears then move on down the corridor to the next door. While everyone debates what to do, Willowbark just opens the door and steps into the room. She encounters a room full of Goblins who think she is their mistress. She finds out they are making boxes( for what reason she will never know) and decides they are harmless and exits the room, closing the door behind her. They also realise that they are being watched as they keep seeing eyes watching them that disappear. The party moves further into the cell block to the main doors. there are 3 doors, Willowbark again opens a door and enters, surprising another room full of bugbears. Her surprise attack doesn’t go quite to plan, with her arrows missing their mark and her bowstring breaking. The rest of the party follow and a fight occurs with the bugbears centering their attacks on Willowbark who they have decided is nice and “squishy”. Once the room is cleared the party opens another door to find the cells are empty. The 3rd door is opened with Willowbark, Linriel and Conrad entering. Once inside they find a bugbear hanging upside down and a naked man chained to the wall. While Conrad interrogates the bugbear (resulting in its death),Willowbark and Linriel are enjoying themselves with a little bit of “50 shades of D & D” with the chains and Linriel’s whip with the naked man. Linriel eventually unties him and Conrad again interrogates him after healing him. He is missing 1 arm, several fingers are mangled on the other hand and he seems to have had his tongue cut out but manages to convey his intentions with Conrad. His name in Vrind and he is a soldier for the king of Brandos. He was sent to try and infiltrate Teradkad’s headquarter’s and find a way to stop the sand drug business which is harming his country.He also informs of a portal at the end of the cell block. After getting on Willowbark’s nerves she decides to kill the man but is stopped by Conrad so she packs up her bow and arrows and leaves the room in a huff. Linriel follows her into the hall and while everyone else is in the corridor she decides to step through the portal, Willowbark follows. Jock noticing that their 2 female companions have gone through a portal on their own and being the hero that he is, gallantly steps after them to offer his mighty support to 2 helpless females. Once through, Jock and Willowbark come under a mind spell and start to descend down a spiral staircase. Linriel, who is not affected uses her whip and trips them up so they are not going anywhere. Meanwhile on the other side, Conrad is still interrogating Vrind and finds out that the portal is 1 way so there is no way back. The rest of the party engage in a mighty dispute as to whether or not to leave the 3 companions to their own fate or head through the portal to join them. After much arguing Conrad pushes everyone else through the portal, dragging Vrind with him. Linriel plays a tune on her fiddle and saves everyone’s mind. Cathbad and Thraeko realise their throats feel weird but not enough to deter them from their purpose. The room they find themselves in is round with arcane symbols on the ceiling and a touch of energy tingling in the air. Thraeko stoneshapes a wall in front of the staircase so the party can safely rest and heal up. They notice the spiral staircase goes up as well as down but something is not quite right. Thraeko realises the staircase is out of phase. Ethelblue summons a Mephit and it flies up the staircase and comes back down and reports that there is a big crystal and a big snake man. Cathbad then summons a bird and sends it up the staircase to try and get a bit more info out of it. The bird comes back down and reports that there is a big crystal and a big snake man thingie. The party debates how to get up there and get some better info with the idea of having Jock drink their 1 and only flying potion and ascending up the out of phase staircase into the top room. Many more ideas are being discussed on how to get the party up there, if they want to go up there in 1st place.

Session 9
14 April 2013

Session 14 April 2013

The Bugbear goes free and the party wait to be healed by Ethelblue. Once they have recuperated from their wounds, they head on. They head out of the room and go down the suggested corridor. There are only two rooms they need to find, the guards room and Ter Radkad’s beyond. The door they approach at the south end is iron bound. Basalt begins to try and unlock the great door, it is done with ease. The room beyond is an armoury. The contents are great in number and will take some searching. 23 long spears, 21 cross bows heavy, 672 quarrels, 16 heavy chain long shirts, 18 large steel shields and 14 bastard swords. Willow bark can smell explosive powder.

They exit the armoury and turn west towards the guard’s room. There are three side passages on the way to the open room at the end of this corridor. Down the first side passage to the south is a door with noise beyond. Basalt tries the door and it is unlocked. In the room there are several injured bugbears and 3 others tending their wounds. Basalt walks in and is seen. Looking at his hideous face they think he is some sort of creature here for medical aid. They start helping him and he tries to convince them he is not an enemy. They don’t believe him at all. In fact his story is so poor and badly executed that it actually begins to lead to the fact that he has friends here to back him up. Outside the door Jock formulates a plan. He turns to Conrad and says “Quickly, you’ll have to punch me in the face”. Conrad does not hesitate but in his excitement he misses completely. Ethelblue then tries and makes a nice bloody nose. Jock then bursts in the room shouting for help as he is bleeding profusely. He shouts that they need to send someone out to see the threat beyond. The plan works and one of the able bodied bugbears leaves the room to come face to face with the rest of the party. This leaves one each for Basalt and Jock. They are easily dispatched. The bugbears in the beds stir but do not attempt to get up. It turns out Drumknot attacked some of the wounded. Jock tells them we will shackle them here and they will be spared. The wounds left by the Ostrich are punishment enough for any creature.

It turns out, after some questioning, that Ter Radkad is a human wizard that can draw ice from the sky. Perhaps he is a conjurer. After this room they go on beyond this side passage and proceed.

All the doors they come to on the way are set with explosive runes but those who dwell within are left unmolested.

The adventurers then go to another side passage and they see a door with a sign that says ‘Private, do not enter’. There seem to be no traps on the door. As Basalt enters he sees 3 humans lounging within. One of the men within asks what the hell Basalt is. Jock bursts in and flourishes his weapons. They realise these men are imperial and they are here with their commanding officer to negotiate with Ter Radkad. Krelldor is a nasty Bugbear that protects Ter Radkad, he is in a room nearby.

The group head straight to Krelldor’s room. They bash on his door and ambush him expertly and kill Krelldor the protector before he even realise he is under attack. There are 2 more bugbears within. There is an explosion and a couple of the adventurers are mildly injured. The two within are not willing to come out. Finally one of them knocks the other one out and surrenders. They find a box with beryls inside. They try and get some information out of the bugbear but it seems he is under a spell.

They find several items within the room that belong to Krelldor but they don’t have time to go through them all right now. Krelldors items are taken and the party regroups.

They start to formulate a plan as to how to entice Ter Radkad out and trap him in a situation that would give them the best chance to kill him. The cells seem to be the best place to do this. They also begin to believe that the bugbears are not following Ter Radkad voluntarily. If they can dispatch this evil human maybe these vile creatures can live without need for incident.

Session 8
24 March 2013

Session 24 March 2013

From where the party stand the closest door is on the western wall. Jock opens the door. This room appears to be bed chambers. There is a large table with two lumps of wax on said table. The armoires have nothing but clothing in them. After examining the bed chamber they move to the west corridor. The end room contains 15 chests within. Upon searching the chests they awaken a mimic that begins demanding food. It grabs hold of Thraeko’s spear. Jock throws the creature some rations and calms it for now. For the promise of more food the mimic tells the group where to find treasure in this room. Thraeko tries to convince it to come with the party but he wishes to stay glued to the floor.
The chest in this room that held treasure contained the following currencies; 217sp 92gp 29pp 5 amethysts’ 2 emeralds (MT33)

Once the adventurers are satisfied with that chamber they go to the other door in the south wall. The room is musty and old. The room is 10 by 30 feet. As jock enters, a tattooed ghostly apparition appears and in an ancient language shouts ‘get out of here’. It attacks jock with its ghostly hands and misses. Then the group engage it. Jock makes the fatal blow as it were. It vanishes and they search the room again. In the dresser they find a robe that is adorned by shifting colour patterns. (MT34) Under the robe is a small jewellery box. There is a ring, a broach and a circlet within the box. There are little bottles of ink and needles for tattooing. +3 ring of protection, broach of shielding, the circlet control a specific undead.

Down the little corridor to the south there are three doors. Conrad and Jock search the doors, the first is a larder and the opposite door opens into a room destroyed by falling rubble. The final door opens to reveal a foul odour. Conrad enters and is attacked by small monstrous centipedes.

In the room with the apparition, Willowbark finds a secret door. The room beyond has amazing bowls of gold, there are 8 of them, 6 jewelled sceptres (valued at about 1000gp each), Lion face masked carved intricately, 3 pectorals that are gilded and set with precious stones. (MT34) Jock puts the mask on and nothing seems to happen. Jock carries the 5 remaining sceptres that Tarklor didn’t take and Conrad takes the pectorals. As he removes the chest plates he sets off a spear trap.

Once all other avenues are exhausted, they head down the large descending stair case. They set a marching order with Jock at the point. They pass through a door and head down further, they turn. They come to a room. In this room there appears a broad demonic looking creature. The beast breaths fire onto to entire party. Jock rages and charges in to attack. He not only misses but stumbles and almost loses his weapon. The group rallies and manages a series of coordinated attacks while avoiding getting too badly burnt. The monster is defeated and the body it leaves behind begins to rot quickly.

Jock finds a hidden door that is barred from the other side but he and Conrad manage to smash it rather easily. There is a corridor 10 feet wide that looks newly constructed. They begin to hear footsteps from the south corridor. Tarklor opens the door at the far end after searching it for traps. Here it is, they open this door to a barracks of bugbears. Beyond the bugbears the party can see a druid chained to the wall. Within seconds a battle ensues and the two fighters of the party charge in to engage. Willowbark calls the life of the moss in the room to grow and entangle the occupants therein. Only a couple of the bugbears are not caught by the greenery. The druid on the wall is even more trapped. The bugbears get slaughtered with a lucky combination of spells. Jock and Tarklor get tangled in the sheets of one bed.

There was one bugbear that surrendered that also didn’t die. They begin to interrogate the one remaining soldier. He does give the party some directions and they try to discern whether he is lying. It appears he is sincere and they allow him to go free, knowing in all probability that he probably won’t survive the journey out.

Session 7
10 March 2013

Session 10 March 2013

The party is at the edge of a chasm that appears to represent the crossing over from this plane to the next. They have to be careful crossing as the rope Jock affixed proves a treacherous crossing and the moulded rock is narrow and dangerous. Basalt takes a look about the corridor on the far side. With a quick look around he feels happy there are no traps and they move on. They believe they have not actually shifted planes and that the chasm was just a representation of shifting worlds. There are double doors at the end and they are green and ornately decorated. They are stone and stand over 10 feet tall. Basalt feels that the door has been barred from the other side. They decide to turn around and venture through the door on the other side of the chasm they left untouched. As they cross Basalt loses footing and falls. Lucky for him Jock quickly catches his hair and pulls him up.

Thraeko drops a lit coin into the chasm and it falls well beyond sight and sound.

The travellers head through the door and they are faced with a large room. There is an altar on the far end. There is a preliminary search by the dwarf and Halfling which reveals a trap door but no other pitfalls. The walls are covered in geometric shapes that appear to be a map of stars. There are not constellations they are familiar with. Willowbark sits in the throne and looks around. Thraeko notices shackles hanging from the walls. They investigate the pot that sits on the altar and it seems to be filled with the dried remnants of what was once embalming fluid. They get Conrad to try and lift the chair and it is heavier than it should be. It seems to have become petrified over time.

They give up trying to find something in the room itself and Basalt creates a harness to descend into the trap door. He travels a fair way down and there is only the light of his lantern seen from above. Rather than let him to continue down the group pull him back up and plan to head back across the chasm. Basalt is covered in tiny iridescent spiders that don’t seem to be a danger; he just brushes them off and heads on.

As they cross the chasm Willowbark falls and this time no one can catch her. The rest of the party watch her fall endlessly to her death but they also see her crawling out. ‘Oh’ thinks Jock, ‘the chasm is an illusion’. They move on and reach the double doors. The mage uses nock, the door crashes open with a loud echo. The chamber within is clearly a throne room, it is large at about 40 by 40 feet. The usual search for traps and magic is performed. After looking around for a while and find nothing of interest in the room. Willowbark sits in the throne. As she sits a gong sounds. It turns out to be illusionary and draws nothing to them. Some of the party search the south door and some the north. The north opens up to a corridor. The south door opens up and reveals a 30 feet square chamber full of nightmarish images. There is a portal at the far end with no indication as to where it might lead. The portal is surfaced by an opaque fog.

The party thinks it a good idea to tie a rope to Basalt and let him go through. He agrees and goes through but the rope is severed and falls to the floor. He is gone from sight.

Well the way forward seems to be to follow him through.

Basalt is facing giant skeleton statues that begin to animate. There are two of them that turn to attack him and at first he faces them alone. Before the others can enter Basalt is dropped and is at deaths door.

As the others come through Jock sees that Basalt has fallen and enters a blind rage. The party all fly in to the fray and dispatch the statues. Luckily the cleric managed to get enough healing magic in to stop Basalt from dying.

They rest after the battle and sleep with a rotating watch. There is, upon inspection, a secret door on the east wall. Black stone beyond, they hear moaning and feel chills down their spine. The stone is basalt, funnily enough. They go north and there are further pathways in a few easterly directions. The path on the north most wall seems the best path, the walls have runes that read “There Is No Escape”. They continue west and Willowbark steps on a release plate which they can see will drop stone from the ceiling. Thraeko turns the stone into dust which allows her to jump out of the way.

The next corridor curves south and ends in another corridor. It takes a long time to navigate this maze of horrors but they eventually found a way out. They feel their way along a few more corridors and come out in a new room.

A once impressive room, they are closed in with no other way out bar the way they came in. Basalt finds a gem carved to resemble a jackal’s head. Otherwise nothing much else of interest is found.

The companions head to the other door in the previous room. The door is itself a trap and Basalt spots this before it is triggered. Basalt disables the door’s trap successfully and as he opens the door he has a ballista pointed at his face. Disarming the trap was quite fortunate. They fire the mechanism and search the room beyond.

They have to go back through the maze and head through one of the other doors. It is basically just traps and then they are faced with one more option.

The final door is magically locked and Thraeko can’t open it. The fighters of the group smash it in and they move through.

There are skeletons beyond; they are at this point not animated. They find platinum in the room but not much else.

They have exhausted this side of the portal and head through the trap door from this end with the iridescent spiders and come out from the trap door on the other side of the chasm.

They have to disable a pit fall in the north room from the throne room. They continue this new path for a time.

They go down the corridor that opened up on the south end of the western wall. The room have steps that lead up to an altar on the west wall. The room is about 80 by 60 feet. There are doors of each wall and stairs that lead down in the distance.

February 24th

After resting in the room the party climbed up through a door and Willowbark valliantly ( though some would say stupidly ) took the lead and set off a trap that turned the corridor into a slide. She slid down into a room where a metal door slid into place effectively sealing her off from the party. After searching the room she only found bones and no escape. A grating sound was heard and the walls started closing in on her. After much hyperventilating and panicking Thraeko comes to the rescue with a knock spell and releases her out of the room just in time. The party waits for the walls to reset and go through a door that Thraeko found on opposite side of room. Going through many corridors and many traps that Willowbark set off (again very foolishly), the party enters a room with a mummy which they dispatch. Still taking the lead the party follow Willowbark down more corridors, more traps set off into another room with a ghost king who asks the party to get rid of the tomb raiders that have been ransacking the pyramid. They agree and he gives Thraeko a scimitar and then he disappears. Willowbark finally comes to her senses and sends Basalt to take the lead, he leads them into more corridors, more traps and many pits, then into a room with a chest in the middle of it. Conrad touches the chest, sets off a fear spell and all except Basalt flee from the room. Thraeko and Ethelblue fall into a pit while fleeing. Thraeko casts a clay spell and invents a ladder for a way out of the pit. Basalt comes out of room with a pocket full of gems and a potion of flight. More corridors into another room with bubbling quicksand and a walkway. Willowbark once again acting foolishly steps onto walkway and proceeds across quicksand. About halfway across, the walkway starts to sink so she runs back the way she came. Between Thraeko and herself they rig the walkway from sinking and the party cross to the opposite side of room. More corriders & traps leading to several fissures, they continue on into a room with columns and several tombs and side rooms/corridors. Willowbark strides boldly down middle of room to a door and becomes a human pincushion for all the miniature skeleton archers that fire on her. After Ethelblue casts turn undead and blows the skeletons all to dust they investigate the room where they encounter a huge undead skeleton that attacks. After dispatching skeleton they continue down corridors into a a room with a chasm. Ethelblue summons a Celestial Eagle and Jock rides it across to the other side with a rope which he anchors then flys back on Eagle with rope and ties it off making a way for the party to cross the chasm

Session 6

Session 9 February 2013

The spy appears to be human. Dressed as a serving girl, at closer inspection it is a man. His name is George. The party are informed that Ter Radkad is operating in the city and seems to have skilled spies of his own. He is rumoured to be raising an army. Willowbark asks where the pyramidal temple of Kader is. Travel would be 2 days on foot. The adventurers plan to go in through the front door. Infiltration through subtlety is a game they don’t have time for. They take time to rest and load up with supplies and plan to head out on foot. They will take their rhinoceros as a pack animal. Jock and Lynariel try to convince their hosts that they will leave at a later date as to not alert any enemy ears to their plan to depart this day.

Lynariel has requested Jock use his master work skill in leather crafting to create a whip out of the leather taken from the red dragon. He will do this when they camp on the way to the temple. At this time he will also fashion leather braces fit for his own wrists and a cape out of the same hide.

They depart the city a head to the temple of Kader. The first day and night pass uneventfully and the travel proves dull and boring. On the dawn of the following day they see the temple about 10 miles off. They wait till afternoon as to not weather the elements too badly. However troublesome the weather may be, Willowbark can scout ahead having the ability to endure elements. As she heads off she sees another small pyramid only 3 miles from the party. The door is heavy to move but can be shifted with force. She heads back and alerts the others. It is possible this leads to the main temple.

They wait till evening and head to the smaller temple. They ask Conrad to push the door open. A ghostly hand reached out for Conrad. The room is full of relics of the past. Conrad dodges the hand and begins to contemplate how you engage a spectral appendage. A few of them get in enough to see the creature attached to the hand. They battle it briefly and dispatch it in short order. The door on the far end is opening. A wraith appears through the door. As Ethelblue starts to turn the undead fiend Jock and Tarkolr see there are traps everywhere and one of them is triggering a pressure plate now. Thraeko throws runic spells at the wraith, it reads it and is hit by the spell it holds. Once the wraith retreats the group starts looting.

Add 1 bull potion. 1 garnet. 44 gp 4 sp 4 cp

They head into the next chamber. There is a large sarcophagus that is open and apparently empty. It would appear that the sarcophagus is attached to the floor.

Once they loot the small exposed point of the pyramid they leave to head to the temple. As they approach the base of the temple they see an opening half way up its face. Lynariel spots an owl following them. The entire party unload all ranged weapons and destroy the poor bird.

They enter the pyramid. They find runes that Conrad, wearing the helm of divination, can read.
“Here lies the final resting spot of king Echtalon, woe be to those who would disturb his rest.”
Searching for traps they find the remains of a rune where the king’s body rests. The body is mummified by the elements. Lynariel finds a cold banded ring and pockets it. The door adjacent opens and the rank air spews in. Willowbark is the first to head through. She vanishes through the floor. She falls into a 20 foot deep pit. When the party are helping her out with rope an arrow trap fires out at Conrad.

They move on and come to a talking door. Conrad can understand the door and it asks this riddle “speak my name to break me and enter”. Jock shouts silence and the door opens. They are lead to a stone room with a sarcophagus which is closed. In the sarcophagus there is a scarab and a skull with gold teeth. The scarab is magical and Lynariel attempts to discern its properties. It is called the scarab of death. Because they didn’t drop it quickly enough the Scarab comes to life and begins burrowing into Willowbark’s hand. Lucky that Conrad could act quickly enough and cut it out of her hand.

Upon a search they see a door in the ceiling. They can manage to get up there, open and get through. Down a corridor there is a room with table settings and couches. After extensive searching they find another secret door. They decide that this chamber is a good place to rest. Jock takes first watch. Thraeko takes second watch and hears nothing. Whilst Thraeko sleeps Conrad takes the crushed scarab of him and buries it outside.

Session 5

Session 27 January 2013

The city is surrounded by a big stone wall and the adventurers are assured, by the guard they are lead by, that there are 6 large gates. What a sight to see after the long trek through the desert.

Asif lets them into to the city by way of a nod to the other guards, the travellers let him live for his troubles. They are going to need some rest before they get to work on finding out more about these organisations.

They pass the prophet’s head bizarre as they look for a place of lodgings. They recognise the church of the silver mist from descriptions they have heard. On the opposite side of the bizarre is a rather nice inn. The Star Door is its moniker and the group heads in. They greet the door man. They are charged 10gp to stay and can stable their mounts. Once inside the travellers find some food.

The party sits together to eat and discuss their next move. There are a lot people in the lounge that seem to off their faces. Jock tells his partners that he is going try and find out if they can get their hands on any of these drugs that Ter Radkad is distributing in this city. He speaks to a person strung out of some drug. He asks how he can get some. The waiter comes over and says first timers can get their hands on a pouch for free. It is a shimmering substance taken orally. Thraeko takes a look and there is an apparent magical property to it.

Cedric goes to see patients at the local hospital to see if there are any people in need of care. He wishes to learn if any people have been made ill from the use of this drug sand. He does speak to a man from the church of Pelor.

Conrad heads to the church of light. He discusses with one of the clerics therein the appearance of the obelisk in other towns. He is told to investigate the order of sleepless nights. Also he is told to seek audience with the silver mist about the order of sleepless nights.

Jock has a plan to get in with the prince’s favour by challenging for the right to be the Prince’s champion. He will approach the gate where he may seek audience with the prince, the honourable Prince Shyja and his advisor Shedak (the grand vizier).

The party leave the city and head to the palace. They approach the gate and speak to a sergeant. Jock says that he will challenge anyone to be the Champion of the Prince. The sergeant calls one of his corporals to attack and his first hit does indeed hit Jock, but it was no more painful than a child’s strike. Jock then proceeds to beat the crap out of the corporal, starting with a sharp whack to the pills.

The sergeant calls his captain and Jock is told to come back at first light to seek audience with the Prince.

Thraeko and Lynariel are planning a show to be put on in the bizarre to gain the attention of high society in the hopes of gaining entry to the palace to perform their parody of a parody.

Conrad heads to the church of silver mist and questions them about the rumours of the church of terror, also known as the church of sleepless nights.

Conrad is lead to a man named Barat. He is a seller of information. Conrad asks for information on the temple of nightmares and is told it will cost 500gp. He pays with a stone he had. Few people know where the temples of nightmares are. People say you can see the church by taking the drug sand. They have an outpost that is on a farm. There is a hidden temple near the farm. Conrad asks if there is a back way in. They either use undead or illusions of the undead. The obelisks are connected to the church of nightmares. Barat is not aware of any connections to the royal family from this church. Just outside the southern gate there is a rundown looking blacksmiths that sells magic items.

The party’s wizard and the bard begin their performance. Aside from a few hick ups the performance was very popular and well done.

In the morning guards arrive to take Jock to the palace. He is faced with Francis. A large knight in jewel encrusted plate armour. They agree to have a scratch fight.

Jock fights hard but is obviously outmatched. Jock was not planning to win (although he did try), he knew all he had to do was put on a good show. He seems to have earned the respect of the Champion and the Prince. He is invited to lunch with the prince.

The prince has also commanded the play be shown at lunch.

Conrad notices that the grand vizier has about 20 prisms around his neck like the rainbow necklace he saw earlier. It could be there to protect him from scrying.

The performance goes quite well.

Jock and the prince discuss the possibility of joining the royal guard.

Jock offers the services of the group to help stamp out the evil of Ter Radkad. They are told that the advisors have information as to where the bugbear maybe hiding.

There arrives a spy. Ter Radkad is in the temple of Kader. The adventurers can go and fight him. There is a lot to learn about this kingdom and its ruler. Who is this spy? Who truly runs this place?

Session 4

Session 12 January 2013

The party are in a tavern discussing the appearance of an obelisk is in the park in the centre of town. It appeared in town with no apparent reason. Inside the obelisk they found evidence that the town is being spied on by an organisation known as the ministry of wind.

They are approached by a council member who asks if they did indeed enter the obelisk as previously discussed.

On the morrow the travellers head for an audience with the town council and are sat for a meeting regarding the obelisk. One member of the council is the magistrate. He seats himself and readies for what is to come.

All members wear green cloaks and gold chains. The variances in the chains depict how long they have been in office. The speaker is young, or at least appears young, and is well spoken and seems far older in manner. The speaker is the local arch mage.

The council have found out more about the ministry. They have designs on the town and have been responsible for the black powder. The party have been charged to board a ship to found out more.
We are to go to the desert. The council are providing camels and rations.

The city of dreams or Thygasha as it is known, is a city in the desert. It is supposed to be the home of the ministry of winds.

There they may run into Ter Radkad. All they have is the name for now and the theory that this person is possibly connected to the ministry of wind. Both are believed to be in the city of dreams.

The adventurers are provisioned with 3 potions cure moderate and 1 critical wounds. Scroll to contact the arch mage.

Once they have readied themselves to depart and have tied up business in town for the now, they head to the docks and board the vessel.

The vessel the group are on is a galley. The galley is rowed by humans that are evidently not slaves.

Argent appears on board the vessel. He climbs up from below deck. Members of the party talk to him about their journey ahead. A group resides in the city known as the unyielding order. They should prove easy to find. A church of light is housed in the city of dreams which is not surprising considering the growth of this religion.

Dawn arrives on the day they pull into dock. They acquire camels and for some odd reason one rhino.

In the trading post where the galley docked Lyndriel asks about the person known as Ter Radkad.
This discussion leads the companions to learn one thing at least. ‘The inevitable order of time’ is the name of the order they were told to seek out. Not the unyielding order. They definitely live in the city of dreams.

They are lead by Farad. It could be possible for the team to join the order if they think it would be foretold by their prophet.

There is a tale of Ter Radkad but the group will need to find a story teller in the city of dreams willing to share this with them.

The ministry of wind seems to be the power behind the throne in the city.
Arif is the name of the guide taking the party to the city of dreams. The guide is riding upon an ass. The party follow on behind him and are riding for some time before night falls. The group comes across a man. He has no clothes and is surrounded by the half eaten remains of vultures.
Halfben is the name he claims. This mad desert wanderer says he was made this way by Ter Radkad. From the description given by Halfben Ter Radkad would appear to be a bugbear.

After some questioning the adventurers found that Ter Radkad has a base underground and he has a force of less than 50.

They take the man to an oasis. After they let him rest and drink for a short time they meet soldiers carrying the banner of a hollow diamond on a yellow background.

They are the dirtiest kind of soldiers. The corrupt officers try to draw a bribe from the party members and end up provoking an attack. Willowbark in her hasty distain for humans unleashes an arrow at a guard. It misses but that just sparks a battle.

It is a short lived battle and all the soldiers are killed barring one of them.
The remaining soldier is questioned about the city and the prince. Ter Radkad is involved in organised crime in the city. It appears Ter Radkad traffics drugs and distributes them.
They work out that there are approximately 700 soldiers in the city.

The Prince’s advisor; Grand Visere Shedak is the best known advisor to the prince.
As is often the case with Grand Viseres he may not be completely loyal to the prince.

The ministry of wind may also be connected to the church of the silver mist, home to the dream weavers. It borders on the city square.

The prince does not live in the city he lives a couple of miles to the east. Prince Shyja is his name.

Each church has a high priest. They must make their way to the prophet’s head bazaar.

Session 3

Session 25 November 2012

Currently the heroes reside in the town of Brookford. The town has an extensive sewerage system which the party has explored and it also has a docks. It appears to be a merchant town, a little farming is done however they usually import food. They do have a manufacturing capability and the smithies and other trades provide the town’s main export.

The party wakes in the Inn and most of them are sick. They are feverish and unwell. The stable boy comes in and tells Jock that Drumknot is also sick.

They find their way to the alchemist/doctor/barber. It appears that the Halfling food the adventurers recently consumed has affected the members of the party except for Jock. Something in Halfling cuisine doesn’t agree with the gastric systems of the less hardy. However the illness will pass.

Jock looks for a fight but has no luck. He notices after some time a large human following him around. He is carrying a large sword that is not ornamental. Jock approaches him but he turns down an ally way and vanishes. Jock marks the area and goes to find Thraeko. Once located the two return to the ally and can’t see him.

Jock climbs up the wall after the man and hears running off. Jock sees him jump off the end and Jock tries to jump after him. He steps off the roof and falls into hay. The man was hanging off the edge, climbs up and disappears. Jock climbs up again. He is gone and appears in the Inn where he waits for Jock.

The stranger buys the adventurers a drink and they go and talk. The magistrate is glaring at the new stranger. Argent is the stranger’s name, he found the party in town. He is a captain of the black guard, or so he insists. He has a job he wishes done. They must find the tavern known as the serpents tooth, it is a den of inequity. Run by Andura a woman adventurer. Andura has been meeting with former bandits. This is possibly the beginning of an insurgence. The ‘guard’ need to know what is going on but Andura knows the black guard so he wants new faces. The heroes are to report every day at the alchemist’s at 6pm. Argent will pay 100gp each day plus expenses and a bonus of 300gp upon completion.

They make their way to the serpents tooth. It is a double story venue and all the windows are barred. They go in 1 by 1 and start ordering ale and food. Conrad comes in orders beer and punches the bar tender in the face. The bar is a well used venue. In one corner of the tavern there is a bored looking stripper, dancing in the middle of the day.

Willowbark enters and offers to be a stripper for bed and board. The bar tender gives her a better quality beer on the house. The stipper there keeps doing the same moves over and over and the wizard in the party realises it is an illusion.

A woman in her mid 30’s walks in and sits next to Willowbark. Asks her if she is asking for a job and then gives her a handful of coins and tells her she doesn’t want to work here.

At about 7 a large man walks in with a club on his belt. He sits at the door and stares at the dancer. He appears to be the bouncer. He has a dented helmet and sits it on his lap. The bar tender points to Conrad so the bouncer keeps an eye on him.

The bard stands up and plays a tune for the crowd. An elf and an ugly Halfling walk in and approach the bar. Andura comes out of the kitchen to greet them and they all go upstairs.

The ugliest of dwarves known as Basalt decides to follow them but needs to do this undetected. Ethelblue summons 4 fire beetles as a distraction and Basalt climbs the stairs to follow them.

Basalt hears someone say amacus. A door opens and closes nearby. Basalt goes through that door and sees a corridor with 6 doors. He tries to determine which door he heard open and close. He listens at the door. He can hear voices but can’t really make out what they’re saying. He picks the lock on the next door and enters. There is a dumb waiter in the room. There is also an armoured half orc and Basalt sneak attacks him, this first attack wasn’t fatal and a brief fight ensues. He kills him in the end. He opens the lock box and takes the contents. 1pp. 41gp. 70sp. 300cp.

Basalt hacks of the accountant’s head and puts it in the dumb waiter. Andura comes out after hearing the bartender scream at the discovery of the head. Basalt grabs her in desperation. After some commotion Andura realises what has happened. Basalt is offered his life if he gets the head of another man. Hardrum, he is an assassin in the town. Jock tells them that he will work with Basalt and track this guy down. Could be this Argent guy as Andura says the assassin is claiming to be a secret police agent. Basalt is told to leave the money he took.

Basalt, Jock and Ethelblue drop into the sewers and try to find Charity. They find her and her sisters. They are there to ask about Hardrim the assassin and Argent. So far the description matches up but it is possible that this is a bit generic.

Willowbark is offered the job as the new accountant since an opening to get a head just appeared.

As the three whom ventured in the subterranean part of town head up the elf and the Halfling come out of the tavern and Jock follows them. He follows them to the throughway Inn.

They all eventually head to the Inn they are staying at and get some sleep. Now they have to figure out what they should do.

Basalt and Jock go to the Throughway Inn and break into the Halflings room. Whilst waiting for him to leave Jock recognises that this is no Halfling it is in fact a Gnome. They find a map and strangely enough X marks the spot. The map is of the surrounding areas. Thraeko scribes the map and finds the hidden message on the X mark. Jock returns the map to the gnome’s room without him knowing it was gone.

The party all goes to see Argent and discuss some info they found. It becomes apparent that Argent is Hardrim as he has trouble hiding his reaction to the question. Jock mentions that the Halfling he saw is actually a gnome. It still isn’t apparent who the party should work for.

Session 2

Session 28 Oct 2012-10-28

The rough hewn statues are advancing on the party. The statues appear to be earth elementals of some description. As Basalt runs in he is hit hard. Jock runs up and tries to defend him and the 2 of them chip away at this craggy beast. Working together Basalt and Jock manage to take it down and see that Willowbark and Connard have both taken down their opponents.

When the statues are defeated Willowbark examines the skull she found with the glow that started this fiasco. There is a necklace inside with 9 finger bones each one containing a different gem in it. She searches more and fines a fine silver necklace with a blue horse jumping over clouds.

The adventurers head on to the unexplored area of the barrow. There is a 7 foot statue of an Ogrillon. They skirt around the statue lead by the thief. They believe there is illusion magic a foot in here. Unwilling to pass up possible treasure or battle, Jock turns and flings a stone at it. It explodes into a giant amoeba. They are now faced with this slimy creature, a gaping mouth. It lets out a scream and Ethelblue freaks out and starts gibbering. Basalt goes blind but the others take it down with ease.

They wander into the remains of an armoury. There are weapons and shields that are corroded and worn. As Conrad searches more thoroughly, there are hands dropping out of gauntlets and advancing. Ethelblue casts turn undead and all 12 hands explode.

Further inspection reveals a crate with some potions, sliver torcs and a javelin. The javelin does not appear to be the horn spear they were looking for. They carry on through the next corridor.

The adventurers come to the main hall where the barbarians feasted. Basalt goes to steal the swords from the statues believing this wise in case they come to life. However the swords rise of their own accord and attack. Of the 12 that fly towards him only one manages to hit its target, he somehow manages to parry the rest away. Conrad goes to attack a statue and his own sword tries to attack him. Something is turning the more elegant weapons away.

Jock tries to go in unarmed but 4 swords attack him. The party figure out that if they smash the skulls on the statues the swords will stop attacking.

They find 4 sealed clay pots with liquid in it and Orcish runes in the wax seals. As usual Jock tries to read the runes and then remembers he cannot read. They translate to Bull, Weakness fixed, Upset tummy fixed, Stick to walls. They divvy out the potions and then move on.

In the next chamber there is a stone plug in the centre of the room which is adorned by a statue of an orc female’s leering face. Conrad and Jock lift the plug and it slips down through the pit. There is a shout and ghosts appear. They are not very intimidating. They seem to be a poor illusion. Jock secures a rope that Willowbark was carrying and climbs down. He sees images of twisting serpents and a statue of a great Orc warlord. As he continues the floor appears earlier than it should. Even the well was an illusion. He looks to see where he is and finds himself in a round chamber with an exit to the west.

Once they are all in the room a great 9 foot warlord enters. Ethelblue throws the javelin but it goes straight through. It seems to be an illusion. They head down the passage the illusion came out of. They find 3 biers and there are undead orc women rising and threatening. They are turned and the chamber is searched. They find a box made of mother of pearl, a sliver mirror, sliver comb and a large ornate bowl.

The adventurers carry on through the barrow and find a slab with the skeletal remains of what could possibly be Tymac the orc lord. Whilst searching, a wraith attacks. They attack in a well coordinated manner and Jock takes it down.

Willowbark investigates the remains and takes the skeleton’s sword which is well balanced and finished with a mat black surface. They discover that the skeleton has a trap and Conrad deliberately sets it off.

They head on and find a wooden treasure chest that is covered in mildew. In the chest is a brown ceramic dish with a depiction of running ogres with stag antlers, an obsidian spear head, sack of money, saddlebags probably full of money, a dark wood shield with an ogre skull motif, a mace which has a dragon fist for the business end, a potion flask, 4 ceramic tablets, 2 golden stirrups, a set of gold studs, a cup made of conch shell set with silver and gold, a golden medallion 6 small sapphires, an iron sceptre inlayed with an emerald and finally a golden dagger sheath encrusted semi precious stones.

Ethelblue finds a cloth that is wrapped around a spear. It is about 6/7 feet long. The head is a spiral horn shape. At last they have reached the item they have searched so intrepidly for.

There is a door to the north. They set of through the door and find the rope that lowered them into the Orc lord room.

They get out of there and make their way back to the camp from the evening before and rest. Upon the morrow they head back to Pebbleton.

The village allows them access yet again, even after seeing Basalt’s face. Marrelin breaks the head off the spear and puts the horn back on Treetrot. Ireandel is restored to his former glory. He speaks, and thanks the party for their valiant efforts. The travellers are told they may now consider themselves lifelong friends of the elves. The sword is identified as the sword of Tymac after Willowbark shows it to Ireandel.

As is the nature of the mayor of Pebbleton, he throws a feast in honour of the heroes and they are given leave to rest for a couple of days before they head off.


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