Legacy of Heroes

Session 15
8 September 2013

Session 8 September 2013

In the party’s period of rest, Ethelblue readies a spell to break the curse of the girdle that Willowbark is wearing. The curse is broken on the morn and she awakes for the second time as a woman. However she is no longer human, the curse breaker spell removed an underlying curse a human wizard had laid upon her. For she is truly an elf and now embodies the form she was destined to hold.

Jock takes the cursed belt from Willowbark and stores it in his satchel. Near the entrance to the elemental room Jock spots some wet footprints. He points this out to Willowbark who attempts to track this. The prints are humanoid. They move on to the new area back beyond the elemental room.

They make their way to a large room at least 40 feet high. It appears to be a massive mausoleum holding wrapped bodies as it would appear. The air is incredibly still but the room has a feeling of calm. Ethelblue casts detect undead but nothing stands out as a threat. Thraeko flies around assessing the room in his own right. Cathbad, whilst still wearing the visage of the bear, climbs one of the walls. As Thraeko flies around he sees more wrapped corpses. He sees a body, not wrapped, laying face down on the east wall. The body is that of a freshly dead gnome. Basalt climbs up to look and throws the body down to Jock. He gets underneath it but does little more than provide a slightly softer landing for it.

Basalt searches for secret doors in the now empty niche. There is a mechanism that he sets off and the bodies in the mausoleum begin to move. Ethelblue attempts to turn the undead hoping to circumvent the inevitable combat. The spell does nothing giving the impression they are not undead. Thraeko suppresses illusions and the bodies cease their movements. The gnome gets up and it seems he does not speak modern common. The party try to discover why the gnome is here. They gather by the gnomish year he believes it to be, that he has been in this tomb for at least 400 years. Unfortunately he does not have Jock’s sock. Through some effort they discover ways in which they can all talk to him but some of what they say is lost in translation.

The only way forward seems to be through the door Basalt found. The passage way opens up into a drop that causes Basalt to call a halt to those behind him. The use a rope to climb down and they explore the room beyond. There are three large mud pits and one crystal clear pool. In the pool there is a silver ladle that is spotted by Basalt. Jock uses a pole arm to try and find a bottom of the mud pool but they seem a lot deeper than the spear. Glim the gnome falls in and sinks to the bottom. He grabs the ladle and Jock helps him out. Even after the splash the water does not seem displaced. Glim uses the ladle to throw some water out. Some of it goes into the middle mud pool and it covers far more of the surface than it physically should. The surface bubbles and Jock pokes it with a sword. This causes an emaciated human with a pig’s head to burst out. It strikes Jock and hurts him a fair bit. Jock strikes back but no damage is done. It doesn’t take long for Jock to boil over into a blind rage as he is bearing all of the creature’s attacks. Ethelblue heals jock a bit more and they try to figure out what to do next. They pour water onto the left pool and a hippo emerges. Luckily they all remember the poem they read in a previous room that leads to the knowledge that the hippo will lead them out. It wrenches the locked door off its hinges on the far end of the room. They discover an unusual hole in a block that seems to have threaded as if something could be screwed in or out of it. They move on as they cannot figure out what the hole is for.

There is a statue of an elephant headed muscular figure in an ebony and turquoise room lined with pillars and equal recesses. There are words in common scribed on the pillars; Tzolo shall vanquish her foes. There are 5 ivory tiles under the statues naval. HTSVF are written on the tiles. The press them in order as it matches the pillars. It opens a door and there is a corridor beyond. Ethelblue removes the green tusk and Jock takes the red one. It looks like the tusks will fit the hole from earlier and when they get there they put the red one in and manage to remove the stone block to which it is now attached. Behind the block is a corridor. They regroup and go down the new corridor first.

There is a burial chamber beyond with ornate statues and candelabras. There is an inscription on the wall. This seems to be the resting place of Tzolo. Basalt and Ethelblue get closer to the shrine in the middle and Basalt searches for traps. Willowbark has extinguished the candles and Jock approaches the platform. After a lot of looking around Jock and Basalt take the coffin off the platform and see a locked compartment underneath. Basalt picks the lock without checking for traps first. The block descends slowly into the ground. A portcullis closes over the arch and the south wall closes in on them. Ethelblue finds a secret door in the closing wall. They manage to get it open and get through. Crushing averted this time.

Session 14
25 August 2013

Session 25 August 2013

Well after the attack from the ogre hag, Ethelblue heals Willowbark. She is angered by the attack and blindly heads back into the coffin room. Her plan is to destroy the coffin’s locks. Basalt manages to remove the poison traps. Thraeko, seeing her peril, casts sleep on her for her own protection. He then detects magic for all illusions. Ethelblue casts dispel magic but it didn’t get rid of the main illusion just some of the surrounding images. Thraeko uses knock to unlock the coffin so Willowbark can finally open it.

They open the coffin and inside is a mummified corpse in a loin cloth. The corpse appears to be male and bares a talisman of ebony and ivory with the 2nd mud sorcerer’s symbol. The eyes have gold coins on them. Willowbark tries to take the talisman and the hand of the mummy reaches up and grabs her. The wall starts moving in. Thraeko believes the wall to be an illusion. He runs at the wall trying to go through it and learns that it is very real as he knocks himself unconscious. Ethelblue turns the undead and the hand releases its grip. They hear Thraeko beyond the wall. It was an illusion all along.

Basalt falls into the coffin as it recesses into the ground. On the other side of the talisman is the 3rd mud sorcerer symbol. The illusions all dissipate and the room goes back to how it was. In the far end of the room is an illusionary floor. Below the floor is an obvious trap door. They open it and see a ladder leading down. Willowbark and Jock head down the ladder into the pit with 2 corpses. Thraeko and Basalt search the coffin further. The coffin has 2 potions, one with a bulls head and one with a displacer beast. There is a fire opal and a silver walnut box. Jock checks the body of the fallen. There is some poor armour and weapons. There is a staff and robes, a pouch with some coins and a pole arm.

The party head off and go back to the first passage in the cell corridor. The first corridor has an end straight ahead and a left turn half way down. The off shoot has a wall made of murky glass. There is a stone face at the far end of the straight corridor. The statue appears to be holding its breath. Haxor draws a moustache on it. The jaw is hinged and Jock opens it. Inside is a circle of stone in which is a big bath plug type item. Beyond the plug is an iron grate. Ethelblue casts light though the grate. There is not a lot to see beyond it. They leave this for now and head to the other corridor with the glass wall.

Ethelblue sends a beetle down the corridor and watches to see if it gets attacked. Is goes out of side so Jock starts heading down. The glass is vibrating. Thraeko scrapes the glass and it starts to crack and break. He casts mending and it starts to repair. Thraeko uses a bowl to listen to the glass. It appears there is a lot of water pressure behind it ready to flood out. It is a reasonable assumption that the plug they removed was for the release of this water if the trap is triggered. Jock heads around to the other dead end to see if there is another drainage area. On the way around Jock finds a secret door. There is a peep hole but looking the other way. The door is locked but is easy to open. They go beyond the door and try to figure out how to get rid of this water trap. Thraeko can use mage hand to scratch the glass and somehow the plan works perfectly. The water is salt water but for some odd reason Jock, Cathbad and Ethelblue thought it to be beer. They are stopped before drinking too much. Where there was a wall of glass there is now a wall of iron.

They decide to go back to the new passage way beyond the secret door. This leads around to a 25 foot high chamber. There is a raised island in the middle. The island has a pool of water in it; there is also a, arch pool in the east wall. Ethelblue tries to purify the pool in the centre and a large green liquid creature screams, comes out and slaps him before disappearing back into the water. Thraeko, being very afraid of water, runs off. He gives a bowl to Jock to control the elemental. He says the magic word and 4 elementals pop up and await command. Jock hands the elemental control, with bowl, to Cathbad who can talk to them. The spokesman of the elemental is Wouwou, he talks to them about the area. They ask about the mummy in the centre of the chamber. They don’t know who the mummy is. There is little to gain from these creatures but they know they won’t get hurt by them. They go now to investigate the mummy.

Underneath the body is a metal scroll tube. This is possibly the tube the elementals were talking about that was left there to trick tomb robbers. It has an explosive rune on it. Basalt throws it away. There are 2 platinum coins, a sceptre of ivory and fine silver filigree with a diamond top, an ornate leather belt and in the teeth is a blue gem. Willowbark runs up and puts the belt on and all of a sudden she is now a he as it were. It was a girdle of masculinity/femininity. It changed her sex. Jock picks up the explosive rune scroll case. As he can’t read it he opens it somewhat safely. Willowbark charges straight through the water arch when she/he hears there is an enemy Zolo on the other side. There is a body wrapped up in a pool on the other room. The other party members head in after her.

Reading the runes on the door in the other room, Thraeko discovers that it is weak to frost attacks. Cathbad enchants his claws with frost and touches the door. Touching it he gets hit by an ice spell imbued into the door and is hurt badly. Once this settles down he removes the mummy from the pool. They find 2 onate silver daggers, a black pearl, a sapphire and 2 sealed ivory scroll tubes. Thraeko starts reading one of the scrolls and all of a sudden there is a raven in his place. Thraeko is now a Raven, however he is actually happier this way.

They open the door that Cathbad unlocked.


The party go back to the previous stone face in the wall and investigate it further. It has words inscdribed on it that say “listen”.Thraeko whispers in its ear, nothing happens. He looks in the right ear and finds a green key, from the left ear a hurricane winds slams him backwards, Cathbad grabs him mid air. The key matches the green basalt pillar keyhole but the party decide to do nothing at this stage. They continue down the corridor into a room that is 18ft high. The ceiling is painted with an ocean with writhing figures. The walls are dull red, the floor has a rug that mirrors the ceiling painting. There are brass braziers lit in the south and north corners. On the north wall there is a tapestry with animal headed statues. The south wall has a tapestry depicting a banquet. There is a deep red marble altar on the east wall that has mud sorceror symbols on it. There are 7 candles, all black except 1 which is red. The rug is emanating strong necromantic energies. On the red marble altar is a locked ebony box. Basalt sets of the traps and opens the box. Inside is a red silk pillow with a tiny snake with green/blue bands on it. It grants 3 questions to the party. 1st question—what do the symbols mean? 1st symbol – convergence of earth and water (footprint). 2nd symbol— earth dominance (triangle). 3rd symbol—- water dominance(egg). 4th symbol—- harmony of earth and water (keyhole). 2nd question- Where are we? Answer is the tomb of the mud sorceror Tzolo. They close and lock the chest, not wanting to use up the 3rd question. Ethelblue goes back to the skeleton in the coffin + casts speak to the dead. The skeleton was a handmaiden to Tzolo and reveals a secret door in the pillar room. They go back to the room of many pillars, find the secret door. The room with the snake also has a secret door. Back in the pillar room the party go through the door into a corridor with a descending doorway and a corridor leading East which they take. It ends in a blank wall. Has a secret door. Through the door into a chamber where the walls have black veins running through them. There are 2 more pools of water. 1 3ft deep with crystal clear water and multicoloured fish swimming in it. 2nd pool 2ft deep with coins in the bottom. The door we came through has another carved face on it grimacing in fear. Willowbark gazes at the fish and after feeling dizzy, looks away. The pool of fish turns out to be magical and is a pool of sanity. Jock scoops out the coins from the other pond. 18 platinum, 26 gold, 105 silver and 161 copper, also contains a small copper key. There are 3 corridors heading out. 1 to the camel painted door, 1 down the east corridor which has a faded mural mural with humanoids painted on it. An inscription reads “pig or camel brings thee woe, Hippo clears the way to go”. It leads back to the altar room. The party go back and take the 3rd passageway north. There is a gate made of blue metal blocking the way. They open it and continue on. The floor has a mosaic of the mud sorceror. Willowbark steps into the room and is met with dozens of swirling blades and disappears from the party’s sight.She has been teleported away. The party follow after realizing it is an illusion. The party reappear in a 25ft chamber held up by carved etched grey marble pillars. They are stood in a 20ft pool of water. Thraeko and Willowbark get out. Thraeko gets ripped in half by a green skinned woman. Ethelblue miraculously heals him. After a battle, the woman cast a fog spell which is countered by Willowbark with a windwall spell. They see the woman run through a secret door, they follow. The door opens into a corridor with lots of doors. Cathbad in bear form tears all the doors down. The 2nd door has a female Ogress tied to the wall. Willowbark studies the tracks and lead to the Ogress. She is the green skinned woman in disguise. Meanwhile Jock is still raging and in his fury kills the Ogress, no one can stop him. She has on her a brass ring with many keys that open the cell block doors they are in which Cathbad destroyed. Back to the original room that they teleported into they follow 1st corridor to a dead end. 2nd corridor leads to a room with an inscription on the north wall that reads “let the chips fall where they may”. There is an oak coffin in the middle of the room flanked by 2 suits of armour. There are silver letters on the coffin that read “disturb not the slumber of Tzollo’s tomb”. There are 3 padlocks on the tomb. Cathbad knocks over the suits of plate mail. Willowbark ignores everyones advice (again) and starts hitting at the locks with her sword. She is hit by a trap that drains all her strength and leaves her totally comatose and useless. The party decide to camp and manage to keep her alive until Ethelblue can pray for the appropriate healing spells in several days time.

28th July 2013

The party steps into a 30ft tall chamber. The walls are made of a dark green marble. There is a bell made from black iron at the other end of the room. There are several pools of water, ( 2 shallow, 1 deep ) that are littered with bleached bones. Ethelblue blesses them. There is also 4 pillars in the room with symbols on them. There is a passage to the north with a wailing noise emanating from it. The party goes down the corridor into a room that is completely covered with all sorts of eyes that are blinking and squinting.the wailing is coming from here. There is a narrow gutter underneath the eyes that tears are falling into. After testing the water they find out it is not water but acid. Thraeko takes some samples of acid, then he finds a secret door. In the previous room a granite slab falls into place blocking the exit and sealing the party in. They go back to the previous room to examine the bell and pools of water. Cathbad transforms into a fish and swims down into one of the pools where he finds a black key. After examining the room the party realize the small pool and the bell are related. Willowbark shoots the bell with an arrow and water starts to drain out of the small pool that Cathbad just vacated. They go back to the next room where Willowbark opens the secret door. In the next room the walls are painted red gold and green. There are iron doors in the north, south and west walls. There is a green basalt statue of an elephant headed human that is pointing to the east wall where the party entered. The statue can be rotated. Also in the corners of the room are as follows: NE Jackal headed statue. SW Cat headed woman statue. SE Hawk headed male statue and the NW plain basalt pillar. On the SE face of the pillar are all 4 symbols forming a diamond. Ethelblue and the minotaur rotate the statue SW. The eastern exit door slams shut behind the party effectively sealing them in again. They rotate the statute another notch to point toward the South door, there is a click and the door opens. The next room is about 20-30 ft and the floor is covered by bare earth. The walls are unadorned. Cathbad changes form into a badger and starts to dig the floor. After 1/2 hour he has dug about 6ft and comes upon a wooden coffin. Anubis investigates the coffin which he announces is several 100 years old and the rotting corpse inside has been strangled. Hacksor finds a metal scroll tube and a gold topaz ring. The scroll contains these words : “I delight in the service of my mistress. It is for her I live or die, whatever her choosing. May the lords of earth and water bless her in every endeavor.” Ethelblue and Willowbark wonder whether the lords of earth and water refer to the mud sorcerers. The party move out into the main chamber and rotate the central statue again SW. Nothing happens, rotate again to the west door, a click and it opens. The next room has a stone faced carving on the west wall. The nostril has a 1ft passage going up it. Cathbad changes again into a rat and goes through the nostril. On the other side there is a clasp to let the party in. While Cathbad unlocks the clasp he is attacked by another rat. The party enter and see’s 2 rats fighting. Ethelblue attacks a rat hoping it is not Cathbad and it runs off. There is a corridor that ends in a room full of black pillars. There are various carvings of animals and people on them. There is an opening in the other end of the room. Willowbark and Hacksor investigate, it leads into a long corridor with more pillars running down the middle of the corridor. There are 2 doors in the corridor. The 1st has a suit full of armour with 2 swords next to it, the 2nd door is painted with a camels head. They investigate the armour. It has gears in all the joints and a keyhole in its neck. They try the key they found earlier, it does not fit. While they are doing this a 30ft snake comes down the corridor behind them and attacks. Basalt goes down very quickly and is inches from death. After the party dispatches the Naga, Ethelblue and Cathbad desperately try to stabilize Basalt. They open the 1st door and enter a small room with a locked chest. Basalt unlocks the chest, it contains flasks of oil, metal tubes/tools and a book of automaton. Thraeko studies the book and comes to the conclusion that the suit of armour is some sort of automaton. They continue down the corridor to the 2nd door which doesn’t open. They continue down the corridor to a stone face on the wall. It’s eyes face down the south side corridor. There is a faint breeze coming out of its mouth. Willowbark goes down the side corridor which has a door. She enters a room that has a lonely green basalt pillar and a keyhole which doesn’t fit the key. Backtrack to the door. They are stopped by a gate with daggers attached to it that are pointing towards the party. The gate does not budge. The party clears the room and corridors so Ethelblue can summon a Celestial Bison on the other side. It charges into the gate and shatters it on contact. The party move further into the room. There are 6 coffins that are sealed shut with mortar. A tunnel on the other side leads back to the chamber with the elephant staute. Hacksor chips away at the mortar on one of the coffins. Inside is a very large giant sized linen wrapped body clutching a gem. Hacksor tries to take the gem and is rewarded by the body hitting him upwards into the ceiling and he falls back down taking damage. After a very lengthy battle which doesn’t seem to be going anywhere the party realize the mummy can’t fit out the door and they retreat into the corridor to pick it off. Cathbad stays behind in the room and sets the mummy on fire and Ethelblue summons Celestial beetles and they kill it off.

Session 13
14 July 2013

Session 14 July 2013

The adventurers set up watch inside the dragon illusion as usual and rest for the night. They finish their resting and believe it to be early morning. Jock wakes the Minotaur and they wait for his usual breakfast that magically appears. Thraeko organises rope and other materials to get through the hole in the ceiling. Jock suggests that Gronnt throws him through the hole with the rope attached. The room beyond is adorned with grotesque pictures paying tribute to a dark prince of some such. There are 2 prisoners chined up in the corner. 1 prisoner is a bedraggled half starved, loin cloth wearing human. The other looks in much better condition, also human he is sitting there unhappy. Jock first fashions a rope for the others to climb. Then he investigates the strangers. The first man seems to be a soldier in an opposing army that was sent to attack the city of Thygasha. Jock lets him go and insists he never goes to the city of Thygasha again. Jock then approaches the other, his name is Anubis. Jock questions his motive and decides to let the feller go.

The newcomer searches for his possessions once free. He disappears briefly out of sight for a short time. Jock and Willowbark follow him around the corner and they see Anubis is staring at a small humanoid burrowing into the wall. It could be a gnome but he speaks in a language no one can understand. Jock calls for Gronnt and sees if he can understand the gnome. It turns out the small figure was also captured and has been kept here as a prisoner to dig for the Fellowship. Ethelblue spots a head pop around the corner and disappear again. He alerts the others and jock barrels off after it. The human disappears through a wall.

Jock and Willowbark find themselves in a cell block with keys hanging on the far wall. The archer takes the keys and opens a door. There is a corporal sitting in a cell who has been prisoner for three weeks. Turns out he was with Lieutenant Reid (the soldier tied up with Anubis), he is let go on the condition he heads straight home. When they go through all the cells they find the person who Ethelblue saw. It turns out to be the Jailer and he works for the Fellowship of Terror.

They tie him up to a chair and begin interrogation. The Fellowship has been paid by the Mud Sorceress to get into the city to get to the temple of light. He states that he doesn’t know who the Ministry of Wind are. The orb they had is what is controlling the nightmares of the city.

After some further interrogation he tells the party how many other Fellows are here and what the powers and creatures that dwell here are. There is some sort of Demon in the centre of the domain. Ruthar and Chard are the other two senior priests that work here. Thraeko takes the orb halves and tries to work out how to use it to give the occupants of Thygasha a god night’s sleep. The Jailer, Kedgy, is going to lead the group to the senior priest’s quarters.

After summoning raptors and a stag beetle they go up the stairs towards the priests. They ambush the priests and tie them up. The 2 of them seem less forthcoming with information about the Church of Terror. They don’t seem to know who the Ministry of Wind are. One of the priests tries to summon the god of the orb. Willowbark shoots him expertly between the eyes. The demon here is a Lamure, and they learn that the orb can be directed to focus all of its nightmare power on one individual.

Thraeko plans to imprison the priest and sets traps if he ever escapes. Gronnt has a moment to deal with him for trapping him here. As they go to put the plan in action the entire party are put to sleep.

They awake and the orb is gone. Gronnt has stayed with the party for now. The party leave this place and they see a man at the exit. This man is sitting on a bench outside waiting for the travellers. He tells the party he was told to wait and let them know that Ruthar promises not to come back. Jock binds the acolyte and takes him with them to hand him over to the Prince.

They arrive back at Thygasha and are lead to see the Prince and the Grand Vizier. Jock drops the acolyte on the floor and he immediately begins to threaten the Prince saying his dark lord will come to wreak horrible vengeance on the city. The party also points out the newt Thraeko has in his little cage is one the senior priests. The mage they left with the information about the elements has come up with something for them. He has fallen asleep so they must wait till he wakes up.

That evening the party are thrown a feast. They rest the night away and on the morn they arrange a council meeting to discuss what Bartholomew discovered. Slart is the sage that works for the prince and he is here to present the information that the cities sage uncovered.

In the meeting Slart inform the party members that they have figured something out about the Mud Sorcerer. Jezule the Nebbarite ruled the area many ages ago. He was obsessed with combining elements. His main focus was the sub element between earth and water, mud. The wizards that worked under him were known by others as the Mud Sorcerers. They are believed to have been able to read the future. They believed they were going to be eradicated by a ruler in the future so they hid in tombs. People started uncovering the tombs. Most of the time, no one who ventured in them, ever came out of the tombs. Some came out rich and retire. As far as they know the Mud sorcerers are a dead sect, if they are active again this is a frightening thought. The sages know of a person who can sell them a map to a tomb they can investigate to find out more about the sect.

The party authorise the sages to purchase said map and they will head to this keep as there are no leads as yet for the Ministry of Winds.

After another day of rest they begin to make plans to follow the map to the temple. The location is about 80 miles east of here. It appears that the tomb is only a few miles outside the prince’s territory and the earl who owns it is not at war with this city so this should not pose too much of a problem. The location is out of the desert. The adventurers are told they can make use of some of the Prince’s magic carpets to travel there if this pleases them. So with some preparations they are ready to depart.

As they fly along the ride is windy and uncomfortable. They are dropped about half a mile away from the temple. Willowbark sends fluffy off and he finds some squirrels. The travellers rest nearby for the night, hunt for some food to sustain them and set up watch. The morn brings the next stage of their trip, they head towards where they believe the tomb to be. The approach a cliff side and see what they believe to be the entrance to the tomb. Three words adorn the wall at the entrance; Errukiz, Ezdrubal and Elomcwe. These are treachery, sloth and foolishness, the three sins in dwarven lore. The odd thing is that these are not written in dwarven runes. They look as they can be pressed in. Elomcwe is an anagram for welcome. Thraeko presses it and the granite slides open.

Willowbark steps in first. The wizards both use magic torches to light the way. There are two pools of clear looking water.

Death is not to be feared...

Ethelblue the Hesitant would like to announce that he now has sufficient knowledge to cast the “Resurrection” spell.
This should put fellow party members slightly more at ease.
The only one who cannot benefit from this new spell is…

Ethelblue himself…!

Session 12
23 June 2013

Session 23 June 2013

Once the travellers have rested in the sunken pyramid they make their way back to Thygasha to see the prince and his consortium. As they approach the city they notice there are fewer guards on the wall. The ones that are there are walking around a lot more. The queue to get in is a lot longer than last they arrived. The party do not bother heading in here and go straight to the palace. The guard that stops them asks Jock if he vouches for the new party members. The palace is filthy in comparison to the last time they were here.

They ask what is going on in the city. No-one in the city has slept in weeks. They believe this has something to do with the temple of sleepless nights. Jock pulls out the head of Ter Radkad and it turns out that he was the prince’s uncle.

The Fellowship of Terror has never acted against the city. The adventurers ask the priests and the prince if they know any connection between the Fellowship and ministry of wind. Jock suggests the party shows them the parchment with the elemental points on it. They send for Bartholomew. When he arrives they notice he is really old. Not frail in anyway especially in this age. He asks why he has been brought here and Willowbark hands him the parchment. He tells the group that heat is incorrect and they should have been looking for flame. He will investigate this further whilst the party is away at the temple of sleepless nights.

The heroes head off to try and find the temple of sleepless nights. They start trying to find tracks that would lead them to the temple. There are dog tracks and Cathbad can smell them and sense their movements. They are herding them towards the abandoned homestead. The party arrives at the farmstead and the atmosphere is eerie and frightening. Thraeko figures out early on that they are illusions. These illusions can be only described as cliché. Willowbark consumes some sand and falls over from the effects. She goes onto hallucinate about a bar scene in which she sees a beautiful man. He seems obviously evil and he bites her neck. She believes immediately he is a vampire but wakes up. She is covered in sweat. She looks towards the silo and it is now a stone tower.

Willowbark is seeing things with unbelievable clarity. She searches for tracks going towards the tower. There are humanoid tracks that have been going towards the tower. As the group approaches a hawk soars down towards them. It flies straight into the ground. The hawk disappears once it stands up again. Willowbark knocks on the door and turns in terror to run. They hear someone inside freaking out. Jock tries to scare him out and he tells them to go away.

Thraeko and Conrad get the door to fall in and then Thraeko casts an illusion that sends can canning dinosaurs into the room. When the party enters they see ogres, 4 of them. The robed cleric runs to attack Jock and lands a pedestrian attack. Jock retaliates and kills him with two quick blows. Jock then turns and hacks into an ogre. Haxor fires an arrow at one ogre and it gets pinned to the wall dead. Cathbad jumps on the last remaining ogre and rides it around clawing and scratching.

They search the cleric. The robe looked pretty but now it is grey and dull. Thraeko finds a secret door. There is a rough hewn passage way heading east. They head down this narrow corridor to see what lies beyond. The passage descends then ascends again. They come out to the back of a barn the roof of which is partially collapsed. There are 12 horses in the barn that become nervous about the dinosaur. He changes shape into a horse and tries to communicate with them. When Cathbad is satisfied he has exhausted his options here they follow Willowbark and Cathbad to a well. They hear a crying child down the well. In dinosaur form Cathbad climbs down and sees 7 armed men standing in the water. Jock jumps down after him. Jock does an amazing tumble and surprises the men with a quick attack. Jock goes into a mild frenzy and kills 6 of the men whilst Cathbad dispatches 1.

There is a chamber beyond with half of an egg shaped orb. At a cursory glance Jock thinks it could be the other half of the one they saw in the pyramid. The open area is baron bar a pentagram with the orb at the centre. As Jock approaches he looks for traps and other things. Willowbark picks up the orb. She hears a voice in her head saying “Never let me go, reunite me”. She tries to get the other half of the orb off Jock. He refuses to give it to her and she continues to insist. They search around and they find an illusionary wall. Cathbad goes through and sees a whirling trippy room. He comes out in a corridor obscured by spider webs. He staggers back and then the party follows along through the weird room. Jock follows him as the illusionary room frightens him. They all head to the passage that goes south east. Cathbad has calmed down now and slowed in his pace. They head into a small room that appears to be used for alchemy. It shows signs of recent use. Whilst looking around the room Thraeko finds a flask containing about 1 litre of mercury.

Leaving all the chemicals for now they move on. The come to a trap that would have been concealed by an illusion but is visible due to Thraeko and Jock sees a way to set it off safely. They continue down and come to a y intersection. They head down the more travelled way. They come to a room with a large sleeping red dragon.

Thraeko casts invisibility and approaches the dragon to see if it is an illusion. The dragon disappears but Thraeko didn’t as he can’t cast his spell. They go on North West beyond the dragon. They then keep selecting directions at all the cross roads. They come to a room full of stalagmites and a pile of remains. Jock finds a cut turquoise the size of a baby’s head.

Session 11
09 June 2013

Session 09 June 2013

The party is currently in the lowest level of the tower that unwillingly draws teleported individuals. As they regroup 2 more unwitting travellers appear upstairs and make their way down. The wizard is involved with the ministry of winds. He claims he is a low level employee that knows little of their politics. As they keep discussing affairs a human and an elf wander down the stairs. They seem to be the kinds who are very confused to their surroundings. They tag along with the travellers as they can’t go back to the spot that they teleported from.

After a rest they are sent back to the pyramid of Kadar. After they come to the conclusion that there is little movement in the area the champions head to the hospital door and find that the 2 bugbears they locked in there are still held within. The bugbears have a message from Ter Radkad. He tells them he is willing to talk before he kills them. The adventurers try to form a plan. The idea of summoning an elemental is thrown around. The old plan of luring him out is discussed but they then contemplate scrying. Now they decide to use Cathbad to lure him out as a captive.

The warrior bugbear leads Cathbad up to a curtained area where Ter Radkad should be. There are 4 lounging bugbears with Halberds. They question Vrock and the druid as to why they are there. They stand to attention as they let them through to Ter Radkad. There he is, Ter Radkad, a powerful looking man waiting behind his desk. He questions the bugbear and Cathbad and seems to be willing to follow them to see Jock. Conrad casts silence and this really turns this to the party’s favour. Ter Radkad cannot cast spells so he drops a portable hole. As he drops in many of the party follows and they kill him quite easily. Conrad carries the body of and they begin to go through his possessions.

Heading in to the wizards chamber they find a few things of interest. There is a black sphere. They find a parchment with 8 things written around a supposed goal. There is water, wind (ministry of winds), air, heart (why can’t we find anything relevant?), fire, glass (prism), earth, mud (the mud sorcerer).

Basalt searches for locks on an oak box and within there are leather bound books. In the next room there is a diorama of the city that surrounds a pyramid. The final room is lavish and has a feather bed. Jock takes a potion of haste from under the bed. They remember to take Ter Radkad’s head as proof. In the lab they find vials containing substances labelled as elf blood, dark reaver powder, treant sap, goul touch, aqua regia and a large decanter.

Once they are satisfied they have taken everything of interest, the adventurers try to find their way out. The group manage to get out and head back to the half buried vault to collect everything they stashed their prior to heading to this pyramid.

Session 10
26 May 2013

Session 26 May 2013

The adventurers are in the tower that seems to be a transportation trap for those shifting through time and space via the use of magic or inter planer means. Below them, they are told, is a cryo-hydra a mere 2 floors beneath where they are now. They are assuming the tower is connected to the ministry of winds.

The level they are on is about half way up the tower as best they can figure. Looking out a window, no party members recognise any land marks but they are not in the desert any more.

Goolanmerth the Cleric was living in the tower when the party arrived. He wishes to follow the heroes at this time as they will most likely be able to dispatch the hydra better than he could. Willowbark searches the level they are on but finds nothing. Conrad has more luck and finds a small box. Basalt picks the lock on the box. There is a wand, necklace and spectacles contained within. They also find a book under the bed. =TD6

The wand has the term ‘Make Parrot’ engraved on the side. The necklace has 5 fire infused pearls, and the spectacles are definitely magical but seemed to only be tuned to the spell book found.

They make their way down the stairs and see a bronze sculpture that stands quite tall. Very abstract in nature the statue does not look like anything. Jock approaches but is attacked, surprised by something biting him. The creatures are insectoid with triangular mouths. 2 appear to attack again. Jock takes out those 2 then realises there are several more. He steps further in to allow his companions in the room. The group manages to kill them, all bar 1, which they try to capture. It disappears when it regains consciousness.

The statue contains 8 golden pearls that Willowbark starts taking immediately. There doesn’t seem to be any traps. Searching for secret doors yields no results.

They head down to the next level. Crowded in marble furnishings they see lots of miscellaneous goods. They notice the carcass of a desecrated griffin hanging over head. Thraeko finds some sun rods. In the room is a small barrel, with what can only be described as a ring pull on it. It apparently reads ‘for Jock’. It turns out there is a demon called a ‘for jock’ and this green jam substance found inside, would be a deterrent to said beast.

Thraeko sends down his chameleon to investigate. The hydra is below them and there are no other rooms on this level. The companions head back up to the level 3 up from here to rest for the night. They meet with the cleric and the unicorn and tell them they plan to attack the hydra after a nights rest. Those in the party capable of casting magic prepare their spells for the battle to come. They rest and make their way down again.

They prepare for battle in the entrance. Thraeko summons illusionary soldiers behind the hydra as a distraction. Cathbad summons two minions and Ethelblue summons three bison to defend him.

Cathbad takes Fleshraker form and 4 Summoned Fleshrakers appear. There are 3 Summoned Celestial Bison, 2 Celestial Riding Dogs and 4 Illusionary soldiers along with the party.

The party’s planning has led them to a great victory over the many headed hydra. Jock spends many hours skinning the fallen beast for his leather working kit.

Cathbad sends the summoned creatures off to the next level and the wizard on said level panics and summons a multicoloured sphere to protect himself. The party runs down after. The wizard makes himself known as Kasioppar. He congratulates the group for their efforts upstairs. It is said he controls the tower. It is revealed he is working for the ministry of wind. Although he is grateful the champions have dispatched his biggest problem, he does want them gone. He offers to send them back and after some convincing will grant the party members some requests in the form of a reward.

12 May 2013

After exhausting all possibilities the party decide to go down the spiral staircase. They enter a room that contains 2 tables. On one of the tables is a naked man and standing over him are 2 human females. 1 with dark hair and a greatsword and the 2nd wearing a helmet with tentacles. Conrad casts detect evil and as a result they both come up as evil. Willowbark takes the initiative and begins combat by shooting them in the back. After the 2 women have been knocked unconscious by the party, Thraeko binds up woman 1 and Ethelblue heals 2nd woman. Willowbark rips off the tentacle helmet from the 2nd woman. Jock, Cathbad and Thraeko are captivated by her beauty and are temporarily blinded. It turns out she is a Nymph called Wistamock and the other woman is a Succubi called Pandera. After the effects wear off the men, they find out that Wistamock has been stuck in this room for 1 year when she cast a Dimension Door spell and ended up here. Pandera bought a faulty scroll off a merchant several months ago and ended up teleporting here as well.They find out that there is a Naga at the top of the spiral staircase that they cant access. They also meet the naked man who is a sorceror called Vern Taro who cast a Dimension door in the Imperial Academy and also ended up here.After no more information is got out of Pandera, she is executed. The room contained magical items consisting of an amulet(transmutation), a magical mace, a cloak(abjerration), a wand (enchantment) and 2 potions(necromancy and transmutation). TD7.
The party leave Wistamock in the room and continue down the spiral staricase to the next level.They enter a room with a Rearing White Unicorn and a humanoid covered in barbs and spines who have been frozen in ice. A magic sphere is hovering in the air and launches itself at Jock who fails to dodge and takes some minor ice damage. Vern Taro casts Fireball at the sphere and it vanishes but also the spell melts the 2 statues. The party see the unicorn and the humanoid, which turns out to be a Devil, and decide to centre their attacks on the Devil. The Unicorn joins the fray. After dispatching the Devil with little effort the Unicorn speaks and thanks us for freeing him. His name is Whitehorn (Harry as he has been nicknamed by Cathbad)and tells us he has been imprisoned here for 16 years. He cast a teleport spell and somehow ended up here in this room. He was supposed to deliver a message to a wizard called Murchad and wont reveal what it was.Whitehorn casts another teleport spell, disappears and several minutes later comes trotting down the spiral staircase back into the room. It seems he cant teleport out. Whitehorn tells of a cryo hydra somewhere below on another level. He decides to go back up to the previous room and spend his time with Wistamock the Nymph while the heroes fight their way out of the tower.
Cathbad in dinosaur form descends to the next floor. This floor has several rooms that are full of niches, wall tapestries, several bronze statues and a long table. Willowbark follows and they encounter a voice from behind one of the tapestries. A human man in plate armour comes out and talks to Willowbark. He is called Goolanmirf the cleric and has been here for 1 month. He used a plane-shift spell and (surprise Surprise) ended up here in the tower. The rest of the party join. The room also has windows, and looking through, the party can see they are in a tower on the coastline. Information provided by Goolanmirf- 3rd floor is a warehouse with nothing of any value, 4th level has Ethereal creatures that ignore/wont touch Goolanmirf and the 5th floor contains the cryo hydra. We ask if he would be interested in joining us to fight through the next levels and he agrees to acompany us, but act only in a supported healing capacity. Willowbark goes back up 2 levels and asks for Whitehorns help, he agrees, Wistamock declines as the males in the company would fall for her charms and not do anything. Willowbark and Whitehorn descend back to the party. It seems the only way out is through the cryo hydra.


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