Legacy of Heroes

thieves in the night

The party find themselves having a well earned rest in Castle Glim. Over the course of several weeks they are bombarded with travelling salesman after salesman knocking at the castle door. One particular salesman is answered by the door by Glim and Willowbark. He is selling various Elvin jewellery that came from Arken wood which is located NW of Arkendale. They trade and buy all the jewellery off him. During the night someone steps on Jock while he is sleeping. It is a female elf and she throws powder at Jock which blinds him for a few seconds. Searching the room he finds her hanging from the ceiling. Meanwhile Willowbark wakes up to hear someone in her room, it it blacker than black and she cant see them. They have stolen her jewellery. Back in Jocks room he manages to capture the elf and yells out for assistance. Tankar takes possession of said prisoner. There are 5 figures mounting ponies outside Willowbarks room. Both Jock and Willowbark notice them and they both fly out their respective windows after the thieves. They try to ride off but are soon captured by the party. They are all silver skinned young looking elves, all wearing identical purple leather armour with silver bands around the arms and wearing rapiers. They are taken inside the castle for questioning. Jock talks to the officer in charge. They are recovering stolen property. They say they belong to Silverymoon special forces. There is a loud thunderclap and standing in the middle of the room is an Elvin lady. The jewellery is in fact stolen so Willowbark returns it to the lady for safe keeping. Her name is Lady Alustriel. Her son and companions were sent to Terallo Prylaster who is a historian living in Arkenbridge to be his apprentices and investigate an estate in arkenwood. She know nothing about the Ministry of Winds. She takes her son and friends and departs. The party decided to hunt down the trader. Not long until they find him at an inn in Redcorn. He bought them from a man in another inn. After talking to him he dives into his carpetbag which is a bag of holding. Glim follows him. They appear in a room full of items. He takes a potion and drinks and turns into a duplicate of Glim. Glim shoots a magic missile at his leg so he can be identified. Tankar reaches into the bag and pulls them out as well as a princess that was in there. Glim destroys the contents of the bag of holding. The person the trader got the jewellery from is located in the only pub of Arkendale. He is described as 5ft tall, heavy set black hair, moustache, green eyes and has no legs. His name is Legless. Tankar takes Princess Sara back to her father the king and will meet up with the group later. Cathbad changes everyone into seagulls and they fly to Whiteford. They find the Bunch of Grapes inn and they take rooms and wait for Legless to appear. When he arrives Cathbad starts up a conversation with him. They make a citizens arrest and Basalt and Willowbark guard him for the night. During the night the Sheriff talks to him. In the morning a man walks in wearing a very frilly shirt and talks to him. He is Legless lawyer and has come to represent him. He eventually lets the party take Legless with them to Arkenbridge. It is a sizable village with a pallisade running around and some guards. They stop us and give directions to Terallo house. Terallo answers the door and the party are invited in. They let Legless go. Terallo is looking for people to investigate the ruined estate of Keleidsa. You cant use teleportation spells in there as some sort of Elvish warding is in place. At some stage the party notice that a Samurai fighter called Hiyoto Takeshi has joined them and that Kurl has disappeared. When they arrive at the estate they notice 3 40ft mounds of stone under the trees. They look very old and shiny. Willowbark finds tracks and follows them. About 60 to 70 feet ahead of her a large green creature is approaching. She disappears into the trees to watch it. It is a large green half dragon half troll thing. His name is Grunk and is guarding this area for his mistress and doesnt want to talk and attacks the party. He is soon dispatched by the party. The Estate is located up a cliff face that has vines and fractured limestone facing. It doesnt look too stable. The party climb up. There is a 16ft diameter tree clinging to the edge and the cliff. There is a house perched in the tree, with staircases leading up to a balcony, again these do not look too sturdy. treasure found padded armour. composite longbow that requires strength 20 to use, a cloak, a potion and 20 arrows



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