Legacy of Heroes

Session 9

14 April 2013

Session 14 April 2013

The Bugbear goes free and the party wait to be healed by Ethelblue. Once they have recuperated from their wounds, they head on. They head out of the room and go down the suggested corridor. There are only two rooms they need to find, the guards room and Ter Radkad’s beyond. The door they approach at the south end is iron bound. Basalt begins to try and unlock the great door, it is done with ease. The room beyond is an armoury. The contents are great in number and will take some searching. 23 long spears, 21 cross bows heavy, 672 quarrels, 16 heavy chain long shirts, 18 large steel shields and 14 bastard swords. Willow bark can smell explosive powder.

They exit the armoury and turn west towards the guard’s room. There are three side passages on the way to the open room at the end of this corridor. Down the first side passage to the south is a door with noise beyond. Basalt tries the door and it is unlocked. In the room there are several injured bugbears and 3 others tending their wounds. Basalt walks in and is seen. Looking at his hideous face they think he is some sort of creature here for medical aid. They start helping him and he tries to convince them he is not an enemy. They don’t believe him at all. In fact his story is so poor and badly executed that it actually begins to lead to the fact that he has friends here to back him up. Outside the door Jock formulates a plan. He turns to Conrad and says “Quickly, you’ll have to punch me in the face”. Conrad does not hesitate but in his excitement he misses completely. Ethelblue then tries and makes a nice bloody nose. Jock then bursts in the room shouting for help as he is bleeding profusely. He shouts that they need to send someone out to see the threat beyond. The plan works and one of the able bodied bugbears leaves the room to come face to face with the rest of the party. This leaves one each for Basalt and Jock. They are easily dispatched. The bugbears in the beds stir but do not attempt to get up. It turns out Drumknot attacked some of the wounded. Jock tells them we will shackle them here and they will be spared. The wounds left by the Ostrich are punishment enough for any creature.

It turns out, after some questioning, that Ter Radkad is a human wizard that can draw ice from the sky. Perhaps he is a conjurer. After this room they go on beyond this side passage and proceed.

All the doors they come to on the way are set with explosive runes but those who dwell within are left unmolested.

The adventurers then go to another side passage and they see a door with a sign that says ‘Private, do not enter’. There seem to be no traps on the door. As Basalt enters he sees 3 humans lounging within. One of the men within asks what the hell Basalt is. Jock bursts in and flourishes his weapons. They realise these men are imperial and they are here with their commanding officer to negotiate with Ter Radkad. Krelldor is a nasty Bugbear that protects Ter Radkad, he is in a room nearby.

The group head straight to Krelldor’s room. They bash on his door and ambush him expertly and kill Krelldor the protector before he even realise he is under attack. There are 2 more bugbears within. There is an explosion and a couple of the adventurers are mildly injured. The two within are not willing to come out. Finally one of them knocks the other one out and surrenders. They find a box with beryls inside. They try and get some information out of the bugbear but it seems he is under a spell.

They find several items within the room that belong to Krelldor but they don’t have time to go through them all right now. Krelldors items are taken and the party regroups.

They start to formulate a plan as to how to entice Ter Radkad out and trap him in a situation that would give them the best chance to kill him. The cells seem to be the best place to do this. They also begin to believe that the bugbears are not following Ter Radkad voluntarily. If they can dispatch this evil human maybe these vile creatures can live without need for incident.



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