Legacy of Heroes

Session 8

24 March 2013

Session 24 March 2013

From where the party stand the closest door is on the western wall. Jock opens the door. This room appears to be bed chambers. There is a large table with two lumps of wax on said table. The armoires have nothing but clothing in them. After examining the bed chamber they move to the west corridor. The end room contains 15 chests within. Upon searching the chests they awaken a mimic that begins demanding food. It grabs hold of Thraeko’s spear. Jock throws the creature some rations and calms it for now. For the promise of more food the mimic tells the group where to find treasure in this room. Thraeko tries to convince it to come with the party but he wishes to stay glued to the floor.
The chest in this room that held treasure contained the following currencies; 217sp 92gp 29pp 5 amethysts’ 2 emeralds (MT33)

Once the adventurers are satisfied with that chamber they go to the other door in the south wall. The room is musty and old. The room is 10 by 30 feet. As jock enters, a tattooed ghostly apparition appears and in an ancient language shouts ‘get out of here’. It attacks jock with its ghostly hands and misses. Then the group engage it. Jock makes the fatal blow as it were. It vanishes and they search the room again. In the dresser they find a robe that is adorned by shifting colour patterns. (MT34) Under the robe is a small jewellery box. There is a ring, a broach and a circlet within the box. There are little bottles of ink and needles for tattooing. +3 ring of protection, broach of shielding, the circlet control a specific undead.

Down the little corridor to the south there are three doors. Conrad and Jock search the doors, the first is a larder and the opposite door opens into a room destroyed by falling rubble. The final door opens to reveal a foul odour. Conrad enters and is attacked by small monstrous centipedes.

In the room with the apparition, Willowbark finds a secret door. The room beyond has amazing bowls of gold, there are 8 of them, 6 jewelled sceptres (valued at about 1000gp each), Lion face masked carved intricately, 3 pectorals that are gilded and set with precious stones. (MT34) Jock puts the mask on and nothing seems to happen. Jock carries the 5 remaining sceptres that Tarklor didn’t take and Conrad takes the pectorals. As he removes the chest plates he sets off a spear trap.

Once all other avenues are exhausted, they head down the large descending stair case. They set a marching order with Jock at the point. They pass through a door and head down further, they turn. They come to a room. In this room there appears a broad demonic looking creature. The beast breaths fire onto to entire party. Jock rages and charges in to attack. He not only misses but stumbles and almost loses his weapon. The group rallies and manages a series of coordinated attacks while avoiding getting too badly burnt. The monster is defeated and the body it leaves behind begins to rot quickly.

Jock finds a hidden door that is barred from the other side but he and Conrad manage to smash it rather easily. There is a corridor 10 feet wide that looks newly constructed. They begin to hear footsteps from the south corridor. Tarklor opens the door at the far end after searching it for traps. Here it is, they open this door to a barracks of bugbears. Beyond the bugbears the party can see a druid chained to the wall. Within seconds a battle ensues and the two fighters of the party charge in to engage. Willowbark calls the life of the moss in the room to grow and entangle the occupants therein. Only a couple of the bugbears are not caught by the greenery. The druid on the wall is even more trapped. The bugbears get slaughtered with a lucky combination of spells. Jock and Tarklor get tangled in the sheets of one bed.

There was one bugbear that surrendered that also didn’t die. They begin to interrogate the one remaining soldier. He does give the party some directions and they try to discern whether he is lying. It appears he is sincere and they allow him to go free, knowing in all probability that he probably won’t survive the journey out.



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