Legacy of Heroes

Session 7

10 March 2013

Session 10 March 2013

The party is at the edge of a chasm that appears to represent the crossing over from this plane to the next. They have to be careful crossing as the rope Jock affixed proves a treacherous crossing and the moulded rock is narrow and dangerous. Basalt takes a look about the corridor on the far side. With a quick look around he feels happy there are no traps and they move on. They believe they have not actually shifted planes and that the chasm was just a representation of shifting worlds. There are double doors at the end and they are green and ornately decorated. They are stone and stand over 10 feet tall. Basalt feels that the door has been barred from the other side. They decide to turn around and venture through the door on the other side of the chasm they left untouched. As they cross Basalt loses footing and falls. Lucky for him Jock quickly catches his hair and pulls him up.

Thraeko drops a lit coin into the chasm and it falls well beyond sight and sound.

The travellers head through the door and they are faced with a large room. There is an altar on the far end. There is a preliminary search by the dwarf and Halfling which reveals a trap door but no other pitfalls. The walls are covered in geometric shapes that appear to be a map of stars. There are not constellations they are familiar with. Willowbark sits in the throne and looks around. Thraeko notices shackles hanging from the walls. They investigate the pot that sits on the altar and it seems to be filled with the dried remnants of what was once embalming fluid. They get Conrad to try and lift the chair and it is heavier than it should be. It seems to have become petrified over time.

They give up trying to find something in the room itself and Basalt creates a harness to descend into the trap door. He travels a fair way down and there is only the light of his lantern seen from above. Rather than let him to continue down the group pull him back up and plan to head back across the chasm. Basalt is covered in tiny iridescent spiders that don’t seem to be a danger; he just brushes them off and heads on.

As they cross the chasm Willowbark falls and this time no one can catch her. The rest of the party watch her fall endlessly to her death but they also see her crawling out. ‘Oh’ thinks Jock, ‘the chasm is an illusion’. They move on and reach the double doors. The mage uses nock, the door crashes open with a loud echo. The chamber within is clearly a throne room, it is large at about 40 by 40 feet. The usual search for traps and magic is performed. After looking around for a while and find nothing of interest in the room. Willowbark sits in the throne. As she sits a gong sounds. It turns out to be illusionary and draws nothing to them. Some of the party search the south door and some the north. The north opens up to a corridor. The south door opens up and reveals a 30 feet square chamber full of nightmarish images. There is a portal at the far end with no indication as to where it might lead. The portal is surfaced by an opaque fog.

The party thinks it a good idea to tie a rope to Basalt and let him go through. He agrees and goes through but the rope is severed and falls to the floor. He is gone from sight.

Well the way forward seems to be to follow him through.

Basalt is facing giant skeleton statues that begin to animate. There are two of them that turn to attack him and at first he faces them alone. Before the others can enter Basalt is dropped and is at deaths door.

As the others come through Jock sees that Basalt has fallen and enters a blind rage. The party all fly in to the fray and dispatch the statues. Luckily the cleric managed to get enough healing magic in to stop Basalt from dying.

They rest after the battle and sleep with a rotating watch. There is, upon inspection, a secret door on the east wall. Black stone beyond, they hear moaning and feel chills down their spine. The stone is basalt, funnily enough. They go north and there are further pathways in a few easterly directions. The path on the north most wall seems the best path, the walls have runes that read “There Is No Escape”. They continue west and Willowbark steps on a release plate which they can see will drop stone from the ceiling. Thraeko turns the stone into dust which allows her to jump out of the way.

The next corridor curves south and ends in another corridor. It takes a long time to navigate this maze of horrors but they eventually found a way out. They feel their way along a few more corridors and come out in a new room.

A once impressive room, they are closed in with no other way out bar the way they came in. Basalt finds a gem carved to resemble a jackal’s head. Otherwise nothing much else of interest is found.

The companions head to the other door in the previous room. The door is itself a trap and Basalt spots this before it is triggered. Basalt disables the door’s trap successfully and as he opens the door he has a ballista pointed at his face. Disarming the trap was quite fortunate. They fire the mechanism and search the room beyond.

They have to go back through the maze and head through one of the other doors. It is basically just traps and then they are faced with one more option.

The final door is magically locked and Thraeko can’t open it. The fighters of the group smash it in and they move through.

There are skeletons beyond; they are at this point not animated. They find platinum in the room but not much else.

They have exhausted this side of the portal and head through the trap door from this end with the iridescent spiders and come out from the trap door on the other side of the chasm.

They have to disable a pit fall in the north room from the throne room. They continue this new path for a time.

They go down the corridor that opened up on the south end of the western wall. The room have steps that lead up to an altar on the west wall. The room is about 80 by 60 feet. There are doors of each wall and stairs that lead down in the distance.



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