Legacy of Heroes

Session 6

Session 9 February 2013

The spy appears to be human. Dressed as a serving girl, at closer inspection it is a man. His name is George. The party are informed that Ter Radkad is operating in the city and seems to have skilled spies of his own. He is rumoured to be raising an army. Willowbark asks where the pyramidal temple of Kader is. Travel would be 2 days on foot. The adventurers plan to go in through the front door. Infiltration through subtlety is a game they don’t have time for. They take time to rest and load up with supplies and plan to head out on foot. They will take their rhinoceros as a pack animal. Jock and Lynariel try to convince their hosts that they will leave at a later date as to not alert any enemy ears to their plan to depart this day.

Lynariel has requested Jock use his master work skill in leather crafting to create a whip out of the leather taken from the red dragon. He will do this when they camp on the way to the temple. At this time he will also fashion leather braces fit for his own wrists and a cape out of the same hide.

They depart the city a head to the temple of Kader. The first day and night pass uneventfully and the travel proves dull and boring. On the dawn of the following day they see the temple about 10 miles off. They wait till afternoon as to not weather the elements too badly. However troublesome the weather may be, Willowbark can scout ahead having the ability to endure elements. As she heads off she sees another small pyramid only 3 miles from the party. The door is heavy to move but can be shifted with force. She heads back and alerts the others. It is possible this leads to the main temple.

They wait till evening and head to the smaller temple. They ask Conrad to push the door open. A ghostly hand reached out for Conrad. The room is full of relics of the past. Conrad dodges the hand and begins to contemplate how you engage a spectral appendage. A few of them get in enough to see the creature attached to the hand. They battle it briefly and dispatch it in short order. The door on the far end is opening. A wraith appears through the door. As Ethelblue starts to turn the undead fiend Jock and Tarkolr see there are traps everywhere and one of them is triggering a pressure plate now. Thraeko throws runic spells at the wraith, it reads it and is hit by the spell it holds. Once the wraith retreats the group starts looting.

Add 1 bull potion. 1 garnet. 44 gp 4 sp 4 cp

They head into the next chamber. There is a large sarcophagus that is open and apparently empty. It would appear that the sarcophagus is attached to the floor.

Once they loot the small exposed point of the pyramid they leave to head to the temple. As they approach the base of the temple they see an opening half way up its face. Lynariel spots an owl following them. The entire party unload all ranged weapons and destroy the poor bird.

They enter the pyramid. They find runes that Conrad, wearing the helm of divination, can read.
“Here lies the final resting spot of king Echtalon, woe be to those who would disturb his rest.”
Searching for traps they find the remains of a rune where the king’s body rests. The body is mummified by the elements. Lynariel finds a cold banded ring and pockets it. The door adjacent opens and the rank air spews in. Willowbark is the first to head through. She vanishes through the floor. She falls into a 20 foot deep pit. When the party are helping her out with rope an arrow trap fires out at Conrad.

They move on and come to a talking door. Conrad can understand the door and it asks this riddle “speak my name to break me and enter”. Jock shouts silence and the door opens. They are lead to a stone room with a sarcophagus which is closed. In the sarcophagus there is a scarab and a skull with gold teeth. The scarab is magical and Lynariel attempts to discern its properties. It is called the scarab of death. Because they didn’t drop it quickly enough the Scarab comes to life and begins burrowing into Willowbark’s hand. Lucky that Conrad could act quickly enough and cut it out of her hand.

Upon a search they see a door in the ceiling. They can manage to get up there, open and get through. Down a corridor there is a room with table settings and couches. After extensive searching they find another secret door. They decide that this chamber is a good place to rest. Jock takes first watch. Thraeko takes second watch and hears nothing. Whilst Thraeko sleeps Conrad takes the crushed scarab of him and buries it outside.


Basalt was at the front of a lot of traps as well.

Session 6

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