Legacy of Heroes

Session 5

Session 27 January 2013

The city is surrounded by a big stone wall and the adventurers are assured, by the guard they are lead by, that there are 6 large gates. What a sight to see after the long trek through the desert.

Asif lets them into to the city by way of a nod to the other guards, the travellers let him live for his troubles. They are going to need some rest before they get to work on finding out more about these organisations.

They pass the prophet’s head bizarre as they look for a place of lodgings. They recognise the church of the silver mist from descriptions they have heard. On the opposite side of the bizarre is a rather nice inn. The Star Door is its moniker and the group heads in. They greet the door man. They are charged 10gp to stay and can stable their mounts. Once inside the travellers find some food.

The party sits together to eat and discuss their next move. There are a lot people in the lounge that seem to off their faces. Jock tells his partners that he is going try and find out if they can get their hands on any of these drugs that Ter Radkad is distributing in this city. He speaks to a person strung out of some drug. He asks how he can get some. The waiter comes over and says first timers can get their hands on a pouch for free. It is a shimmering substance taken orally. Thraeko takes a look and there is an apparent magical property to it.

Cedric goes to see patients at the local hospital to see if there are any people in need of care. He wishes to learn if any people have been made ill from the use of this drug sand. He does speak to a man from the church of Pelor.

Conrad heads to the church of light. He discusses with one of the clerics therein the appearance of the obelisk in other towns. He is told to investigate the order of sleepless nights. Also he is told to seek audience with the silver mist about the order of sleepless nights.

Jock has a plan to get in with the prince’s favour by challenging for the right to be the Prince’s champion. He will approach the gate where he may seek audience with the prince, the honourable Prince Shyja and his advisor Shedak (the grand vizier).

The party leave the city and head to the palace. They approach the gate and speak to a sergeant. Jock says that he will challenge anyone to be the Champion of the Prince. The sergeant calls one of his corporals to attack and his first hit does indeed hit Jock, but it was no more painful than a child’s strike. Jock then proceeds to beat the crap out of the corporal, starting with a sharp whack to the pills.

The sergeant calls his captain and Jock is told to come back at first light to seek audience with the Prince.

Thraeko and Lynariel are planning a show to be put on in the bizarre to gain the attention of high society in the hopes of gaining entry to the palace to perform their parody of a parody.

Conrad heads to the church of silver mist and questions them about the rumours of the church of terror, also known as the church of sleepless nights.

Conrad is lead to a man named Barat. He is a seller of information. Conrad asks for information on the temple of nightmares and is told it will cost 500gp. He pays with a stone he had. Few people know where the temples of nightmares are. People say you can see the church by taking the drug sand. They have an outpost that is on a farm. There is a hidden temple near the farm. Conrad asks if there is a back way in. They either use undead or illusions of the undead. The obelisks are connected to the church of nightmares. Barat is not aware of any connections to the royal family from this church. Just outside the southern gate there is a rundown looking blacksmiths that sells magic items.

The party’s wizard and the bard begin their performance. Aside from a few hick ups the performance was very popular and well done.

In the morning guards arrive to take Jock to the palace. He is faced with Francis. A large knight in jewel encrusted plate armour. They agree to have a scratch fight.

Jock fights hard but is obviously outmatched. Jock was not planning to win (although he did try), he knew all he had to do was put on a good show. He seems to have earned the respect of the Champion and the Prince. He is invited to lunch with the prince.

The prince has also commanded the play be shown at lunch.

Conrad notices that the grand vizier has about 20 prisms around his neck like the rainbow necklace he saw earlier. It could be there to protect him from scrying.

The performance goes quite well.

Jock and the prince discuss the possibility of joining the royal guard.

Jock offers the services of the group to help stamp out the evil of Ter Radkad. They are told that the advisors have information as to where the bugbear maybe hiding.

There arrives a spy. Ter Radkad is in the temple of Kader. The adventurers can go and fight him. There is a lot to learn about this kingdom and its ruler. Who is this spy? Who truly runs this place?



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