Legacy of Heroes

Session 4

Session 12 January 2013

The party are in a tavern discussing the appearance of an obelisk is in the park in the centre of town. It appeared in town with no apparent reason. Inside the obelisk they found evidence that the town is being spied on by an organisation known as the ministry of wind.

They are approached by a council member who asks if they did indeed enter the obelisk as previously discussed.

On the morrow the travellers head for an audience with the town council and are sat for a meeting regarding the obelisk. One member of the council is the magistrate. He seats himself and readies for what is to come.

All members wear green cloaks and gold chains. The variances in the chains depict how long they have been in office. The speaker is young, or at least appears young, and is well spoken and seems far older in manner. The speaker is the local arch mage.

The council have found out more about the ministry. They have designs on the town and have been responsible for the black powder. The party have been charged to board a ship to found out more.
We are to go to the desert. The council are providing camels and rations.

The city of dreams or Thygasha as it is known, is a city in the desert. It is supposed to be the home of the ministry of winds.

There they may run into Ter Radkad. All they have is the name for now and the theory that this person is possibly connected to the ministry of wind. Both are believed to be in the city of dreams.

The adventurers are provisioned with 3 potions cure moderate and 1 critical wounds. Scroll to contact the arch mage.

Once they have readied themselves to depart and have tied up business in town for the now, they head to the docks and board the vessel.

The vessel the group are on is a galley. The galley is rowed by humans that are evidently not slaves.

Argent appears on board the vessel. He climbs up from below deck. Members of the party talk to him about their journey ahead. A group resides in the city known as the unyielding order. They should prove easy to find. A church of light is housed in the city of dreams which is not surprising considering the growth of this religion.

Dawn arrives on the day they pull into dock. They acquire camels and for some odd reason one rhino.

In the trading post where the galley docked Lyndriel asks about the person known as Ter Radkad.
This discussion leads the companions to learn one thing at least. ‘The inevitable order of time’ is the name of the order they were told to seek out. Not the unyielding order. They definitely live in the city of dreams.

They are lead by Farad. It could be possible for the team to join the order if they think it would be foretold by their prophet.

There is a tale of Ter Radkad but the group will need to find a story teller in the city of dreams willing to share this with them.

The ministry of wind seems to be the power behind the throne in the city.
Arif is the name of the guide taking the party to the city of dreams. The guide is riding upon an ass. The party follow on behind him and are riding for some time before night falls. The group comes across a man. He has no clothes and is surrounded by the half eaten remains of vultures.
Halfben is the name he claims. This mad desert wanderer says he was made this way by Ter Radkad. From the description given by Halfben Ter Radkad would appear to be a bugbear.

After some questioning the adventurers found that Ter Radkad has a base underground and he has a force of less than 50.

They take the man to an oasis. After they let him rest and drink for a short time they meet soldiers carrying the banner of a hollow diamond on a yellow background.

They are the dirtiest kind of soldiers. The corrupt officers try to draw a bribe from the party members and end up provoking an attack. Willowbark in her hasty distain for humans unleashes an arrow at a guard. It misses but that just sparks a battle.

It is a short lived battle and all the soldiers are killed barring one of them.
The remaining soldier is questioned about the city and the prince. Ter Radkad is involved in organised crime in the city. It appears Ter Radkad traffics drugs and distributes them.
They work out that there are approximately 700 soldiers in the city.

The Prince’s advisor; Grand Visere Shedak is the best known advisor to the prince.
As is often the case with Grand Viseres he may not be completely loyal to the prince.

The ministry of wind may also be connected to the church of the silver mist, home to the dream weavers. It borders on the city square.

The prince does not live in the city he lives a couple of miles to the east. Prince Shyja is his name.

Each church has a high priest. They must make their way to the prophet’s head bazaar.


Hi Jock,
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Session 4

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