Legacy of Heroes

Session 3

Session 25 November 2012

Currently the heroes reside in the town of Brookford. The town has an extensive sewerage system which the party has explored and it also has a docks. It appears to be a merchant town, a little farming is done however they usually import food. They do have a manufacturing capability and the smithies and other trades provide the town’s main export.

The party wakes in the Inn and most of them are sick. They are feverish and unwell. The stable boy comes in and tells Jock that Drumknot is also sick.

They find their way to the alchemist/doctor/barber. It appears that the Halfling food the adventurers recently consumed has affected the members of the party except for Jock. Something in Halfling cuisine doesn’t agree with the gastric systems of the less hardy. However the illness will pass.

Jock looks for a fight but has no luck. He notices after some time a large human following him around. He is carrying a large sword that is not ornamental. Jock approaches him but he turns down an ally way and vanishes. Jock marks the area and goes to find Thraeko. Once located the two return to the ally and can’t see him.

Jock climbs up the wall after the man and hears running off. Jock sees him jump off the end and Jock tries to jump after him. He steps off the roof and falls into hay. The man was hanging off the edge, climbs up and disappears. Jock climbs up again. He is gone and appears in the Inn where he waits for Jock.

The stranger buys the adventurers a drink and they go and talk. The magistrate is glaring at the new stranger. Argent is the stranger’s name, he found the party in town. He is a captain of the black guard, or so he insists. He has a job he wishes done. They must find the tavern known as the serpents tooth, it is a den of inequity. Run by Andura a woman adventurer. Andura has been meeting with former bandits. This is possibly the beginning of an insurgence. The ‘guard’ need to know what is going on but Andura knows the black guard so he wants new faces. The heroes are to report every day at the alchemist’s at 6pm. Argent will pay 100gp each day plus expenses and a bonus of 300gp upon completion.

They make their way to the serpents tooth. It is a double story venue and all the windows are barred. They go in 1 by 1 and start ordering ale and food. Conrad comes in orders beer and punches the bar tender in the face. The bar is a well used venue. In one corner of the tavern there is a bored looking stripper, dancing in the middle of the day.

Willowbark enters and offers to be a stripper for bed and board. The bar tender gives her a better quality beer on the house. The stipper there keeps doing the same moves over and over and the wizard in the party realises it is an illusion.

A woman in her mid 30’s walks in and sits next to Willowbark. Asks her if she is asking for a job and then gives her a handful of coins and tells her she doesn’t want to work here.

At about 7 a large man walks in with a club on his belt. He sits at the door and stares at the dancer. He appears to be the bouncer. He has a dented helmet and sits it on his lap. The bar tender points to Conrad so the bouncer keeps an eye on him.

The bard stands up and plays a tune for the crowd. An elf and an ugly Halfling walk in and approach the bar. Andura comes out of the kitchen to greet them and they all go upstairs.

The ugliest of dwarves known as Basalt decides to follow them but needs to do this undetected. Ethelblue summons 4 fire beetles as a distraction and Basalt climbs the stairs to follow them.

Basalt hears someone say amacus. A door opens and closes nearby. Basalt goes through that door and sees a corridor with 6 doors. He tries to determine which door he heard open and close. He listens at the door. He can hear voices but can’t really make out what they’re saying. He picks the lock on the next door and enters. There is a dumb waiter in the room. There is also an armoured half orc and Basalt sneak attacks him, this first attack wasn’t fatal and a brief fight ensues. He kills him in the end. He opens the lock box and takes the contents. 1pp. 41gp. 70sp. 300cp.

Basalt hacks of the accountant’s head and puts it in the dumb waiter. Andura comes out after hearing the bartender scream at the discovery of the head. Basalt grabs her in desperation. After some commotion Andura realises what has happened. Basalt is offered his life if he gets the head of another man. Hardrum, he is an assassin in the town. Jock tells them that he will work with Basalt and track this guy down. Could be this Argent guy as Andura says the assassin is claiming to be a secret police agent. Basalt is told to leave the money he took.

Basalt, Jock and Ethelblue drop into the sewers and try to find Charity. They find her and her sisters. They are there to ask about Hardrim the assassin and Argent. So far the description matches up but it is possible that this is a bit generic.

Willowbark is offered the job as the new accountant since an opening to get a head just appeared.

As the three whom ventured in the subterranean part of town head up the elf and the Halfling come out of the tavern and Jock follows them. He follows them to the throughway Inn.

They all eventually head to the Inn they are staying at and get some sleep. Now they have to figure out what they should do.

Basalt and Jock go to the Throughway Inn and break into the Halflings room. Whilst waiting for him to leave Jock recognises that this is no Halfling it is in fact a Gnome. They find a map and strangely enough X marks the spot. The map is of the surrounding areas. Thraeko scribes the map and finds the hidden message on the X mark. Jock returns the map to the gnome’s room without him knowing it was gone.

The party all goes to see Argent and discuss some info they found. It becomes apparent that Argent is Hardrim as he has trouble hiding his reaction to the question. Jock mentions that the Halfling he saw is actually a gnome. It still isn’t apparent who the party should work for.



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