Legacy of Heroes

Session 17

13 October 2013

Session 13 October 2013

The adventurers search the boat and take in the chamber it is held in. Basalt and Jock head to the big stone face and try and figure out if it is a trigger or opening to another chamber. The statue face has tears running down the surface that smell of cinnamon. The tears turn out to be black lotus poison after jock and Cathbad taste it. Basalt spots a tap in the ear and turns the poison off. Once the tears cease to flow Jock presses down on the eyes and the u shaped pool starts to glow and vibrate. On a wall there are 4 holes revealed that can fit 4 gems. It turns out Glim had recovered these stones before his encounter with the party. Jock checks the other ear of the face and goes onto check the jaw and mouth. The Jaw is on a hinge and he tries to lever it open. This reveals a scroll made of human skin that states “Four fair stones bear four signs. Keys to she whose tongue maligns those who dare disturb her sleep, grief and woe is what they’ll reap. Turn back now, thy soul to save, Or seek her tomb and find thy grave”.

Meanwhile Willowbark is partaking once again in sand. She has a vision of a desert journey.

Once the companions figure that the water in the pool is not corrosive or poisonous, Cathbad changes form into an otter so he can explore the water better. He sees what looks like a plug and a coffin in a separate location. Cathbad surfaces and informs the other party members of the situation. Jock suggests they drain the water. Before they go ahead with this Jock and Basalt make sure with a thorough search that there is nothing else to find.

Ethelblue puts the stones into the 4 holes as they correspond to the glyphs. After a minute the water glows and a sound precedes the draining of the water.

After all the water has been drained out, after using an elemental to help remove the last 5 feet of it, the party make their way down. Jock makes a harness trap to pin it down if they can. Cathbad concentrates on the sarcophagus to see if he can detect protection on it.

Thraeko and Jock walk down the drain and emerge in a room with elaborate carvings and tapestries. There is a large sarcophagus in this room and they believe it is a burial chamber.

Back up in the water drain room Cathbad pushes down on the coffin and a man in robes burts out of the coffin. He doesn’t seem hostile at first and he backs away speaking in ancient Thaliese. The man is undead as is to be expected but states he was trapped from Tzolo to be her servant. He promises treasure to the party if he is unharmed. Cathbad attacks him and then they are all engaged in combat. It did not take too long to destroy this creature. He is wearing a gold circlet on his head set with 2 aquamarines. His robes are full plate armour that looks like robes when worn. He also had a plain platinum ring. They move on to search the sarcophagus which has a false bottom. There is a bag of gold and platinum coins. Box of jade tiles, there is a pair of gauntlets, a dagger, an axe, sap, 2 potions and a magic blue gem and a solid platinum statuette of an elephant with an ivory palanquin on its back.

The time seems perfect to rest for a time and regain their strengths before they move into the burial chamber.

They descend down into the burial chamber and hear the voice of Tzolo warning the intruders that they disturb the slumber of this entity. The green tapestry starts unravelling and there is a buzzing sound. Thraeko thinks quickly and summons a caustic cloud at it frying the swarm instantly.

The bass relief on the coffin throws the raven away in a cloud of feathers. Thraeko manages to right himself enough not to crash. The elephant starts to take on life. It draws a sword and faces the party.

Glim casts fire ball at the elephant but it is deflected back to the party. Willowbark uses wind wall to knock it again back towards the enemy. It sails overhead and hits the serpant with 2 heads behind the elephant. It takes damage and now is engaged in the combat as well.

The serpent and the elephant are felled and the sword is taken by Jock. There are 12 clay urns in the room. 2 scrolls come out of one of the urns. 500pp, 50 tiger eye agates, 1000cp, 1000sp, 1000lead pieces, 40 gems, 50 eye agates.

The party lift the lid on the sarcophagus and there is no movement. There are sheets of silk covering a wrapped body. Silver circlet ebony tiles, 2 silver snake bracelets, collar of silver mud symbols, silver nose ring with ruby, green marble baton Jaiku in it, black pearl.

The body is male. They lift it out and there is a chamber underneath. There is a crystal sphere with an inscription.

They follow the instructions and find the body of Tzolo and her treasure hoard. They are taken out of the chamber and find an obelisk and a sea side city.



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