Legacy of Heroes

Session 10

26 May 2013

Session 26 May 2013

The adventurers are in the tower that seems to be a transportation trap for those shifting through time and space via the use of magic or inter planer means. Below them, they are told, is a cryo-hydra a mere 2 floors beneath where they are now. They are assuming the tower is connected to the ministry of winds.

The level they are on is about half way up the tower as best they can figure. Looking out a window, no party members recognise any land marks but they are not in the desert any more.

Goolanmerth the Cleric was living in the tower when the party arrived. He wishes to follow the heroes at this time as they will most likely be able to dispatch the hydra better than he could. Willowbark searches the level they are on but finds nothing. Conrad has more luck and finds a small box. Basalt picks the lock on the box. There is a wand, necklace and spectacles contained within. They also find a book under the bed. =TD6

The wand has the term ‘Make Parrot’ engraved on the side. The necklace has 5 fire infused pearls, and the spectacles are definitely magical but seemed to only be tuned to the spell book found.

They make their way down the stairs and see a bronze sculpture that stands quite tall. Very abstract in nature the statue does not look like anything. Jock approaches but is attacked, surprised by something biting him. The creatures are insectoid with triangular mouths. 2 appear to attack again. Jock takes out those 2 then realises there are several more. He steps further in to allow his companions in the room. The group manages to kill them, all bar 1, which they try to capture. It disappears when it regains consciousness.

The statue contains 8 golden pearls that Willowbark starts taking immediately. There doesn’t seem to be any traps. Searching for secret doors yields no results.

They head down to the next level. Crowded in marble furnishings they see lots of miscellaneous goods. They notice the carcass of a desecrated griffin hanging over head. Thraeko finds some sun rods. In the room is a small barrel, with what can only be described as a ring pull on it. It apparently reads ‘for Jock’. It turns out there is a demon called a ‘for jock’ and this green jam substance found inside, would be a deterrent to said beast.

Thraeko sends down his chameleon to investigate. The hydra is below them and there are no other rooms on this level. The companions head back up to the level 3 up from here to rest for the night. They meet with the cleric and the unicorn and tell them they plan to attack the hydra after a nights rest. Those in the party capable of casting magic prepare their spells for the battle to come. They rest and make their way down again.

They prepare for battle in the entrance. Thraeko summons illusionary soldiers behind the hydra as a distraction. Cathbad summons two minions and Ethelblue summons three bison to defend him.

Cathbad takes Fleshraker form and 4 Summoned Fleshrakers appear. There are 3 Summoned Celestial Bison, 2 Celestial Riding Dogs and 4 Illusionary soldiers along with the party.

The party’s planning has led them to a great victory over the many headed hydra. Jock spends many hours skinning the fallen beast for his leather working kit.

Cathbad sends the summoned creatures off to the next level and the wizard on said level panics and summons a multicoloured sphere to protect himself. The party runs down after. The wizard makes himself known as Kasioppar. He congratulates the group for their efforts upstairs. It is said he controls the tower. It is revealed he is working for the ministry of wind. Although he is grateful the champions have dispatched his biggest problem, he does want them gone. He offers to send them back and after some convincing will grant the party members some requests in the form of a reward.



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