Legacy of Heroes

R.I.P Tankar and Basalt

The party leave Lord Samulbrar to try and difuse the situation between him and the townsfolk who think he is a vampire. As they leave the sun descends. A young teenage man in velvets and silks approach the party. Cathbad detects everything on him is magical. Danik is his name and he is Lord Samulbrar’s ward and heir. He is aware of all the negative comments about the lord and that they come from The Riddle of the Chase, an inn in town. The town Constable cant arrest anyone over these comments. Someone there is trying to cause trouble. Nyrindle used to rule this area about 55 years ago and no one knows why he was removed from power or dont want to talk about it. Willowbark and Uther go into the forest to hunt around, Hiyoto goes to the nearest pub which is the Pickled Egg, while the rest of the party go to see the lady Constable. The door is opened by a Halfling and they are taken to see the constable. Tita is her name. She doesnt want any help and resents the party interfering. Never the less, the party decides to investigate things further. There is a public meeting in the Riddle of the Chase tomorrow night. Meanwhile out in the forest Willowbark and Uther find some ruins and it seems that someone is living there. They camp in the forest for the night while the rest of the party take rooms in the Pickled Egg and find Hiyoto drinking the inn dry. In the morning Willowbark takes a vantage point in a tree to keep an eye on the ruins and sends Uther back to town to inform the party. He wont go until she vows not to move from that tree, she agrees. She spots Danik sneaking through the trees towards the ruins. She is that well hidden that Danik climbs the same tree as her and doesnt notice her hiding spot. She now watches him as well as the ruins. Meanwhile in town Glim goes to the Riddle of the Chase inn and plants bombs as a contingency escape plan in case things go wrong. Uther arrives and informs the party of what they have found and lead the party back to Willowbark. Cathbad now in Lion form with Glim and Basalt riding his back manage to make enough noise to alert Danik to their presence. He is spotted and is lighted up by faerie fire and It is then that Willowbark makes herself known and frightens Danik. He falls out of the tree but manages to save himself from falling. She kicks the little git out of the tree and he falls to the ground to talk with the party. He came to watch the ruins as he thinks there is a coven of evil witches living there. They eventually let him leave. Willowbark leaves her tree and investigates the ruins now the party have joined her. It has a burnt out foundation with lots of overgrown vegetation and 2 small buildings with a vineyard growing nearby. They investigate the buildings first. One is a bottling room for the vineyard. The other is a small building that is cracked and crumbling with ivy running through it. There is a creepy feeling coming from this place with ramps going into the ground. Basalt looks for traps and finds a magical symbol carved into the floor. He disables it with the help of Tankar. There is a large bony footprint leading downwards. Cathbad determines it is from a giant. Willowbark follows it downwards, the party follow. She hears noises coming at her and retreats to the safety of the party. There is 2 Ettin skeletons coming towards the party and are easily dispatched by the fighters of the party. They are now in an area that was a wine cellar. They find a barrel of liquid, Kiyoto drinks it thinking its wine. It is in fact a barrel of castor oil and he is in for some disgusting bodily functions in a few hours time. Willowbark senses a secret trapdoor inside a storage cabinet and Tankar opens it. A Glyph of Warding goes off and so does Tankar. R.I.P Tankar. He is killed straight out. His body falls down the hole, Kiyoto follows it to save Tankars magic cat and the party follow. At the bottom is a chamber that contains a writing desk and chair next to 2 black polished wooden coffins. The room is 15 feet by 15 feet. Inside the desk are several notes written by Lord Samulbrar, some describing his fear and others describing his descent into vampirism. Seems he is a vampire after all. Some of the notes are covered in blood. This is part of his personal journal, the notes are taken to use as evidence later on. One drawer wont open. Basalt tries to open the drawer and another Glyph goes off killing him instantly as well. Willowbark puts his body into the portable hole so they can take him back and have him resurrected at some stage. The party destroy the desk and find more notes here. One addressed to Danik, one a shopping list and another a love letter to Mason. Nothing of interest. Cathbad opens one of the coffins, only dirt here so he opens the other one and there is only dirt again. They climb out of the room, it is now noon. They examine the burnt out ruins which have a shallow pit containing scorched bones and smashed headstones. Cathbad finds Daniks scent so he can track him later. Willowbark takes to the air and scouts out the area, nothing in view except Danik in the South, the town in the South, a pond to the east, forest to the west, mountains to the north and sea to the south. She rejoins the party on the ground. They investigate the ruined vineyard, it is littered with tools. They decide to head back to town to attend the meeting at the inn. They meet a Cleric of Lythander called Daniel Starrunner and he manages to bring Basalt back to life. The meeting is being chaired by Olthis, who is the owner of the inn and Tita, there is about 100 people attending. Tita brings forth Folder, Lord Samulbrars butler. Seems he has been under some spell and is worried about his lord. He hunts people and kills them and is sometimes gone for days on end. Glim disappears outside, he has remembered his berry bombs and doesnt want to be in the exploding range of them in case he has to set them off. Folder says his master is a vampire and was cursed by witches of Rashaman and believes that Danik is one too who has taken a potion that lets him walk around in the sunlight. Folder wants the townsfolk to kill Danik and his master. Willowbark brings forth the evidence found in the writing desk. The meeting quickly turns into an unruly mob that wants to kill Lord Samulbrar and Danik. Cathbad turns into a giant squid to get the attention of the mob and manages to persuade them to calm down and let the party deal with the situation so no towns member has to die in the process.



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