Legacy of Heroes

Riddle me this.

the group has a scroll message delivered to them. Kurl recognises the seal and says OH CRAP. it seems it was sent by someone called Elminister. It describes the party exactly so there is no mistaking that it gets delivered to anyone else. The gist of the message says that Elminster of Shadowdale understands that we are dealing with the ministry of winds and he can put us into contact with someone who can help us if we visit him. The party decide to rest before heading off. Meanwhile Cathbad teleports himself back to the druids to present the head druid with the hag druids robes and to inform them of what transpired. He also gets some more information about Elminster. He is almost considered a god and is a very very very powerful wizard that we dont want to cross. He also has a close friendship with the god of magic. He teleports back to the group. They mount the pegasi and head off to see Shadowdale and Elminster. It takes 3 days. Shadowdale looks like a nice village. It has a pub, druids grove, 2 temples, a manor house,Mother Tara fest hall and several farms. Also is an underrated tower. Jock enters the Old Skull Inn. It is a 3 story building with a smoky taproom. He orders drinks and asks for information on the town. The 2 temples belong to Lathander and Tyche. After drinks they decide to approach the tower which is about 3 to 4 stories high. Cathbad knocks and a side door opens into a kitchen. Inside is a man taking fresh bread out of the oven. The party enter the kitchen. While they partake of the fresh bread and a meal the man disappears to inform the master that we are here. After half an hour he returns and the party go to meet Elminster and as Kurl is the only one who has heard of him, the party push him ahead to act as spokesman or victim depending on how one looks at the situation. Elminster is wearing red wizard robes and is reclining on a divan. He was sent a description of the party and is acting as an intermediary on behalf of someone else located on the other side of this world. A Sphinx which is a lion with the head of a human. It has sent out a description to many people looking for the party and wishes to see us. He is a great depository of knowledge and therefore has information on the ministry. His name is Khubsheth the prophet and located in a desert with 2 statues of sphinxes. He is located at one of the bases of said statues. As the party do not want to take the pegasi into the desert plus they are only on loan to us and have to return to the druids, the party ask Elminster how long it will take to get there. 5 months walking, or 3 months by horse, or 3 to 4 months by ship but he will teleport us within 4 miles of the sphinx which the party thankfully accept. He takes us to the top of his tower and teleports us to the desert. Heat is very oppressive and they have appeared directly in front of one of the statues at the back of it. It is a very large statue and is a 4 mile walk around to the front. They head off and eventually enter a small valley located between the 2 front paws of the statue. Sleeping at the entrance is a Sphinx, Glim realises it is not snoring but actually casting spells at the party. It grows in size and stands up. It summons a swarm of insects to attack the party which Willowbark casts windwall to push them away. The party attack the Sphinx in defense as it doesnt want to communicate or come to any understanding. Eventually a voice booms out a riddle then the sphinx dies. Behind the sphinx is a cave. The riddle said, poisoned pride once broke our pact, we bound the deafless and buried them deep, to wait for shadows bane, 2 legs walk where 4 legs failed, and Kuthbshet blood will break the shield, the cursed one waits within, the prophets slayers are bound within ,to pass the test complete our test, and break Ankorets crown. They enter the cave through a stone doorway. Inside is a 20 foot wide corridor with dusty stairway. The stairs continue a quarter of a mile into another 20 foot corridor. It is 70 foot room with 20 foot high walls with murals on. There are columns with runes. At the other end of the corridor is a set of double doors with a female sphinx wearing a crown. Willowbark as usual blunders ahead with Basalt following and try the door. It doesnt open but a trap door filled with spikes appears under them, they both manage to swiftly evade the trap. Meanwhile Cathbad and Glim examine the murals. The party is depicted in them. Jock examines the floor looking for any other traps or levers and finds none. Willowbark and Basalt rejoin the party. She spots writing on the floor which strangely she can understand. It says When the sphinx queen faces west the time to enter the tomb is best. The murals also depict the history of an empire working with gods and also of a royal family with sphinx on a river. On closer examination of the columns they find that they can be rotated. The party rotate the columns, the pit closes, the door opens. Beyond the door is an impressive hall with another door in the far room and more murals. There are 5 stone pedestals on each wall, each containing a dead sphinx. The murals have the party depicted in them again. Cathbad investigates the dead sphinxes, the eyes appear to move and follow every move he makes. Just as a safety precaution he rotates them so that they are all facing and looking at each other. Jock opens the door. There is a chamber 80 foot square, 40 foot high. The party entered through the west corner but soon loose track of which corner it was. there are 4 doors each with a pedestal , a queen sphinx and a pyramid in the middle of the room. The doors all have riddles on them. The party work out the answers to riddles which are 1st door balance, 2nd door knowledge, 3rd door leadership and the 4th door foundation.



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