Legacy of Heroes

off to perform a ritual sacrifice

Cathbad blinks straight up through the exit to check if the coast is clear and that things are ok. He appears above a tressle table loaded with fish which is located over a manhole cover. He is in a fish market. The party follows and once they have paid the fishmonger for ruining his fish they move on. They head west towards Wales but briefly stop at Westminster where Tankar gets christened. They buy a large enough cart so Cathbad and Glod can pull the party. Tankar talks to the cart makers father who happens to be from Cormyr. He was running away from someone called Kelben Arunsun and came to this world. He is a very powerful sorcerer and gives Tankar a scroll so Tankar can contact him as he is a wanted man in his own world and wants to know if its safe to go home or not. There was also a previous party visiting here looking for something called the allspark. He enchants some armour for Jock which will take about 8 days, enough time for the party to do what they have to do. With no more information to be gotten from him the party continue on to Cardiff. The journey takes 3 days and they arrive on the outskirts of Cardiff. There is a very gaudily painted castle that is painted in all different colours. It is surrounded by walls which in turn is surrounded by a city encased in more walls. They are stopped by guards at the city gates and questioned. They pay their way through and approach The Chipped Chessboard Inn where they stay and rent out rooms for a week. Jock goes to compete in some fighting and takes Cathbad in bear form to compete in some bear fighting to earn some local money and information gathering. They find out that there is 2 prisons in Cardiff but the one they are looking for is an oubliette that is 4 feet by 4 feet by 4 feet in the bottom of Cardiff castle. Meanwhile Tankar goes to St. David church and tells the priests there that he is on pilgrimage and wishes to enter the prison and spread the word of god to the prisoners. He enters the prison and finds Corialanus and talks to him. He asks about the ritual. The sacrifice has to be unwilling and can be human or human form like an ape or monkey. Tankar returns to the party and informs them that he has found Corialanus. Mimsy sends Glod in under cover of night and he returns with Corialanus after pulling him out of jail through the ground. He bolts and the group catch him but he bolts again and the part stops him again. Unwilling to find a suitable candidate for the ritual Cathbad summons a chimpanzee and the ritual is complete and the ministry of winds are sealed away for 1001 years in this world. Corialanus death is inevitable and he dies within a week of his release but he tells how to get to the ministry of winds plane. They return to London to collect Jocks armour and talk to the sorceror. They bargain a way back to Faerun. They enter his cellar and stand in a stone circle. They reappear in a stone circle with an altar that has a sheep on it, there are druids standing around. It seems they have appeared back in the druids grove. They return to Castle Glim for rest.



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