Legacy of Heroes

Lost paths to lost people

Dungeons and Dragons
GM: Shaun Hately
Session: 12th, October 2014
Module: Man Forever

The Forces for Good (Cathbad, Basalt, Mimsy, Jok, and Daniel) are 2 miles out of town, at the farming homestead, and the hidden underneath areas of the evil townslet of Tieflings.
The hag, known as Stavrella -———, has fled the town but is tracked by Cathbad Celestial Lion south east for 8 miles, to the main west-east road. She is apparently heading west, a noise comes from the road to the east.
Two men on horseback with bannered spears stop at the edge of a daylight spell. Daniel runs and greets the knights, bousting his name to the knights.
A princess is riding in a wagon, she is around 18, she is entertained by Cathbad and and Daniel. Lady Knight Romass, the princesses body guard and appointed knight. She had seen a ranger of 6’3" height dressed in green had passed the caravn. Twenty minutes past, 2 miles back, the caravan passed a non-descript traveller. The interest is now on who this traveller.
A mile on, the ranger is encountered. He traded a ring with the Hag, for a measly 1000gp. Jok chats and starts gambling with the ranger for a chance to win a dagger.
Cathbad turns into a hippogriff to track down Stavrella, but she has disguised herself somehow, or flown away without trace.
The previous family, Narrindals, are raised as the next lead.

Jok chases down the ranger, convinced he had cheated, and confronts him. After a little wrangling Jok secures the dagger and gold back. Then commands Drumknut to attack, since Jok promised not to attack.

Returning to Morrinay, as falcons, quickly. The town is emptyish, things are quiet, the sherrif’s house/office has a broken window.
The townsfolk, gathered in the Inn, are preparing for mob actions against the Lord Semulbra.
After many shouting boasts they settle down.
The Constable, Tita Hurven, has been FENCE POSTED into the town square with two fake “Vampire Bites” and Daniel retrieved her body for the temple.
The tavern owner was under an enchantment spell causing him to spout hatespeech about Semulbra.
In town after brunch the Princess Lorelan makes a public appearance, and more flirting ensues. Daniel offers to make a painting of the Princess in town bringing hope to the people, as a royal appearance.

Session end.



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