Legacy of Heroes

London bound

The party finds themselves lost in the desert. Cathbad changes into eagle form and espies the layout of the land and which direction we should be headed. He stays in the skies to act as lookout for the party and to make sure they are going in the right direction toward Shadowvale. On the second night in the desert they make camp. Sometime in the middle of the night a sudden rainstorm hits them, it is unlike any sort of rain they have encountered before. The sky goes black and the next thing the party knows is that they can feel grass underneath them and the sun is rising. They get the feeling they are not in the same place and have been teleported again. They are in a field of about 30 to 40 cows. with a man wearing homespun clothing approaching. He demands money for camping in his field. It turns out the closest town is called London. Somehow the party are under an enchantment that makes everyone look humanish. Hacksor pays him off with silverware. They are in a place called Little Skorin which is about 8 miles out of London. The party ask many questions. They are in a country called England and the current king is someone called Richard 1, or so the farmer thinks. Sir Steson is the farmers Lord and he hasnt been seen for several months. He lives in a manor house on the hill which is currently occupied by a steward. The party head off to London. A couple of miles later they come across a party of people of donkeys. Willowbark shoots an arrow at them in warning and tells them to halt. One of them is holding a cross on a stick, another person is shirtless carrying a whip. Another man gets off a donkey and dons a sword and armour and approaches the party. He will defend the others as he thinks we are bandits. Willowbark explains that she thought they were the bandits and were going to attack us. It seems he is heading to the holy land and his party are pilgrims who worship someone called God. He goes back to get his priest to come and talk to the party. Father Sparhawk approaches and after a conversation about his god and our many gods he decides we are heathens and runs back to his party yelling to kill Tankar. Glim shoots magic missile at the priest to protect the party. The priest dies. On seeing this his party of pilgrims scatter and the knight steps up to protect them while they are escaping. Cathbad makes a deal with Glim not to kill anyone else for a day. Tankar approaches the knight and apologises for Glim. Somehow he sees through Tankars enchantment and sees his true form of a dragon and attacks Tankar. He manages to grapple the knight down to the ground. The knight says we have a devil child who can do witchcraft. Mimsy makes things worse by summoning Glod to try and convince him we are not devil demons but magical beings from another world. He doesnt believe us so Tankar puts him into a deep sleep. The party move on to London. Within an hour they see a huge walled city with a river on its left. There is a large castle on the edge of the city with many people walking around the vicinity. They enter a small village on the outskirts with a temple and a few houses. There is a man with a donkey and a dead body of the priest that Glim killed from the pilgrim party talking to a head priest at the temple. He tells the priest we are devil demons. Cathbad manages to persuade the priest that we are not devils and the priest just happened to drop dead. The head priest believes him and they continue on to London. The main gates are wide open with guards on either side. They demand to know what business the party is on and Cathbad says we are there to restock supplies and move on. They say there is a fee for entering and Glim pays it. Inside they enter the first church they find to try and get some information. No one has heard of the Ministry of Winds. The priest here summons a junior priest called Andrew to lead us to a monastery. They stop by a market to gather supplies and move on. Jock spies a pub called The Bull and Bear and they all make a detour for it. Much information gathering. There is no King called Richard but 2 rulers, one called King Stephen who occupies the castle, another ruler called Empress Mathilda who occupies the tower. Tankar heads off to the monastery to see if he can train with the monks and to get some answers. Someone there has heard of the Ministry of winds, a man called Leopald Wisdom was talking about them 4 months ago and was accused of witchcraft and locked up in the tower of London. Tankar rejoins the party and tells what he knows. The party find an Inn called the kitkat club and spends the night resting. Meanwhile, while the party are resting Jock investigates the town and the tower vicinities. There are 2 entrances with guards walking the parapets every 2 to 3 minutes. He scales the walls of the tower, no one notices. He can hear various conversations. He makes a diversion and enters a tower. There is a barracks with a spiral staircase going up to a landing with a heavy oak door. It is occupied. 2 more floors which are unoccupied. He goes back down to the door and throws stones through a grate in the door and wakes the occupant. He has found Leopald. He rejoins the party in the inn. Tankar not knowing this has done his own investigations of the tower, climbs a wall but someone sees him and shoots arrows at him and sets off alarm bells. He turns invisible and knocks out a guard, unlock the door and enters Leopalds cell. He asks questions of Leopald. He knows a bit about the Ministry of winds and it seems someone wanted to hire out his house. He wants a pardon in exchange for showing Tankar where his house is. Tankar breaks out of the tower and returns to the inn to tell the party what he knows. Dawn breaks and the party ask the inn keeper who is a justice of the peace and how to get a pardon for Leopald. The inn keeper just happens to be a jp and informs the party they need to see the Empress queen. They head off to the tower. A guard recognises Jock from the previous night as someone who was climbing the walls of the tower, he persuades the guard that it wasnt him and they are allowed to enter. They are in luck, it is audience day with the queen but unfortunately there is a queue of about 30 people. It will take hours so through any means possible Jock manages to get rid of half the queue and after an hour they get to see the queen. The queens advisor says there is no Leopald Wisdom in the tower, he was executed 3 months ago. The queens summons the executioner to talk to Jock. After talking to him, Jock manages to procure a pardon for Leopald. They release Leopald and he leads them to his home.



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