Legacy of Heroes

Kingdom of Impultur

The party hear of a kingdom called Impultur that is a good place to sell items. They have heard that it is a civilised and large town that is giving good prices on 2nd hand items and various precious metals. Other kingdoms are getting worried that this may start a war. The party decide to investigate this city. After a 4 day journey by flying the party arrive at Impultur. They arrive in the county of Agmoth just outside a city called Moronay. They are selling various precious metals from the local mines. Also someone is buying magic items at a high price from anybody willing to sell. Moronay is located in mountain country. It is not a large city as previously told but a small town of about 2000 people. The party land on the road south of the city and make their way on foot to the town. Outside the town is a type of wall, not quite a pallisade but enough to stop any invasion. They are not stopped at the town gates so can easily walk through. There is various militia people walking around. All the buildings have heavy wooden shutters over the windows that look new. They head for the only inn in town called the Silver Serpent inn. There is a smell of garlic and rosemary in the air. Inside there is garlic and rosemary hanging from the roof, walls and doors. from various information gathered there is riots in the town and the ruling faction is ruling badly. People are disappearing from the town. People are nervous about talking to outsiders. They say that Lord Samulbrar Chasesis is a vampire or demon. He has been a lord for as long as anyone can remember but he still looks young. He is in his manor outside of town. People are being eaten outside the town. There also was a priest in town who was responsible for the bank and started asking questions about the lord and soon disappeared. Rumours were that he was arrested for embelzement. He was replaced by Gracelyn. They are told of a woman called Stavrola who might be interested in buying our gear. Word is sent out to her. In the morning midway through breakfast a small woman appears and approaches the table. Her name is Stavrola and buys all the unwanted gear the party has. everyone gets a share of the proceeds which work out to be 11,854 gp each. The party ply her with questions. She works for a consortium called the Guild and she comes from Sigil. She doesnt believe the Lord to be a vampire or a demon but says he does look very young. People panicked in town because it seems they were disappearing and being eaten outside of town. All the missing people either owned land or owned house outside of town. It seems that empty buildings become the property of the crown if not lived in or claimed after 7 years. With no more information to be gotten out of her the party move on to the manor house. It is located just outside of Moronay, a fairly imposing building but not quite a castle. It is well fortified and would seem very hard to break into. Guards are at the gates wearing black. They send a message up to the manor that the party are here and want to see the Lord. They are admitted to the butler who takes them eventually to the Lord.He is Folder the butler, a slender elderly man with glasses wearing dark purple velvet and a frilly collar. He takes the party to the solar which is very large. There is glass everywhere that is tinted. Sitting in a chair in the brightest part of the room is a man of about 30 years but they can tell he is older as his eyes are sunken and he is very thin and wearing a sword that he is fingering. He says everyone is plotting against him. He is Lord of the farming area but not the town. He is aware of people disappearing in the town. The party ask him questions and he gets very upset and defensive. Cathbad determines he is under a spell of enchantment. He offers to dispel it but the Lord doesnt want it gone. As he doesnt seem to know what he wants, Cathbad tries to dispel the enchantment. Lord Samulbrar realises Cathbad is doing this and draws his sword and attacks. A small fight ensues, Willowbark disarms him by shooting his sword out from his hand, Jock manages to grapple him. He yells for the guards so Basalt sticks his hand in his mouth to shut him up. The dis enchantment is successful and he is not happy. He used to be an adventurer and was in a group of fellow adventurers who were dealing with a hobgoblin infestation in a forest. A druid priestess bound him to her grove. As long as the grove remained healthy, he remains healthy, thus his longevity. It was at this point that he decided to retire from adventuring and persuaded the king to give him these lands. He had previously undertaken tasks for the kingdom and for personal gain. He soon became bored with retirement and re united his party. He dealt with witches called the Derthel from Rashaman and his party died. The Church of Shar is after him because he has some items that they want.



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