Legacy of Heroes

killing a Sphinx

The party appear on a stone platform infront of a swirling crystal globe which is 4 feet in diameter. Willowbark steps towards it but Jock steps on her cloak to stop her. Inside the globe is a horrible figure, it looks like Basalt. Mimsy is sure that Basalt is about to step out of the crystal and attack the party. Basalt steps up to it. Glim casts magic missile at the globe and slightly cracks it. Basalt attacks the fake Basalt. Jock trips the real Basalt to the floor and holds him there. The figure now coaleses into a smaller figure. Glim shatters the globe. Inside is a huge tentacle shaped mushroom creature. His name is Kregor and he is a semi demi prince of plane of shadows. He was enclosed by Merath the Sphinx. He informs us she is standing behind us. She actually is standing on a balcony slightly above us and she wants us to kill Kregor. While everyone talks to Merath, Willowbark shoots Kregor, nothing happens. Jock gets off Basalt. Willowbark reaches up to grab Kregor to try to release him but Uther slaps her down to stop her. Jock throws some holy berries that Glim prepared at both Kregor and Merath. Now Kregor has vanished as well as Basalt. Combat starts and Merath focuses all her attention on Jock and swallows him whole. She yells at Cathbad, do one thing for me, destroy the queen, destroy the crown and breathes at him. Kurl takes her out with a few well aimed strikes. Jock manages to find his way out through her throat and mouth. The room has doors on the west wall with runes on which read, behind lies the queens tomb, enter and visit the evil womb. There are doors on the balcony and a secret door at the end of the balcony. One of the doors leads to a room with an altar that the sphinx was using as a bed. Crow opens the secret door which leads to a beautifully carved arched passageway which is smooth and carved out of emerald. The doors ahead have been painted green to match the corridor. The party hear heavy breathing coming from the other side. They open the door. There is a large empty space with 6 circular columns and a stone platform with a large sphinx creature covered in bandages. Glim starts to cast fireball at it. A voice says in his head, You do not want to do that little one. He ignores it and casts fireball but it backfires and blows off his left hand. They talk to the sphinx. She is Ankhoret and she understands that the party are here to talk to her and kill her. She informs them that she used to work for the Ministry of Winds but now she works for fire. A singularity exploded and created many worlds, the ministry of winds is the proto winds. At the edges of the multiverse there are barriers that hold back many things. The ministry was supposed to control and enforce these barriers but it has since been corrupted. If the party are against the ministry it seems the party are destined for great power. The ministry either uses you for a tool or marks you as enemies. Cathbad asks about the carvings on the walls of the party. It seems they are the ones who are prophesised to kill her. She is willing to be killed. Glim takes the crown and casts disintegrate on it. An earthquake begins. A hole appears in the roof, Cathbad transforms into a blink dog and escapes to the surface. The party make a mad dash along the balconies and climb up the sand that Cathbad has pushed down to make an escape route for them. They eventually find themselves standing around a huge crater in the middle of the desert with the original statue of the sphinx that they first saw. there are mountains in the distance.



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