Legacy of Heroes

hunting vampires

the party head off toward the mansion to confront Lord Samulbrar. A quick reconnaisance around the mansion shows a stables with a side door, a back door leading up some stairs and an opening leading down into a cellar. The constable insists on coming along. They knock on the front door and it is answered by Folder who tells them to come back at dawn.They pretend they are pilgrims and are invited into the kitchen to eat some soup. Again Folder tells them to come back at dawn. They leave but Willowbark and Glim manage to hide themselves in the kitchen. In the house Folder sits down at the kitchen table and just stares blankly into space. There is a door leading back into the foyer, a door in the dining room, a door into the solar, stairs that go upstairs and a cupboard under the stairs. Glim and Willowbark manage to sneak behind Folder and investigate the manor, Glim distributing fire berries as they go. The dining room seems odd as there is dirty plates on the tables. In the solar there is the smell of incense burning, a black velveet cloak with rubies is draped over a chair, it belonged to Danik. They hear a creak behind them in the corridor and hide. Emerging from the cupboard under the stairs is an almost naked Danik wearing a robe. He walks into the kitchen and gets some food and returns to his room. They follow him down the stairs. It is pitch dark so they stay at the top of the stairs and hear a thump at the bottonm. Danik yells out for Folder, having nowhere to hide Glim and Willowbark decide to try going down the stairs. They manage to slide around around the room at the bottom and hide behind a fish tank. They see Danik writhing around the floor, he has somehow managed to get his robe tangled in the door and is hanging there. Folder brings a lit candle down the stairs. Folder cuts him down. There is bookshelves with books organised by size and 5 cloak hooks with identical cloaks hanging from them to the one Willowbark found upstairs. Under these are identical sets of boots. Danik continues to eat his food and gets into bed. Glim casts gust of wind and the candle blows out, he leaves the room. Willowbark is not so lucky and hears a voice behind her telling her that he would hate to shoot you. She stops, a crossbow bolt hits the wall after Glim. Willowbark tries to bluff her way out of the situation by seduction but fails. Glim casts some spells to rescue her and they both escape up the stairs. Danik manages to shoot himself in the leg. They meet Folder coming down the stairs and instruct him to tend to Danik. Glim sets off a fire berry and blows out a window in the solar so Willowbark grabs him and they fly out the window. Meanwhile back in town the party hear an explosion from the manor and from the inn where Glim left some berries previously. The inn is now on fire. Lord Samulbrar and Danik are seen riding into town to investigate the fire. Cathbad changes into an elephant and drains the nearest river to put out the fire. Standing next to Basalt is the town constable who looks confused and also several meters away is the same constable standing looking angry. Now the fire is put out Samulbrar and Danik return to the manor house. The party soon follow. They try the opening in the floor which leads to a laundry which leads to a privy which leads to Daniks room. He is on his bed asleep, a goblet containg wine and laudenum next to him. They go up the stairs and into the hallway. They start to go up the next set of stairs but Lord Samulbrar appears and stops them and demands to know why Willowbark broke into his house and tried to seduce Danik. Our new cleric Daniel tries to determine whether Samulbrar is a vampire, he is not. Lord Samulbrar worships Tyr. Glim confronts him with the diary papers, they are fake. Meanwhile Basalt sneaks back downstairs and stakes Danik through the heart believing him to be a vampire. Upstairs a scream is heard, Lord Samulbrar starts to descend, Willowbark jumps him and attempts to kiss him as a distraction but fails. He continues down the stairs, Cathbad manages to trip him and grapple him motionless. Daniel goes downstairs to see Danik and ressurrects him. Much conversation occurs between Samulbrar and the party. He wants the party to search for Folder as he has disappeared. Willowbark and Cathbad track Folder into town. The trail leads to the constabulary office, 2 horse trails lead away off to the east. The constable comes out, Basalt inform her of her double that he saw earlier. She seems to have lost all knowledge of the past couple of days. Willbark and Cathbad continue to track the horse trail out of town. They lead to the small pond of water that Willowbark found the day before while watching the ruins. The pool is very very very blue which makes it seem unnatural and it is filled with blue green algae. Cathbad determines it is an illusion and wades in. He sees a hole in the ground containing many buildings. The hole has 4 buildings, 1 ruined building, a well and another building. There are some humanoid creatures guarding the well, they are Tieflings. He comes out and informs the party and they go in. Cathbad heads towards the well and is told to go away by the Tieflings, he ignores them and continues forward to the well. He climbs down the well and finds nothing so comes back up. They ignore the Tieflings and continue following the horse trail. They come upon a horse corral containing 2 horses. As they pass a building a door open with a Tiefling watching Willowbark. They have a discussion resulting in him going back into the building. Cathbad, Daniel and Glim follow him in. It is a barracks area. A Tiefling tries to cast dominate person on Cathbad, it fails and the Tiefling dissappears. Once outside Glod tells of a huge underground network of tunnels under the eart. He wants to know why it is called the underdark. Daniel talks to the 2 Tieflings and they lead the party to a building, the 2 people are inside. Once inside they appear in a dining area with a door. Glod and Mimsy determine that there is 2 people inside this building. The dining room leads to a bedroom. It contains a Planar elf lying in the bed. She is pregnant. Her name is Lassa assa assa, Willowbark calls her Lassie and she refuses to talk to Willowbark. She is here as part of an exchange and to be studied by a hagspawn. She was made to be a specimen for study and is a medical model. She points to a trapdoor and says the people the party are looking for are down there. The party go down the trapdoor into another room and confront 2 Tieflings who are wearing the constable clothes and Folder clothes. They worship a god who takes the form of a spider and refuse to say her name. Daniel says Llolth and one of the Tieflings explodes. They were paid to make sure Lord Samulbrar and Danik were killed so they could be stripped of the land titles. The lands were owned by the Namida family who once owned the area and ruins. Andik is the name of the hag and can be found outside in the barracks.



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