Legacy of Heroes

Fried seagulls, magic flying castle and how to go splat

The party find themselves in their various living quarters and all notice a note that has been delivered to them. It says if you are still interested in MOW come and see Iraskius. They approach the king and he makes enquiries about Iraskius. At closer inspection of the note it looks like the party are expected to know who Iraskius is. Within a couple of hours an Ithilid approaches the king and informs the party of his whereabouts. He is located on the western side of the city and they are given directions to find him by following the various signs scattered about the city. When approaching the house the party notice that the top floor is on fire. It is an illusion. Willowbark approaches the door which has a door knocker in the shape of a face. A sign accompanies this saying warning the door is cruder than it appears. Willowbark knocks and the door knocker starts talking. Eventually the door opens and a young man dressed as a wizard appears. The party are admitted and given drinks. He starts writing everything down that the party are saying for his records. He invites them into the next room, there is a magic circle on the floor. It is a mind altering circle. Iraskius insists on the party entering the room and standing in the circle, they refuse except for Cathbad who goes in. Cathbad argues with him as he seems to be holding something back from the party. The magic circle makes everyone tell the truth. Since no one else will enter Iraskius takes the party into another room. He is an information broker and will sell information to anyone who wants it. Cathbad bargains with him that we will trade information for information. He has information about a large castle that has appeared in the middle of nowhere in a town called Northcliff. It is 9 miles to the west from the nearest gate. There is a large invisible object hovering above the city as some seagulls flew into it and died. It sounds like something that the party found on an earlier adventure that the Ministry of Winds was involved in. He also tells of the fire illusion on his top floor of his house, it is from a dispute with an Illussionist. Every time the fire brigade are called it costs the wizard 100gp and it seems it cant be dispelled as it keeps reappearing. The party decide to go investigate this invisible structure and see if it does in fact involve the Ministry. It takes 2 hours overland to get to Northcliff. 2 miles out Cathbad and Willowbark notice fields of flowers that are in rows of various flowers. They are not native to this world. There is also a lot of bees. Once they reach Northcliff they notice there is a lot of beehives. There is 2 pubs, the Honeypot and the Bees Knees. There is various shops selling clothes and armour. The party find a pile of dead seagulls. Danial purifies them and Cathbad, Danial and Glim start to cook them and try to sell them among the townsfolk who dont seem to be interested in eating dead seagull. While this is going on Willowbark takes to the skies in a bid to find the invisible castle. The party hear Sir Uther running around yelling shes falling shes falling help her. Glod picks up Uther and throws him many thousands of feet into the air where he grabs her and they both start falling at an even more alarming rate. It seems they are doomed until Danial casts polymorph on them and changes them into bouncing rubber balls. She wakes up with Uther standing over her. It seems she found the castle by flying face first into it and going splat against it and fell unconscious from 8000 feet up in the air. Miraculously she has no damage except for a splitting headache. An alarm starts sounding from a pub. It means the bees are coming home and everyone must get inside for protection. The party disregard this and watch the bees coming in. Glim talks to the bees. They dont say much except for the seagulls are dumb for flying into invisible thing in sky. They are told to go see Amelia who lives in the cottage that looks like honeycomb. She is the local wise woman. They go talk to her. In exchange for information about the prism castle she wants an appropriate present. Willowbark gives her a necklace in exchange and they receive information. It appeared 102 years ago when she was a young woman even though she looks only about 70. It was visible at first and looked like stained glass. Something fell from it and someone took it and the castle vanished. A man named Godric sold it to a jeweller in the big city and we must go talk to Lady Perras for more information. She thinks the item that was dropped was a key. Go visit Lady Perras, her house is surrounded by bee hives and bees. The door is opened by a small wiry man who looks like a halfling but is not. He is a kender. The party check their belongings. They are admitted to the parlour and see Lady Perras. She is heavily veiled, they are given drinks. They ask about the prism castle. She appeared just 10 years after the castle appeared. She came from a plane called Elysium, a plane of goodly nature. She is in fact a bird woman. The key is located with Iraskius back in the city. Cathbad flies back to the city and a talk with Iraskius. He flies into his bedroom and starts talking with him, it seem now we are interested in the key he wants 1000gp for it. Cathbad agrees that the party will pay him and receives the key. The key is more of a crystal than a key and has magical blue sigils across it that say Crystal keep and bridge of light, return me to my castle right. The key will allow ascent into the castle for anyone stood within 10 feet of it. It will change descriptions when ready to return to land. Cathbad returns to the party with the key. It is now night and the stars seem distorted and out of alignment. In the morning they try and sell some more fried seagull and some of the townsfolk are interested. They recite the inscription and everyone is transported to the castle at a rapid rate via what seems like a crystal rainbow. They are deposited in a cloud of fluffy sliver glen of mist. The castle raises from the clouds and is shaped with crystals. It has various keeps in different colours. There is a clear crystal gate ahead that has spires flanking either side of it. It is made of delicate crystal sheets that are black in colour. A rune in the form of a sunburst is on the gate. Cathbad touches the crystal to it and the door opens. Once inside there is clear arching glass overhead with walls of quartz. The room is adorned with statues and shields. There is a double door flanked with 2 suits of armour. One speaks and demands to know who dares enter the castle of the Queen Arinia the queen of beauty. Danial replies that he is here to paint the queen. A door slams open and 4 men appear. One of them says we are not welcome here and trespassers will be dealt with. He asks why are we here and Cathbad asks why they are here. They live here because they cant fix going back to their own plane. Cathbad tells them they are illegally parked and they have to move the castle. They refuse. Cathbad demands to see the mistress of the castle. They refuse so Basalt sneaks up behind one and holds a knife to his throat. It seems threatening his people wont help us but they take the party anyway to see the mistress. They pass 2 Margoyles chained to the wall, Danial and Mimsy make friends with them. Mimsy tears the chains off the wall and lets them go, she wants them as pets. They continue on to see the mistress. They enter the yellow spire. A warm golden glow fills the chamber. It has various walnut bookshelves filled with books, many potted plants and desks. A half elven woman is tending the pot plants. She is wearing bikini chain mail with leather armour underneath it. She asks what do we want. They ask for information about the MOW. She has nothing to do with them. They dont believe her as invisible buildings seem to be something the MOW do. She stole the castle from someone who is a Tanar ri, a Babau demon. Glim insults her by saying she is weak for not knowing anything. A fight almost ensues. The castle is invisible so it doesnt cause panic in the lands below. It seems it is slowly descending and she doesnt know why. Cathbad tells her the castle is parked illegally and she must move it. Much arguing goes on about moving the castle so it doesnt fall on the town below. It seems it can be steered away but only Robert knows how to steer it. They ask to see Robert, he is in the helm but she wont take the party to see him. More arguing ensues and Willowbark and Glim manage to sneak off to find Robert for themselves.



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