Legacy of Heroes

examining the treehouse

The balcony continues around the treehouse. Tankar knocks on the door. A voice answers and says leave or we will seriously kill you. Tankar tries and fails to open the door, so does Basalt. The door is made of wood but the hinges and locks are made of something called titanium. The party start attacking the door and making a dint in it. The voice opens it and it is an Elf.His name is Dion. Dion tells us we are not welcome here. Jock makes a deal involving the party leaving in exchange for the books they are looking for. Dion agrees and goes and gets all the books and starts throwing them at Jock. 3 of the books are ledgers of the Keliedsa estate. There is made mention of a secret door into the tree being carved for 120gp. Willowbark pops outside to find it. Inside the guards decide the party cant leave and a small scuffle ensues resulting in the party subduing the Elves. Another Elf appears and Hiyoto disarms him, Jock grapples him. Mimsy changes into a copy of Glod and bursts through the roof into the second story where there are 2 spiders cowering in fear. Glim talks to the spiders and decides to leave them alone. Tankar walks into the library which is now empty. It has windows on the east and south walls, in the centre is a brazier. There are 8 bunks, some tables and chairs and a door. Tankar opens the door and it leads to a corridor with 5 doors. Another Elf appears and says this house belongs to the lady so Tankar subdues it. Meanwhile outside Willowbark has found the secret door and opened it and entered. There is a 5 foot wide corridor leading to a circular staircase going down into the tree. At the bottom she waits for the party to join her. They are now 100 feet underground in a chamber. The air is damp and cool. There is a small rectangle pool near the edge of a wall. It is clear water with a rippling surface approximately 5 to 10 ft long and half as wide, bottom cant be seen. In the corners are doors with statues. Basalt searches for traps, everything goes pitch dark and a noise is heard. Something has swung as Basalt. Combat starts. Cathbad manages to dispell the darkness. There is standing amid the party 4 8ft tall Drow like creatures. After they are dispatched, Tankar searches the water and finds nothing of interest. Oddly enough though none of the water has displaced. There are 4 doors, 2 in the north wall, 2 in the South wall. Willowbark proceeds to open the doors. N left door room stinks, has old barrels and crates. The N right room is similar but has another secret door. Basalt opens it. The south left door is a storeroom, the south right door contains tapestries lining the walls with matching carpets. There is a brazier in the middle of the room with 2 divans facing each other. On one of the divans there is a dragon elf creature having a sexual encounter with a dark elf. Willowbark exits quietly and informs Tankar who goes in to investigate. He offers to join in. The dragon elf woman is Kamara the lady of the house. After much talking by Tankar and grappling she is defeated and everything of value is stripped off her and distributed to various members of the party. The secret door that Basalt opened leads to a chapel. There are torches and benches in the wall with tapestries on the walls and various corpses on the floor. Nothing of interest. Through one of the storerooms is another secret door which leads to a grotto with a garden. With nothing else to find they party leave to report back to Terallo.
treasure found 4 chain shirts, 4 composite longbows, mithral breastplate, wand cure mod wounds for Willowbark, amulet of protection, ring of protection plus 2 for Basalt, cloak of charisma plus 2, magic gloves, vial of purple worm poison, full plate armour, cloak of resistance plus 1 for Hiyoto, boots of striding and springing for Jock and Dragons head key



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