Legacy of Heroes

28 April 2013

After the party decide the only plan is to ambush Teradkad in the cells they proceed to the cell area. They clear out a room full of bugbears then move on down the corridor to the next door. While everyone debates what to do, Willowbark just opens the door and steps into the room. She encounters a room full of Goblins who think she is their mistress. She finds out they are making boxes( for what reason she will never know) and decides they are harmless and exits the room, closing the door behind her. They also realise that they are being watched as they keep seeing eyes watching them that disappear. The party moves further into the cell block to the main doors. there are 3 doors, Willowbark again opens a door and enters, surprising another room full of bugbears. Her surprise attack doesn’t go quite to plan, with her arrows missing their mark and her bowstring breaking. The rest of the party follow and a fight occurs with the bugbears centering their attacks on Willowbark who they have decided is nice and “squishy”. Once the room is cleared the party opens another door to find the cells are empty. The 3rd door is opened with Willowbark, Linriel and Conrad entering. Once inside they find a bugbear hanging upside down and a naked man chained to the wall. While Conrad interrogates the bugbear (resulting in its death),Willowbark and Linriel are enjoying themselves with a little bit of “50 shades of D & D” with the chains and Linriel’s whip with the naked man. Linriel eventually unties him and Conrad again interrogates him after healing him. He is missing 1 arm, several fingers are mangled on the other hand and he seems to have had his tongue cut out but manages to convey his intentions with Conrad. His name in Vrind and he is a soldier for the king of Brandos. He was sent to try and infiltrate Teradkad’s headquarter’s and find a way to stop the sand drug business which is harming his country.He also informs of a portal at the end of the cell block. After getting on Willowbark’s nerves she decides to kill the man but is stopped by Conrad so she packs up her bow and arrows and leaves the room in a huff. Linriel follows her into the hall and while everyone else is in the corridor she decides to step through the portal, Willowbark follows. Jock noticing that their 2 female companions have gone through a portal on their own and being the hero that he is, gallantly steps after them to offer his mighty support to 2 helpless females. Once through, Jock and Willowbark come under a mind spell and start to descend down a spiral staircase. Linriel, who is not affected uses her whip and trips them up so they are not going anywhere. Meanwhile on the other side, Conrad is still interrogating Vrind and finds out that the portal is 1 way so there is no way back. The rest of the party engage in a mighty dispute as to whether or not to leave the 3 companions to their own fate or head through the portal to join them. After much arguing Conrad pushes everyone else through the portal, dragging Vrind with him. Linriel plays a tune on her fiddle and saves everyone’s mind. Cathbad and Thraeko realise their throats feel weird but not enough to deter them from their purpose. The room they find themselves in is round with arcane symbols on the ceiling and a touch of energy tingling in the air. Thraeko stoneshapes a wall in front of the staircase so the party can safely rest and heal up. They notice the spiral staircase goes up as well as down but something is not quite right. Thraeko realises the staircase is out of phase. Ethelblue summons a Mephit and it flies up the staircase and comes back down and reports that there is a big crystal and a big snake man. Cathbad then summons a bird and sends it up the staircase to try and get a bit more info out of it. The bird comes back down and reports that there is a big crystal and a big snake man thingie. The party debates how to get up there and get some better info with the idea of having Jock drink their 1 and only flying potion and ascending up the out of phase staircase into the top room. Many more ideas are being discussed on how to get the party up there, if they want to go up there in 1st place.


Excellent – thank you for filling the gap

28 April 2013

And I forgot Conrad has a circlet of thought/mind reading; so really the chalk was for effect and group interrogation/questioning.

Thraeko spent most of the session summoning a BLASTOMANCER I think :P

28 April 2013

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