Legacy of Heroes

Fried seagulls, magic flying castle and how to go splat

The party find themselves in their various living quarters and all notice a note that has been delivered to them. It says if you are still interested in MOW come and see Iraskius. They approach the king and he makes enquiries about Iraskius. At closer inspection of the note it looks like the party are expected to know who Iraskius is. Within a couple of hours an Ithilid approaches the king and informs the party of his whereabouts. He is located on the western side of the city and they are given directions to find him by following the various signs scattered about the city. When approaching the house the party notice that the top floor is on fire. It is an illusion. Willowbark approaches the door which has a door knocker in the shape of a face. A sign accompanies this saying warning the door is cruder than it appears. Willowbark knocks and the door knocker starts talking. Eventually the door opens and a young man dressed as a wizard appears. The party are admitted and given drinks. He starts writing everything down that the party are saying for his records. He invites them into the next room, there is a magic circle on the floor. It is a mind altering circle. Iraskius insists on the party entering the room and standing in the circle, they refuse except for Cathbad who goes in. Cathbad argues with him as he seems to be holding something back from the party. The magic circle makes everyone tell the truth. Since no one else will enter Iraskius takes the party into another room. He is an information broker and will sell information to anyone who wants it. Cathbad bargains with him that we will trade information for information. He has information about a large castle that has appeared in the middle of nowhere in a town called Northcliff. It is 9 miles to the west from the nearest gate. There is a large invisible object hovering above the city as some seagulls flew into it and died. It sounds like something that the party found on an earlier adventure that the Ministry of Winds was involved in. He also tells of the fire illusion on his top floor of his house, it is from a dispute with an Illussionist. Every time the fire brigade are called it costs the wizard 100gp and it seems it cant be dispelled as it keeps reappearing. The party decide to go investigate this invisible structure and see if it does in fact involve the Ministry. It takes 2 hours overland to get to Northcliff. 2 miles out Cathbad and Willowbark notice fields of flowers that are in rows of various flowers. They are not native to this world. There is also a lot of bees. Once they reach Northcliff they notice there is a lot of beehives. There is 2 pubs, the Honeypot and the Bees Knees. There is various shops selling clothes and armour. The party find a pile of dead seagulls. Danial purifies them and Cathbad, Danial and Glim start to cook them and try to sell them among the townsfolk who dont seem to be interested in eating dead seagull. While this is going on Willowbark takes to the skies in a bid to find the invisible castle. The party hear Sir Uther running around yelling shes falling shes falling help her. Glod picks up Uther and throws him many thousands of feet into the air where he grabs her and they both start falling at an even more alarming rate. It seems they are doomed until Danial casts polymorph on them and changes them into bouncing rubber balls. She wakes up with Uther standing over her. It seems she found the castle by flying face first into it and going splat against it and fell unconscious from 8000 feet up in the air. Miraculously she has no damage except for a splitting headache. An alarm starts sounding from a pub. It means the bees are coming home and everyone must get inside for protection. The party disregard this and watch the bees coming in. Glim talks to the bees. They dont say much except for the seagulls are dumb for flying into invisible thing in sky. They are told to go see Amelia who lives in the cottage that looks like honeycomb. She is the local wise woman. They go talk to her. In exchange for information about the prism castle she wants an appropriate present. Willowbark gives her a necklace in exchange and they receive information. It appeared 102 years ago when she was a young woman even though she looks only about 70. It was visible at first and looked like stained glass. Something fell from it and someone took it and the castle vanished. A man named Godric sold it to a jeweller in the big city and we must go talk to Lady Perras for more information. She thinks the item that was dropped was a key. Go visit Lady Perras, her house is surrounded by bee hives and bees. The door is opened by a small wiry man who looks like a halfling but is not. He is a kender. The party check their belongings. They are admitted to the parlour and see Lady Perras. She is heavily veiled, they are given drinks. They ask about the prism castle. She appeared just 10 years after the castle appeared. She came from a plane called Elysium, a plane of goodly nature. She is in fact a bird woman. The key is located with Iraskius back in the city. Cathbad flies back to the city and a talk with Iraskius. He flies into his bedroom and starts talking with him, it seem now we are interested in the key he wants 1000gp for it. Cathbad agrees that the party will pay him and receives the key. The key is more of a crystal than a key and has magical blue sigils across it that say Crystal keep and bridge of light, return me to my castle right. The key will allow ascent into the castle for anyone stood within 10 feet of it. It will change descriptions when ready to return to land. Cathbad returns to the party with the key. It is now night and the stars seem distorted and out of alignment. In the morning they try and sell some more fried seagull and some of the townsfolk are interested. They recite the inscription and everyone is transported to the castle at a rapid rate via what seems like a crystal rainbow. They are deposited in a cloud of fluffy sliver glen of mist. The castle raises from the clouds and is shaped with crystals. It has various keeps in different colours. There is a clear crystal gate ahead that has spires flanking either side of it. It is made of delicate crystal sheets that are black in colour. A rune in the form of a sunburst is on the gate. Cathbad touches the crystal to it and the door opens. Once inside there is clear arching glass overhead with walls of quartz. The room is adorned with statues and shields. There is a double door flanked with 2 suits of armour. One speaks and demands to know who dares enter the castle of the Queen Arinia the queen of beauty. Danial replies that he is here to paint the queen. A door slams open and 4 men appear. One of them says we are not welcome here and trespassers will be dealt with. He asks why are we here and Cathbad asks why they are here. They live here because they cant fix going back to their own plane. Cathbad tells them they are illegally parked and they have to move the castle. They refuse. Cathbad demands to see the mistress of the castle. They refuse so Basalt sneaks up behind one and holds a knife to his throat. It seems threatening his people wont help us but they take the party anyway to see the mistress. They pass 2 Margoyles chained to the wall, Danial and Mimsy make friends with them. Mimsy tears the chains off the wall and lets them go, she wants them as pets. They continue on to see the mistress. They enter the yellow spire. A warm golden glow fills the chamber. It has various walnut bookshelves filled with books, many potted plants and desks. A half elven woman is tending the pot plants. She is wearing bikini chain mail with leather armour underneath it. She asks what do we want. They ask for information about the MOW. She has nothing to do with them. They dont believe her as invisible buildings seem to be something the MOW do. She stole the castle from someone who is a Tanar ri, a Babau demon. Glim insults her by saying she is weak for not knowing anything. A fight almost ensues. The castle is invisible so it doesnt cause panic in the lands below. It seems it is slowly descending and she doesnt know why. Cathbad tells her the castle is parked illegally and she must move it. Much arguing goes on about moving the castle so it doesnt fall on the town below. It seems it can be steered away but only Robert knows how to steer it. They ask to see Robert, he is in the helm but she wont take the party to see him. More arguing ensues and Willowbark and Glim manage to sneak off to find Robert for themselves.

The tale of a King, girl,a gem and a stubborn Halfling called Jock

The party escort the princess and her entourage to the capital. Mandrigal is a city the size of 100,000 people. The area the city is on used to be a desert so why is it here and how did it get here? Glim detects that this city has been built by magic. There are towers everywhere as if the city is under constant threat from someone but they are not currently manned. There are many groups of soldiers wearing tabards. These tabards and any crests or signs the party see are of the Gold Dragon. They enter through the main gateway which is huge. There are signs in every conceivable language ever invented written on the walls. It says Mandrigal welcomes those who do us no harm. Once through the gates the party notice many more groups of soldiers but every group has a mind flayer with it. They are not in chains but are wearing uniforms of the town guards of different ranks. The party know what these creatures are and try not to think, one approaches Willowbark and says do not fear us, we do not read every ones thoughts, only those who are evil. The princess starts to get annoyed that no one is paying attention to her. Jock talks to her about the mind flayers. They all start to head up the hill towards the castle. The princess says they will all be given accomodation either in the castle, druids groves or parks depending on peoples preferences. The castle looks like disneyland castle but looks like it has been painted by a 3 year old. There are a lot more guards here than in the city. The King and Queen are standing at the palace steps to greet the princess home. The princess runs up to him and demands to know where her money is now she has come of age. Jock talks to the King who asks if the princess has been given the letter, her nanny shakes her head no. The kings asks the nanny to take the princess to her quarters. The party follow the king inside as he wishes to speak to them. There are many maps all along the palace corridors. The rooms are all labelled and they enter drawing room 3. They all sit down on leather couches and a small man comes and takes the King and Queens crowns. The party say they know the Queen is not the Queen so she leaves. Drinks and food are provided. Talks begin about the letter. It actually says that the princess is not an adult yet and wont come of age until she is 25. The King wants to know why the party is useful and should be kept around. Jock makes a very elegant or a very confusing speech depending on how you want to look at it and convinces the King to keep the party on. The castle and King have only just arrived here and decides that we know more about this world than he does. They come from a space between worlds and he is familiar with the ministry of winds. They come from a place called Sigil and managed to free themselves and came to this world for a bit of peace. He seems very interested in Glim and his castle. He asks if anyone needs special accomodation for the party. Willowbark wants to stay in the gardens with nature, Cathbad in Unicorn form gets put in the stables even though he stamps he foot in annoyance or pleasure the party cant tell and even against the GM advice. Everyone else are shown to rooms. They are told they are welcome to come and go from the palace as they please but stay away from the princess as she is now having a tantrum. Glim asks for a map of the city and the palace but is refused because for some reason if a map is written down on paper it somehow manages to destroy itself. The only maps that seem to survive are the ones written on the walls, that is why every wall in the palace has a map and why every room is labelled. The city wizards cant seem to fix the problem as it is beyond them. The party now go out and explore the city streets. The crowds are starting to get thicker. A young girl covered in rags and filth bounces into everyone and they all check their purses, none have been stolen. She asks for help as someone is chasing her. A merchant with a club like mace appears and demands the girl come to him. 5 city guards approach and tell lisa not to go near the man as there is a 10000 gp bounty on his head. Glim and Hiyoto start a fight with the merchant. For some reason Glod wont approach the man and retreats. No one seems to be doing much damage to this man. He yells out for everyone to stop what they are doing and give him the girl and follow him before anyone gets hurt. Hiyoto yells too late, the merchant says so be it and combat continues. Jock yells at everyone to stop now as damage is not getting through. The man demands the girl again and Jock refuses to give her up so he grabs the girl and takes flight to get the girl to safety. unfortunately the merchant also takes flight and follows them . Cathbad changes into bird form and follows them and they are soon all out of sight. The merchant keeps yelling at Jock to give him the girl, they eventually land in the city and talk. Jock refuses to talk until the party is here. Cathbad goes back to the group and leads them to where Jock and the girl is. The girl is very frightened, it seems she is a thief and has taken a gem from the merchant. It is a very dangerous gem and he will give her 5000gp for it. The merchant wants the gem as a guard is after it and that is why he wanted the group to attack him with the promise of the bounty. The guard is actually a devil in disguise. Jock talks the girl into giving him the gem, she hands it over. It is a black gem. Glim determines that it is magic and is called The Nights Embrace. It has the properties to summon demons. The merchant once again asks for it and Jock refuses. Suddenly the merchant changes into a bright blue figure called a Daeva. He explains that someone called Thelaspar wants the gem but the Daeva called Gannamemnon wants to keep it from him. The gem has been lost for over a century and has now turned up and Ganna wants to keep it from Thelaspar He actually works for a Planetaar called Go Rel. He again asks for the gem and again Jock wont give it to him as he thinks the gem is actually safer with him. The Daeva is starting to get annoyed and transports the whole party to a shiny white place called Heaven. They all now look like spherical balloons and are just floating there. He changes the scenery to look like a bar so the party can navigate much more easily. Go Rel is the bartender. He wants to hide the gem. It cant be destroyed because that would unleash much evil into the world so he wants to keep it safe by hiding it. Go Rel asks for the Gem and once again Jock refuses as he still believes it will be safer with him than anyone else. Much arguing goes on between Go Rel, Ganna and Jock but Jock stands his ground and takes a vow to protect the gem until the end of his life. It is agreed as Go Rel is soon loosing his patience and rewards Jock with some super cool flight skills so he can protect the gem better. They are then all transported back to the town and arrive next to a giant lake. It seems that everyone but Jock is still shaped in ball form so Jock decides to play billiards using his party members as balls while waiting for them to change back into humanoid form. They continue to explore the city and go shopping. They try to look for the guard but it seems he turned back into a devil, destroyed a pub and fled the city

kidnapping a princess

Back in town the party find that the princess and her entourage have set up house. It is late evening and the party decide to investigate the constables quarters. The house is now guarded by 4 men at arms. They seem to have orders to arrest Glim on sight for crimes of arson and murder. They find Captain Reynalds who issued this warrant. He is in a large manor house with another 4 guardsmen at the door. Lieutenant Culpepper arrives to talk to the party and admit them to see the captain. The constable asks 2 questions of Glim. Did he murder the constable, NO. Is he responsible for starting a fire and burning down the inn. Glim doesnt answer but lets Cathbad do all the arguing. Cathbad jumps to the defense of Glim and says that while he was in elephant form he put the fire out so the inn didnt actually burn down. The captain rephrases the question and eventually Glim answers YES. It is established that he did actually start the fire but did not burn it down. They wish to take away his castle as punishment. Much arguing again and the captain decides instead for the help of a small adventuring party in exchange for Glims release. They agree. He has been ordered by the King to see that the princess has been kidnapped but not harmed. There is a prophecy that says before she comes of age she will be kidnapped so the king wants it to happen so she doesnt get hurt. It must be believable as well, the princess must never know. Daniel whispers to Mimsy and goes out. Next thing a guard rushes in and announces that the princess has been kidnapped. The captain and party rush to her room to find the floorboards shattered and exposed earth showing with a pair of legs sticking out from the dirt. Cathbad changes into a bear and digs the legs out which turn out to be Lady Rommas. It seems a big rocky hand appeared through the earth and took the princess and Daniel. Cathbad volunteers the party to go and find her. Meanwhile Daniel and the princess and Glod appear in a cave. The princess says Daniel must now marry her as they are alone unchaperoned. Daniel paints many pictures of her while waiting for the time to pass. Up above ground the party take Mimsy aside in a private room and ask her if Glod took the princess, she answers yes. outside Lady Rommas is going crazy and building scaffold to hang someone every 10 minutes unless the princess is returned. Cathbad keeps destroying the scaffold and eventually they give up building it. She is under an illusion spell, Cathbad tries to dispel it but cant. She is not human but some sort of magic creature. He tells the party what he suspects and Lady Rommas take him away to talk privately with him. She unveils her true self to be a gold dragon. She was the queen and now is impersonating the princesses bodyguard nanny. She is actually the princesses mother. The king is also a gold dragon too which makes the princess one but she is currently unaware of this. Cathbad is quite upset with Lady Rommas for withholding the truth from the princess. Much discussion occurs between the two. Cathbad eventually tells that the captain wanted the princess kidnapped by orders of the king and goes to fetch the captain to Lady Rommas. The prophecy now seems to be fulfilled and the princess must be returned immediately. Mimsy sends orders to Glod and the princess appears in the middle of the square. The party take her back into the charge of Lady Rommas. Glim is pardoned of arson. The party now head on over to visit Lord Samulbrar and inform him of current events. They are admitted to the solar which has been repaired somehow, Lord Samulbrar knows not how. They tell him about the hag who was employed by the previous ruling family into discrediting him. Cathbad gets out of him the location of the druids and druid grove that enchanted him into long life. It is located on the west coast near Baldurs gate, 120 miles south of there, reach an outcrop of 3 rocks then east 20 miles inland and they are located in a forest. Cathbad teleports there and talks to the druids. He confirms the story that Lord Samulbrar was blessed and returns to the town to tell what he knows. There is shouting outside so the party head outside to see 2 gold dragons fighting in the air. It seems Lady Rommas has told the princess she is a gold dragon and she is not happy. They both eventually land and the princess talks to Cathbad and he difuses the situation. The party are invited back to the temporary palace to discuss the situation. The princess orders a man in blue robes to bring the blue codex forth. A big blue book is brought forth which the princess rifles through. A proposal is given to the party. She wants them to work for her and be her official relic hunters and be part of her entourage. They agree. She also wants a huge birthday party for her coming of age. A great party ensues. The next morning Basalt and Willowbark notice that the princess is now wearing a golden tiara and a golden chain around her wrist. Willowbark asks about them, the chain is to stop her accidently changing into a dragon and the tiara is now gold because she knows how to change silver into gold. They also notice there is now something odd about her. They all set off for the capitol.

Lost paths to lost people

Dungeons and Dragons
GM: Shaun Hately
Session: 12th, October 2014
Module: Man Forever

The Forces for Good (Cathbad, Basalt, Mimsy, Jok, and Daniel) are 2 miles out of town, at the farming homestead, and the hidden underneath areas of the evil townslet of Tieflings.
The hag, known as Stavrella -———, has fled the town but is tracked by Cathbad Celestial Lion south east for 8 miles, to the main west-east road. She is apparently heading west, a noise comes from the road to the east.
Two men on horseback with bannered spears stop at the edge of a daylight spell. Daniel runs and greets the knights, bousting his name to the knights.
A princess is riding in a wagon, she is around 18, she is entertained by Cathbad and and Daniel. Lady Knight Romass, the princesses body guard and appointed knight. She had seen a ranger of 6’3" height dressed in green had passed the caravn. Twenty minutes past, 2 miles back, the caravan passed a non-descript traveller. The interest is now on who this traveller.
A mile on, the ranger is encountered. He traded a ring with the Hag, for a measly 1000gp. Jok chats and starts gambling with the ranger for a chance to win a dagger.
Cathbad turns into a hippogriff to track down Stavrella, but she has disguised herself somehow, or flown away without trace.
The previous family, Narrindals, are raised as the next lead.

Jok chases down the ranger, convinced he had cheated, and confronts him. After a little wrangling Jok secures the dagger and gold back. Then commands Drumknut to attack, since Jok promised not to attack.

Returning to Morrinay, as falcons, quickly. The town is emptyish, things are quiet, the sherrif’s house/office has a broken window.
The townsfolk, gathered in the Inn, are preparing for mob actions against the Lord Semulbra.
After many shouting boasts they settle down.
The Constable, Tita Hurven, has been FENCE POSTED into the town square with two fake “Vampire Bites” and Daniel retrieved her body for the temple.
The tavern owner was under an enchantment spell causing him to spout hatespeech about Semulbra.
In town after brunch the Princess Lorelan makes a public appearance, and more flirting ensues. Daniel offers to make a painting of the Princess in town bringing hope to the people, as a royal appearance.

Session end.

hunting vampires

the party head off toward the mansion to confront Lord Samulbrar. A quick reconnaisance around the mansion shows a stables with a side door, a back door leading up some stairs and an opening leading down into a cellar. The constable insists on coming along. They knock on the front door and it is answered by Folder who tells them to come back at dawn.They pretend they are pilgrims and are invited into the kitchen to eat some soup. Again Folder tells them to come back at dawn. They leave but Willowbark and Glim manage to hide themselves in the kitchen. In the house Folder sits down at the kitchen table and just stares blankly into space. There is a door leading back into the foyer, a door in the dining room, a door into the solar, stairs that go upstairs and a cupboard under the stairs. Glim and Willowbark manage to sneak behind Folder and investigate the manor, Glim distributing fire berries as they go. The dining room seems odd as there is dirty plates on the tables. In the solar there is the smell of incense burning, a black velveet cloak with rubies is draped over a chair, it belonged to Danik. They hear a creak behind them in the corridor and hide. Emerging from the cupboard under the stairs is an almost naked Danik wearing a robe. He walks into the kitchen and gets some food and returns to his room. They follow him down the stairs. It is pitch dark so they stay at the top of the stairs and hear a thump at the bottonm. Danik yells out for Folder, having nowhere to hide Glim and Willowbark decide to try going down the stairs. They manage to slide around around the room at the bottom and hide behind a fish tank. They see Danik writhing around the floor, he has somehow managed to get his robe tangled in the door and is hanging there. Folder brings a lit candle down the stairs. Folder cuts him down. There is bookshelves with books organised by size and 5 cloak hooks with identical cloaks hanging from them to the one Willowbark found upstairs. Under these are identical sets of boots. Danik continues to eat his food and gets into bed. Glim casts gust of wind and the candle blows out, he leaves the room. Willowbark is not so lucky and hears a voice behind her telling her that he would hate to shoot you. She stops, a crossbow bolt hits the wall after Glim. Willowbark tries to bluff her way out of the situation by seduction but fails. Glim casts some spells to rescue her and they both escape up the stairs. Danik manages to shoot himself in the leg. They meet Folder coming down the stairs and instruct him to tend to Danik. Glim sets off a fire berry and blows out a window in the solar so Willowbark grabs him and they fly out the window. Meanwhile back in town the party hear an explosion from the manor and from the inn where Glim left some berries previously. The inn is now on fire. Lord Samulbrar and Danik are seen riding into town to investigate the fire. Cathbad changes into an elephant and drains the nearest river to put out the fire. Standing next to Basalt is the town constable who looks confused and also several meters away is the same constable standing looking angry. Now the fire is put out Samulbrar and Danik return to the manor house. The party soon follow. They try the opening in the floor which leads to a laundry which leads to a privy which leads to Daniks room. He is on his bed asleep, a goblet containg wine and laudenum next to him. They go up the stairs and into the hallway. They start to go up the next set of stairs but Lord Samulbrar appears and stops them and demands to know why Willowbark broke into his house and tried to seduce Danik. Our new cleric Daniel tries to determine whether Samulbrar is a vampire, he is not. Lord Samulbrar worships Tyr. Glim confronts him with the diary papers, they are fake. Meanwhile Basalt sneaks back downstairs and stakes Danik through the heart believing him to be a vampire. Upstairs a scream is heard, Lord Samulbrar starts to descend, Willowbark jumps him and attempts to kiss him as a distraction but fails. He continues down the stairs, Cathbad manages to trip him and grapple him motionless. Daniel goes downstairs to see Danik and ressurrects him. Much conversation occurs between Samulbrar and the party. He wants the party to search for Folder as he has disappeared. Willowbark and Cathbad track Folder into town. The trail leads to the constabulary office, 2 horse trails lead away off to the east. The constable comes out, Basalt inform her of her double that he saw earlier. She seems to have lost all knowledge of the past couple of days. Willbark and Cathbad continue to track the horse trail out of town. They lead to the small pond of water that Willowbark found the day before while watching the ruins. The pool is very very very blue which makes it seem unnatural and it is filled with blue green algae. Cathbad determines it is an illusion and wades in. He sees a hole in the ground containing many buildings. The hole has 4 buildings, 1 ruined building, a well and another building. There are some humanoid creatures guarding the well, they are Tieflings. He comes out and informs the party and they go in. Cathbad heads towards the well and is told to go away by the Tieflings, he ignores them and continues forward to the well. He climbs down the well and finds nothing so comes back up. They ignore the Tieflings and continue following the horse trail. They come upon a horse corral containing 2 horses. As they pass a building a door open with a Tiefling watching Willowbark. They have a discussion resulting in him going back into the building. Cathbad, Daniel and Glim follow him in. It is a barracks area. A Tiefling tries to cast dominate person on Cathbad, it fails and the Tiefling dissappears. Once outside Glod tells of a huge underground network of tunnels under the eart. He wants to know why it is called the underdark. Daniel talks to the 2 Tieflings and they lead the party to a building, the 2 people are inside. Once inside they appear in a dining area with a door. Glod and Mimsy determine that there is 2 people inside this building. The dining room leads to a bedroom. It contains a Planar elf lying in the bed. She is pregnant. Her name is Lassa assa assa, Willowbark calls her Lassie and she refuses to talk to Willowbark. She is here as part of an exchange and to be studied by a hagspawn. She was made to be a specimen for study and is a medical model. She points to a trapdoor and says the people the party are looking for are down there. The party go down the trapdoor into another room and confront 2 Tieflings who are wearing the constable clothes and Folder clothes. They worship a god who takes the form of a spider and refuse to say her name. Daniel says Llolth and one of the Tieflings explodes. They were paid to make sure Lord Samulbrar and Danik were killed so they could be stripped of the land titles. The lands were owned by the Namida family who once owned the area and ruins. Andik is the name of the hag and can be found outside in the barracks.

R.I.P Tankar and Basalt

The party leave Lord Samulbrar to try and difuse the situation between him and the townsfolk who think he is a vampire. As they leave the sun descends. A young teenage man in velvets and silks approach the party. Cathbad detects everything on him is magical. Danik is his name and he is Lord Samulbrar’s ward and heir. He is aware of all the negative comments about the lord and that they come from The Riddle of the Chase, an inn in town. The town Constable cant arrest anyone over these comments. Someone there is trying to cause trouble. Nyrindle used to rule this area about 55 years ago and no one knows why he was removed from power or dont want to talk about it. Willowbark and Uther go into the forest to hunt around, Hiyoto goes to the nearest pub which is the Pickled Egg, while the rest of the party go to see the lady Constable. The door is opened by a Halfling and they are taken to see the constable. Tita is her name. She doesnt want any help and resents the party interfering. Never the less, the party decides to investigate things further. There is a public meeting in the Riddle of the Chase tomorrow night. Meanwhile out in the forest Willowbark and Uther find some ruins and it seems that someone is living there. They camp in the forest for the night while the rest of the party take rooms in the Pickled Egg and find Hiyoto drinking the inn dry. In the morning Willowbark takes a vantage point in a tree to keep an eye on the ruins and sends Uther back to town to inform the party. He wont go until she vows not to move from that tree, she agrees. She spots Danik sneaking through the trees towards the ruins. She is that well hidden that Danik climbs the same tree as her and doesnt notice her hiding spot. She now watches him as well as the ruins. Meanwhile in town Glim goes to the Riddle of the Chase inn and plants bombs as a contingency escape plan in case things go wrong. Uther arrives and informs the party of what they have found and lead the party back to Willowbark. Cathbad now in Lion form with Glim and Basalt riding his back manage to make enough noise to alert Danik to their presence. He is spotted and is lighted up by faerie fire and It is then that Willowbark makes herself known and frightens Danik. He falls out of the tree but manages to save himself from falling. She kicks the little git out of the tree and he falls to the ground to talk with the party. He came to watch the ruins as he thinks there is a coven of evil witches living there. They eventually let him leave. Willowbark leaves her tree and investigates the ruins now the party have joined her. It has a burnt out foundation with lots of overgrown vegetation and 2 small buildings with a vineyard growing nearby. They investigate the buildings first. One is a bottling room for the vineyard. The other is a small building that is cracked and crumbling with ivy running through it. There is a creepy feeling coming from this place with ramps going into the ground. Basalt looks for traps and finds a magical symbol carved into the floor. He disables it with the help of Tankar. There is a large bony footprint leading downwards. Cathbad determines it is from a giant. Willowbark follows it downwards, the party follow. She hears noises coming at her and retreats to the safety of the party. There is 2 Ettin skeletons coming towards the party and are easily dispatched by the fighters of the party. They are now in an area that was a wine cellar. They find a barrel of liquid, Kiyoto drinks it thinking its wine. It is in fact a barrel of castor oil and he is in for some disgusting bodily functions in a few hours time. Willowbark senses a secret trapdoor inside a storage cabinet and Tankar opens it. A Glyph of Warding goes off and so does Tankar. R.I.P Tankar. He is killed straight out. His body falls down the hole, Kiyoto follows it to save Tankars magic cat and the party follow. At the bottom is a chamber that contains a writing desk and chair next to 2 black polished wooden coffins. The room is 15 feet by 15 feet. Inside the desk are several notes written by Lord Samulbrar, some describing his fear and others describing his descent into vampirism. Seems he is a vampire after all. Some of the notes are covered in blood. This is part of his personal journal, the notes are taken to use as evidence later on. One drawer wont open. Basalt tries to open the drawer and another Glyph goes off killing him instantly as well. Willowbark puts his body into the portable hole so they can take him back and have him resurrected at some stage. The party destroy the desk and find more notes here. One addressed to Danik, one a shopping list and another a love letter to Mason. Nothing of interest. Cathbad opens one of the coffins, only dirt here so he opens the other one and there is only dirt again. They climb out of the room, it is now noon. They examine the burnt out ruins which have a shallow pit containing scorched bones and smashed headstones. Cathbad finds Daniks scent so he can track him later. Willowbark takes to the air and scouts out the area, nothing in view except Danik in the South, the town in the South, a pond to the east, forest to the west, mountains to the north and sea to the south. She rejoins the party on the ground. They investigate the ruined vineyard, it is littered with tools. They decide to head back to town to attend the meeting at the inn. They meet a Cleric of Lythander called Daniel Starrunner and he manages to bring Basalt back to life. The meeting is being chaired by Olthis, who is the owner of the inn and Tita, there is about 100 people attending. Tita brings forth Folder, Lord Samulbrars butler. Seems he has been under some spell and is worried about his lord. He hunts people and kills them and is sometimes gone for days on end. Glim disappears outside, he has remembered his berry bombs and doesnt want to be in the exploding range of them in case he has to set them off. Folder says his master is a vampire and was cursed by witches of Rashaman and believes that Danik is one too who has taken a potion that lets him walk around in the sunlight. Folder wants the townsfolk to kill Danik and his master. Willowbark brings forth the evidence found in the writing desk. The meeting quickly turns into an unruly mob that wants to kill Lord Samulbrar and Danik. Cathbad turns into a giant squid to get the attention of the mob and manages to persuade them to calm down and let the party deal with the situation so no towns member has to die in the process.

Kingdom of Impultur

The party hear of a kingdom called Impultur that is a good place to sell items. They have heard that it is a civilised and large town that is giving good prices on 2nd hand items and various precious metals. Other kingdoms are getting worried that this may start a war. The party decide to investigate this city. After a 4 day journey by flying the party arrive at Impultur. They arrive in the county of Agmoth just outside a city called Moronay. They are selling various precious metals from the local mines. Also someone is buying magic items at a high price from anybody willing to sell. Moronay is located in mountain country. It is not a large city as previously told but a small town of about 2000 people. The party land on the road south of the city and make their way on foot to the town. Outside the town is a type of wall, not quite a pallisade but enough to stop any invasion. They are not stopped at the town gates so can easily walk through. There is various militia people walking around. All the buildings have heavy wooden shutters over the windows that look new. They head for the only inn in town called the Silver Serpent inn. There is a smell of garlic and rosemary in the air. Inside there is garlic and rosemary hanging from the roof, walls and doors. from various information gathered there is riots in the town and the ruling faction is ruling badly. People are disappearing from the town. People are nervous about talking to outsiders. They say that Lord Samulbrar Chasesis is a vampire or demon. He has been a lord for as long as anyone can remember but he still looks young. He is in his manor outside of town. People are being eaten outside the town. There also was a priest in town who was responsible for the bank and started asking questions about the lord and soon disappeared. Rumours were that he was arrested for embelzement. He was replaced by Gracelyn. They are told of a woman called Stavrola who might be interested in buying our gear. Word is sent out to her. In the morning midway through breakfast a small woman appears and approaches the table. Her name is Stavrola and buys all the unwanted gear the party has. everyone gets a share of the proceeds which work out to be 11,854 gp each. The party ply her with questions. She works for a consortium called the Guild and she comes from Sigil. She doesnt believe the Lord to be a vampire or a demon but says he does look very young. People panicked in town because it seems they were disappearing and being eaten outside of town. All the missing people either owned land or owned house outside of town. It seems that empty buildings become the property of the crown if not lived in or claimed after 7 years. With no more information to be gotten out of her the party move on to the manor house. It is located just outside of Moronay, a fairly imposing building but not quite a castle. It is well fortified and would seem very hard to break into. Guards are at the gates wearing black. They send a message up to the manor that the party are here and want to see the Lord. They are admitted to the butler who takes them eventually to the Lord.He is Folder the butler, a slender elderly man with glasses wearing dark purple velvet and a frilly collar. He takes the party to the solar which is very large. There is glass everywhere that is tinted. Sitting in a chair in the brightest part of the room is a man of about 30 years but they can tell he is older as his eyes are sunken and he is very thin and wearing a sword that he is fingering. He says everyone is plotting against him. He is Lord of the farming area but not the town. He is aware of people disappearing in the town. The party ask him questions and he gets very upset and defensive. Cathbad determines he is under a spell of enchantment. He offers to dispel it but the Lord doesnt want it gone. As he doesnt seem to know what he wants, Cathbad tries to dispel the enchantment. Lord Samulbrar realises Cathbad is doing this and draws his sword and attacks. A small fight ensues, Willowbark disarms him by shooting his sword out from his hand, Jock manages to grapple him. He yells for the guards so Basalt sticks his hand in his mouth to shut him up. The dis enchantment is successful and he is not happy. He used to be an adventurer and was in a group of fellow adventurers who were dealing with a hobgoblin infestation in a forest. A druid priestess bound him to her grove. As long as the grove remained healthy, he remains healthy, thus his longevity. It was at this point that he decided to retire from adventuring and persuaded the king to give him these lands. He had previously undertaken tasks for the kingdom and for personal gain. He soon became bored with retirement and re united his party. He dealt with witches called the Derthel from Rashaman and his party died. The Church of Shar is after him because he has some items that they want.

examining the treehouse

The balcony continues around the treehouse. Tankar knocks on the door. A voice answers and says leave or we will seriously kill you. Tankar tries and fails to open the door, so does Basalt. The door is made of wood but the hinges and locks are made of something called titanium. The party start attacking the door and making a dint in it. The voice opens it and it is an Elf.His name is Dion. Dion tells us we are not welcome here. Jock makes a deal involving the party leaving in exchange for the books they are looking for. Dion agrees and goes and gets all the books and starts throwing them at Jock. 3 of the books are ledgers of the Keliedsa estate. There is made mention of a secret door into the tree being carved for 120gp. Willowbark pops outside to find it. Inside the guards decide the party cant leave and a small scuffle ensues resulting in the party subduing the Elves. Another Elf appears and Hiyoto disarms him, Jock grapples him. Mimsy changes into a copy of Glod and bursts through the roof into the second story where there are 2 spiders cowering in fear. Glim talks to the spiders and decides to leave them alone. Tankar walks into the library which is now empty. It has windows on the east and south walls, in the centre is a brazier. There are 8 bunks, some tables and chairs and a door. Tankar opens the door and it leads to a corridor with 5 doors. Another Elf appears and says this house belongs to the lady so Tankar subdues it. Meanwhile outside Willowbark has found the secret door and opened it and entered. There is a 5 foot wide corridor leading to a circular staircase going down into the tree. At the bottom she waits for the party to join her. They are now 100 feet underground in a chamber. The air is damp and cool. There is a small rectangle pool near the edge of a wall. It is clear water with a rippling surface approximately 5 to 10 ft long and half as wide, bottom cant be seen. In the corners are doors with statues. Basalt searches for traps, everything goes pitch dark and a noise is heard. Something has swung as Basalt. Combat starts. Cathbad manages to dispell the darkness. There is standing amid the party 4 8ft tall Drow like creatures. After they are dispatched, Tankar searches the water and finds nothing of interest. Oddly enough though none of the water has displaced. There are 4 doors, 2 in the north wall, 2 in the South wall. Willowbark proceeds to open the doors. N left door room stinks, has old barrels and crates. The N right room is similar but has another secret door. Basalt opens it. The south left door is a storeroom, the south right door contains tapestries lining the walls with matching carpets. There is a brazier in the middle of the room with 2 divans facing each other. On one of the divans there is a dragon elf creature having a sexual encounter with a dark elf. Willowbark exits quietly and informs Tankar who goes in to investigate. He offers to join in. The dragon elf woman is Kamara the lady of the house. After much talking by Tankar and grappling she is defeated and everything of value is stripped off her and distributed to various members of the party. The secret door that Basalt opened leads to a chapel. There are torches and benches in the wall with tapestries on the walls and various corpses on the floor. Nothing of interest. Through one of the storerooms is another secret door which leads to a grotto with a garden. With nothing else to find they party leave to report back to Terallo.
treasure found 4 chain shirts, 4 composite longbows, mithral breastplate, wand cure mod wounds for Willowbark, amulet of protection, ring of protection plus 2 for Basalt, cloak of charisma plus 2, magic gloves, vial of purple worm poison, full plate armour, cloak of resistance plus 1 for Hiyoto, boots of striding and springing for Jock and Dragons head key

thieves in the night

The party find themselves having a well earned rest in Castle Glim. Over the course of several weeks they are bombarded with travelling salesman after salesman knocking at the castle door. One particular salesman is answered by the door by Glim and Willowbark. He is selling various Elvin jewellery that came from Arken wood which is located NW of Arkendale. They trade and buy all the jewellery off him. During the night someone steps on Jock while he is sleeping. It is a female elf and she throws powder at Jock which blinds him for a few seconds. Searching the room he finds her hanging from the ceiling. Meanwhile Willowbark wakes up to hear someone in her room, it it blacker than black and she cant see them. They have stolen her jewellery. Back in Jocks room he manages to capture the elf and yells out for assistance. Tankar takes possession of said prisoner. There are 5 figures mounting ponies outside Willowbarks room. Both Jock and Willowbark notice them and they both fly out their respective windows after the thieves. They try to ride off but are soon captured by the party. They are all silver skinned young looking elves, all wearing identical purple leather armour with silver bands around the arms and wearing rapiers. They are taken inside the castle for questioning. Jock talks to the officer in charge. They are recovering stolen property. They say they belong to Silverymoon special forces. There is a loud thunderclap and standing in the middle of the room is an Elvin lady. The jewellery is in fact stolen so Willowbark returns it to the lady for safe keeping. Her name is Lady Alustriel. Her son and companions were sent to Terallo Prylaster who is a historian living in Arkenbridge to be his apprentices and investigate an estate in arkenwood. She know nothing about the Ministry of Winds. She takes her son and friends and departs. The party decided to hunt down the trader. Not long until they find him at an inn in Redcorn. He bought them from a man in another inn. After talking to him he dives into his carpetbag which is a bag of holding. Glim follows him. They appear in a room full of items. He takes a potion and drinks and turns into a duplicate of Glim. Glim shoots a magic missile at his leg so he can be identified. Tankar reaches into the bag and pulls them out as well as a princess that was in there. Glim destroys the contents of the bag of holding. The person the trader got the jewellery from is located in the only pub of Arkendale. He is described as 5ft tall, heavy set black hair, moustache, green eyes and has no legs. His name is Legless. Tankar takes Princess Sara back to her father the king and will meet up with the group later. Cathbad changes everyone into seagulls and they fly to Whiteford. They find the Bunch of Grapes inn and they take rooms and wait for Legless to appear. When he arrives Cathbad starts up a conversation with him. They make a citizens arrest and Basalt and Willowbark guard him for the night. During the night the Sheriff talks to him. In the morning a man walks in wearing a very frilly shirt and talks to him. He is Legless lawyer and has come to represent him. He eventually lets the party take Legless with them to Arkenbridge. It is a sizable village with a pallisade running around and some guards. They stop us and give directions to Terallo house. Terallo answers the door and the party are invited in. They let Legless go. Terallo is looking for people to investigate the ruined estate of Keleidsa. You cant use teleportation spells in there as some sort of Elvish warding is in place. At some stage the party notice that a Samurai fighter called Hiyoto Takeshi has joined them and that Kurl has disappeared. When they arrive at the estate they notice 3 40ft mounds of stone under the trees. They look very old and shiny. Willowbark finds tracks and follows them. About 60 to 70 feet ahead of her a large green creature is approaching. She disappears into the trees to watch it. It is a large green half dragon half troll thing. His name is Grunk and is guarding this area for his mistress and doesnt want to talk and attacks the party. He is soon dispatched by the party. The Estate is located up a cliff face that has vines and fractured limestone facing. It doesnt look too stable. The party climb up. There is a 16ft diameter tree clinging to the edge and the cliff. There is a house perched in the tree, with staircases leading up to a balcony, again these do not look too sturdy. treasure found padded armour. composite longbow that requires strength 20 to use, a cloak, a potion and 20 arrows

off to perform a ritual sacrifice

Cathbad blinks straight up through the exit to check if the coast is clear and that things are ok. He appears above a tressle table loaded with fish which is located over a manhole cover. He is in a fish market. The party follows and once they have paid the fishmonger for ruining his fish they move on. They head west towards Wales but briefly stop at Westminster where Tankar gets christened. They buy a large enough cart so Cathbad and Glod can pull the party. Tankar talks to the cart makers father who happens to be from Cormyr. He was running away from someone called Kelben Arunsun and came to this world. He is a very powerful sorcerer and gives Tankar a scroll so Tankar can contact him as he is a wanted man in his own world and wants to know if its safe to go home or not. There was also a previous party visiting here looking for something called the allspark. He enchants some armour for Jock which will take about 8 days, enough time for the party to do what they have to do. With no more information to be gotten from him the party continue on to Cardiff. The journey takes 3 days and they arrive on the outskirts of Cardiff. There is a very gaudily painted castle that is painted in all different colours. It is surrounded by walls which in turn is surrounded by a city encased in more walls. They are stopped by guards at the city gates and questioned. They pay their way through and approach The Chipped Chessboard Inn where they stay and rent out rooms for a week. Jock goes to compete in some fighting and takes Cathbad in bear form to compete in some bear fighting to earn some local money and information gathering. They find out that there is 2 prisons in Cardiff but the one they are looking for is an oubliette that is 4 feet by 4 feet by 4 feet in the bottom of Cardiff castle. Meanwhile Tankar goes to St. David church and tells the priests there that he is on pilgrimage and wishes to enter the prison and spread the word of god to the prisoners. He enters the prison and finds Corialanus and talks to him. He asks about the ritual. The sacrifice has to be unwilling and can be human or human form like an ape or monkey. Tankar returns to the party and informs them that he has found Corialanus. Mimsy sends Glod in under cover of night and he returns with Corialanus after pulling him out of jail through the ground. He bolts and the group catch him but he bolts again and the part stops him again. Unwilling to find a suitable candidate for the ritual Cathbad summons a chimpanzee and the ritual is complete and the ministry of winds are sealed away for 1001 years in this world. Corialanus death is inevitable and he dies within a week of his release but he tells how to get to the ministry of winds plane. They return to London to collect Jocks armour and talk to the sorceror. They bargain a way back to Faerun. They enter his cellar and stand in a stone circle. They reappear in a stone circle with an altar that has a sheep on it, there are druids standing around. It seems they have appeared back in the druids grove. They return to Castle Glim for rest.


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